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£500 - £1,000


Irrigation System 30 Jun 2017

The Botley Meadow allotment site's irrigation system is currently supplied via mains drinking water. Not only is this an expensive solution (~40% of our annual expenditure), but an unnecessary use of water intended for human consumption. Replacing this with an irrigation system sourced from a local stream will allow the association to reduce its environmental impact and continue to offer local residents affordable access to green space without the requirement to further increase rental costs. The grant will be used to purchase building materials, a pump and plumbing attachments to extract water from a local stream and fill a water tank (which has already been acquired). This tank will be positioned to provide an replacement source of water for all members of the allotment site to irrigate plants and foliage.

To continue existing work 30 Jun 2017

The major expenditure for which the grant is required :- subsidised coach outings ie. canal cruise, steam railway trips, visit a City Cathedral, Museum - subsidised speakers (non-political) covering public and support services, education, travel, history, entertainers, films. Members pay a weekly subscription which has been supplemented in the past by a grant. These non-profit social activities are very popular and keep everyone fit and active both in mind and body

The Irving Bid 08 Jun 2017

Donation to costs incurred regarding governance etc.

Getting out and active 01 Aug 2017

We are the largest and most progressive seniors group in the rural area between Banbury, Oxford, Bicester and Chipping Norton. We want to be able to subsidise trips to the theatre at Milton Keynes, a trip to Birmingham to visit the Frankfurt Christmas Market and provide a Christmas dinner for a minimum of 90 members to include entertainment. Because our members, all over 60 years young, most in their late 70's or 80's, live in an isolated, rural location, and most of them do not have access to a car, we will enable them to experience something that otherwise they almost certainly would not. I have secured 45 seats at The MK Theatre for the annual pantomime at a cost of £20 for each seat in the stalls and the coach cost is £450. A similar charge will be made for the coach hire to Birmingham and a two-course Christmas dinner will work out at £15 per head. The total cost of these three activities is over £3,000 but we have been fund-raising by means of raffles and jumble sales to help with the cost of these and other activities throughout the year. You will see by our annual accounts that our outlay is significant and with our own fund-raising and the occasional grant the club can keep a cushion of one year's expenses which is considered to be good financial practice.

Amount: £500
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: The Valentine Club

Bridging Donnington Over 50s IT Project 06 Oct 2017

Bridging Donnington Over 50s group is a weekly local community project run by Donnington Tenants and Residents Association (DTRA). We support around 50 of Donnington’s most vulnerable older residents to get out their homes to socialise at the Donnington Community Centre. The project was started six years ago to improve the lives of the many older people living alone in Donnington who need company. It was a Comic Relief funded project with Age UK. Three of our group members are over 90 years old. Weekly meetings include two hours of IT mentoring and support to older residents by IT peer-mentors, so that highly vulnerable people without IT skills or knowledge can go online, work on documents, email, facebook, skype with family or friends, or share photos. Two IT volunteer mentors are on hand each week to help with IT issues, including for those who bring their own computers or smart phones. Five years ago we received donated recycled laptops from Oxford City Council but they have all stopped working, hence this application. Having some equipment would enable us to draw in local people who don't have their own equipment. Participants also importantly benefit from ‘tea and chat’ with others, which is at the heart of the weekly sessions, as a way to interact and improve wellbeing. We partner with Age UK volunteers to help with mobility issues. We also partner with Donnington Community Association who have installed and maintain wifi at the community centre for the project. The area of Donnington is sometimes called ‘Oxford’s forgotten estate’ because it resides between well-off Iffley Fields and the more deprived Rose Hill. Donnington is a community in a process of change, housing people from many countries, including newcomers and long-stay residents and tenants, many of which are vulnerable older people. The estate includes a number of vulnerable housing for older people which we identified during our ‘Better Donnington’ consultation survey in 2014 to identify local needs; this improved our outreach to include people from different cultures in the Over 50’s group. The community consultation and survey was funded by a Big Society grant. When we replace our equipment we expect the same numbers to join us as did during the project funded by Comic Relief. That is half a dozen people every Tuesday, with some turnover as people leave having mastered what they want to do with their devices and new people join. Each person came to the IT sessions for 4 weeks or more. So during over a year, 40 to 70 people will benefit. In the short term, we can record when a participant masters a computer or Internet function, step by step. This can be as simple as making a video call to a grandchild or as complicated as editing a book. Each week the volunteers will make a list of tasks achieved, initialled by the participants. The next level is a list of things that the participants have been able to achieve making use of the technology they have mastered. This will be collected as a series of stories, either written or recorded interviews every few weeks. Finally, twice a year will survey all the people who have participated in the IT sessions, asking them to reflect on what worked and what didn't. This will be an online survey to reach those who have left together with a paper version handed out during Tuesday morning.

Rainbow House 06 Oct 2017

It will support running costs of the project.

The Incredible Hook Norton School Garden 06 Oct 2017

We feel very strongly that the future integrity of our environment is at great risk; climate change, population explosion, pollution and the rise and rise of artificial intelligence will shape a very different and probably very challenging future. While we may not be in a position to influence global trends, we can act locally, to play our part in trying to shape a bright future. Clearly, the education of our children plays a vital role in this; from an understanding of our impact on the environment to the development of practical skills in horticulture and ecological land conservation that build resilience. Proposal: Our Incredible School Garden Project, developed in close collaboration with our village school, aims to develop a growing space within the grounds of the school, in which children will be able to learn about sustainable horticulture and the environment. The project will include the following elements: • The creation of a school garden including raised growing beds for fruit and vegetables, a green house, cold frames, bee hotels, a compost bin and wormery. • The establishment of a weekly gardening club for children at the school run in partnership by teachers from the school and volunteers from Incredible Edible Hooky. • The development and implementation of a modular learning curriculum that focuses on addressing learning outcomes which are centered on increasing knowledge of horticulture, ecology and environmental sustainability. • An award scheme which recognises the achievements of the children participating in the gardening club and school curriculum. • Encouraging the children to develop the capacity to think more broadly and systemically by creating a 'twinning' with a school in Australia who are running a similar 'Life and Living' project. The project involves close collaboration with the local school and has full support of the school Head. It will be delivered by our highly committed volunteers, who will be working alongside one of the school's teachers. It is an essential next component of a village-wide project, which is building in scale and impact, year on year. We are only two years old, but have established growing spaces throughout the village, as well as an apothecary garden at the health centre. As a result of our organisation and commitment to date, we were awarded the OCVA (Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action) award for 'Best New Group' in 2017. This grant will allow Incredible Edible Hooky to scale up to reach a point where we are running a multi-faceted project, which connects people in the village more closely with local food suppliers, propagates the transference of horticultural skills across our village and expands its growing spaces, where food can either be accessed free or at cost. This addresses a need in our village of a diverse population, which includes low income families, who perhaps have less access to freshly, grown organic food. Our mantra is 'If you eat, you're in!'. So, we embrace and encourage inclusivity and all abilities as a means of promoting increased community cohesion and well being. There is currently a lack of growing provision and education for local children and families and thus an unmet need. This grant would enable us to involve our school, which is central to village life, and the children in our project. We see this as an essential (and the most important) part of our project to date. The total cost of the project is: £6594.00. We are seeking funding from other sources to compliment this application. In addition, we already have £1000 ear-marked from Tesco's 'Bags of Help' scheme. For this project, we are asking for £1500, which will essentially allow us to construct the rasied beds, which, along with the greenhouse, are the key elements of the garden. To set this in context, we have provided an overview of the total costs, which includes the funding required for the beds: (Note that we always keep an eye open for materials that can be reused or recycled. However, this is how our need stands currently) 8 raised beds including wood, fixings and compost £1585 Fruit beds and cage £164 Greenhouse and greenhouse ‘furniture’ including labour to erect £2000 Cold Frames x 2 £200 Bee Hotel £25 Wormery x 2 £300 Large Compost Bin £300 Tools and equipment including garden tools, wheelbarrows, hosepipe, pot labels/signs £580 Plant pots and planters £240 Plants for raised beds £1200 Notice board £150

Pioneering Camp 11 Dec 2017

to buy six Vango Talus 400 tents which will provide a resource that can be used for the future. We will use the tents to go camping, which is a versatile activity which can develop a variety of different skills. Camps are a great way for young people to get to know each other and great lifelong friendships – they also develop a sense of community. Whilst they are away, they also improve their teamwork and communication skills, which are vital to future employment, and learn how to live in close proximity with others.

Amount: £600
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: 2nd Oxford Scouts

Beech Lane Neighbourhood Forum 11 Aug 2015

BEECH LANE NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM; Neighbourhoods and communities; Neighbourhood Forums

Beech Lane N. Forum 12 Aug 2015

BEECH LANE N. FORUM; Neighbourhoods and communities; Neighbourhood Forums

Soup Kitchen 11 Dec 2015

SOUP KITCHEN; Neighbourhoods and communities; Community Chest

Banners Gate Neighbourhood Forum 25 Jun 2016

BANNERS GATE NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM; Neighbourhoods and communities; Neighbourhood Forums

Neighbourhood Forum Cost 29 Jul 2016

NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM COST; Neighbourhoods and communities; Neighbourhood Forums

Flatpack Film Festival 28 Mar 2017


Amount: £900
Funder: Birmingham City Council
Recipient: Flatpack Projects Cio
Region: West Midlands
District: Birmingham District

Boldmere Administrations 31 Mar 2017

BOLDMERE ADMINISTRATIONS; Neighbourhoods and communities; Neighbourhood Forums

Towards Digital Inclusion Project - equipment (5 x Acer Iconia tablets) 09 Jun 2016

Towards Digital Inclusion Project - equipment (5 x Acer Iconia tablets)