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The Big Lottery Fund


art activities for old people 22 Apr 2004

This group aims to help with the reduction of isolation of older people living in the community providing support to those aged 50 and over. This are seeking funding for Monthly tea dance and video club, arts and crafts classes, excersice and massage and reflexology sessions, and outings etc.

Amount: £3,577
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Welcome Court Happy House
Region: London
District: Waltham Forest London Boro

Introductory Video 22 Apr 2004

This organisation supports adults with mental health problems through the provision of a rural environment where users can take part in a range of gardening activities. The group will now produce an introductory video to raise awareness of the group and its activities.

Atlantis 22 Apr 2004

Children and young people from Hastings will work with professional artists to create and construct a sculpture of a fantasy city and its inhabitants. Music and large-scale artworks will create a performance event in a public space and components of the city will be installed on the beach. All members of the local community will enjoy live music by professional performers and children.

Amount: £4,675
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Radiator Arts
Region: South East Coast
District: Hastings District

Church Hall Improvements 22 Apr 2004

Framfield Parochial Church Council will improve its community hall to ensure it is fully accessible for disabled people. Disabled user parking spaces will be provided as will improved access and a handrail. This will make sure that the whole community can take part and enjoy the range of activities that take place in the hall.

IT equipment 22 Apr 2004

Members of this Corps will be able to train through interactive learning as a result of a lottery grant. A laptop computer, screen, projector and digital camera will be used both in the classroom and outdoors to increase the standard and type of tuition available.

Day Centre 22 Apr 2004

This group provides information and support to Kurdish and Turkish people living in the UK. The group have identified, through a survey, a lack of amenities for elderly people from their community. The group would therefore like to set up a day centre with advice and activities for it elderly community. The group would also like to provide either breakfast or lunch for its members to guarantee them at least one meal a day as they are also economically disadvantaged.

Amount: £4,798
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Anatolian Centre
Region: London
District: Waltham Forest London Boro

Tennis Coaching 22 Apr 2004

The tennis club will start up and manage a lunchtime and after-school club at Haddenham Junior School. This will provide an opportunity for more young people to learn the sport of tennis and eventually provide the club with more members.

Amount: £4,800
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Haddenham Tennis Club
Region: South Central
District: Aylesbury Vale District

Workshops and seminars 22 Apr 2004

This group was set up in December 2003 to cater for the needs of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants from Africa. An award would be used to set up 4 workshops to familiarise members with the UK system, enabling them to have access to welfare and information, so that they can more quickly integrate in the society.

Amount: £3,550
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Sahel Support Association (SSA)
Region: London
District: Southwark London Boro

Community Music Event 22 Apr 2004

A new community music festival will be launched in Newbury this year giving local people the chance to explore and participate in a range of different musical events.

Amount: £4,850
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Newbury Summer Proms
Region: South Central
District: West Berkshire

HIV Workshops and Seminars 22 Apr 2004

This group was set up in August 2003 to promote health, relieve poverty and advance education among Somalis in London. An award would be used to fund 4 workshops and seminars to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and female genital mutilation. The seminars and information would be provided by medical doctors, who would also supervise the production of leaflets on both subjects in Somali language.

Amount: £4,912
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Somali Health Team
Region: London
District: Harrow London Boro

After school club 22 Apr 2004

This groups aims is to improve the the quality of life of Somali people in the Lansbury area through improving provisions for education, youth activities, health aprovision and leisure activities. Rent and rate desk #30 pwe wkx25 #750, postage/stamps and stationary #400, volunteer expenses#200, group meeting #100, refreshment #150, after school club #350, teacher/trainers wk 7.1.2 hours 20 per hours 20wksx#150

Raising Awareness 22 Apr 2004

This group wants funds to be able to distribute copies of their Myasthenia Gravis medical video to every GP and Optician in the Lambeth and Lewisham area, in order to raise awareness of this muscle wasting disease. To copy and distribute the video in Lewisham (#2564), and in Lambeth (#2372). Breakdown provided.

Amount: £4,936
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Myaware
Region: London
District: Bromley London Boro

Music Tech 22 Apr 2004

The organisation will run music composition workshops for people over 60 in East Sussex to enable these people to experience the therapeutic properties of music with the final work being compiled on a CD. They will work with Age Concern to offer these in six rural areas where older people are more isolated and the events will allow them to meet new people.

Amount: £4,950
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Sound Architect
Region: South East Coast
District: Rother District

Lectures 22 Apr 2004

The Heritage of London Trust is the only building preservation trust which covers the whole of London. the Trust gives grants fro the restoration of historic buildings which are in some kind of public use. Over 20 years the Trust has awarded grants worth over #1.5 million and helped over 500 buildings many of which are in deprived ares of London Hire of Lecture Venues #2600, lecturere fees #750, technician fees #250, refreshments #750, publicity tickets postage #100, extra administative assistance #500

Workshops, admin expenses and equipment 22 Apr 2004

This youth group provides training to young people from African Swahili speaking countries who find mainstream support unsuitable. The group want to hold training on the child protection policy to help parents understand cultural differences in child raising in Africa and in the UK, capacity building, provide basic office equipment, administration costs and volunteers expenses.

Amount: £4,952
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Malaika Youth Group
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro

Start up Cost 22 Apr 2004

This group aims to promote the welfare of young people from Africa in the UK, and to empower them to face future challenges through counselling & education. They would like funds for start up costs.

Involment and participation of Bangladeshi Women 22 Apr 2004

This is community led voluntary organisation set up by local Bangladesh parents and families who live and work in Tower Hamlets. It aims to advance the education of those inhabitants, provide facilities for education, and improve their life conditions. With this application they seek funding to run a project that gives support for local Bangladeshi women.

Educational Holidays 22 Apr 2004

This branch of Diabetes UK regularly provides educational holidays for children. It will now increase this provision to enable three more children to take a holiday this year.

Weekly debates 22 Apr 2004

This group provides welfare support and services for African refugees and asylum seekers. The group wish to run a month long project of weekly meetings for its members to give them a chance to discuss different topics related to their culture, for example life in Africa. The group will also provide traditional African refreshments during the meetings.

Amount: £2,500
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Africa Community Association
Region: London
District: Enfield London Boro

IT , english and african dance lessons 22 Apr 2004

This group started in July 2001 to promote educational and creative workshops, courses and activities for children and adults, in particular people from the French and Swahili communities living in South London. An award would be used to teach IT classes and provide help and support to children with their English and Maths homework during the week and African dance lessons on Saturdays. Some Art therapy would also be available to the children.

Amount: £3,915
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Anerley French & Swahili Club
Region: London
District: Southwark London Boro