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The Big Lottery Fund


Programme Development 22 Apr 2004

Award to help the only playgroup in a rural village buy a wide range of equipment for the children attending the group..

Amount: £4,550
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Badingham Playschool
Region: East of England
District: Suffolk Coastal District

Sports equipment 22 Apr 2004

Local children and young people will have access to a range of new sports equipment at the local recreation ground. This will encourage greater involvement in sport and health-related activities.

Training and Coaching 22 Apr 2004

This group aims to provide opportunities for women & under 18's girls to participate in the sport of rugby league in North London, and increase the number of female players, coaches & officials regardless of age, race & ability. They would like funds to provide regular training/coaching sessions, regular competitive fixtures against other London teams, & further education of staff through relevant coaching courses.

Atlantis 22 Apr 2004

Children and young people from Hastings will work with professional artists to create and construct a sculpture of a fantasy city and its inhabitants. Music and large-scale artworks will create a performance event in a public space and components of the city will be installed on the beach. All members of the local community will enjoy live music by professional performers and children.

Amount: £4,675
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Radiator Arts
Region: South East Coast
District: Hastings District

Remote controlled cars 22 Apr 2004

Members will learn to assemble, repair and charge batteries for the radio controlled cars. They will build items such as corners, bridges, ramps and pits to create a portable raceway which will be taken into schools and events to encourage local people to take an interest in the club. The club is aiming their activities at vulnerable young people to encourage them to participate in an activity which will build confidence and self-respect and reduce anti-social behaviour.

Amount: £4,706
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Off Street Racers
Region: South East Coast
District: Thanet District

Workshops 22 Apr 2004

This group provides advocacy and advice for African families in London. The group want to hold a conference/workshop for children that have been excluded from school or are at risk of being excluded to offer advice and guidance to both the parents and children through shared experiences.

Amount: £4,112
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: African Families Development Network
Region: London
District: Brent London Boro

Start up costs 22 Apr 2004

This group started in December 2003 to provide free musical education for the benefit of disadvantaged children and young people of Thamesmead. An award would pay for set-up costs, teachers tuition, musical instruments and books. The main activity would be to provide music tuitions on Saturdays. Music teachers tuitions at #20/hour (#2280); Refreshments (#50); Music books (#32); Music instruments (#705); Rent (#1500); Publicity (#32); Out-of-pocket volunteer expenses (#200)

Amount: £4,798
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Thamesmead Music School

Tennis Coaching 22 Apr 2004

The tennis club will start up and manage a lunchtime and after-school club at Haddenham Junior School. This will provide an opportunity for more young people to learn the sport of tennis and eventually provide the club with more members.

Amount: £4,800
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Haddenham Tennis Club
Region: South Central
District: Aylesbury Vale District

Workshops and seminars 22 Apr 2004

This group was set up in December 2003 to cater for the needs of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants from Africa. An award would be used to set up 4 workshops to familiarise members with the UK system, enabling them to have access to welfare and information, so that they can more quickly integrate in the society.

Amount: £3,550
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Sahel Support Association (SSA)
Region: London
District: Southwark London Boro

club improvement 22 Apr 2004

Pigeon racing club to update their facilities in order to attract younger members and support older members enabling them to compete on equal terms.

Administration expenses and volunteers fees 22 Apr 2004

This community group would like funds to run IT classes, and pay fro volunteer expenses. 2 x computers (#2,000), reimbursing volunteers out of pocket expenses @ #10 per day (#1,000), Office hire @ #50 per week (#1,000), Administration (#500)

Amount: £4,500
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Integratus
Region: London
District: Greenwich London Boro

6 workshops on employment 22 Apr 2004

This group aims to relieve poverty, hardship, sickness, isolation & distress of Congolese people living in London. They would like funds to organise 6 workshops on employment that will encourage people to look for work. 3 communication workshops x £480 (£1,440), 2 job interview technique workshops (£480), 1 IT workshop (£570), Administration (£210), Volunteers (£340), Transport & food @ £10 each (£900), Publicity & promotion (£485)

Refugees Children Film 22 Apr 2004

This group is working for the benefit of the African refugee community. They provide services in training, health awareness, racial discrimination, and in improvement the image of asylum seekers and refugees in media. With this application they seek funding for video production on refugee children that had been granted asylum in the UK.

HIV Workshops and Seminars 22 Apr 2004

This group was set up in August 2003 to promote health, relieve poverty and advance education among Somalis in London. An award would be used to fund 4 workshops and seminars to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and female genital mutilation. The seminars and information would be provided by medical doctors, who would also supervise the production of leaflets on both subjects in Somali language.

Amount: £4,912
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Somali Health Team
Region: London
District: Harrow London Boro

Equipment and Expansion 22 Apr 2004

This group will provide services to French, Swahili and French speaking African community in North London. With this application they seek funding for producing a newsletter to enable the increase in training and education opportunities for this community. 1 sessional editor at £15 x 2 days x 48 weeks (£1440), Photocopier (£1000), Printing (£400), Volunteer expenses at £8.50 x 1 days wk x 48wks (£816), Training (£200), Admin (£350)

Amount: £4,206
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: The Calabash African
Region: London
District: Haringey London Boro

Craft Works 22 Apr 2004

Unemployed people in Brighton will have a new opportunity to take part in an arts and craft group. Volunteers from the local university will offer tuition in a range of activities and an exhibition will be staged where members will display their work.

BASE Club 22 Apr 2004

This nursery school will introduce the after school B.A.S.E. Sports and Movement programme to all of its children. Young children will be able to take part in co-ordination exercises, short tennis and soft play to develop basic skills. Teachers, parents and volunteers will be trained to deliver session and make the activity sustainable.

There is no project name available for this record 22 Apr 2004

African/Caribbean community group setting up a new cultural and support centre uses an award to prepare for and hold a launch day to make the black community and the wider population aware of the new centre, that it is available to help them and setting out the services which it will offer

Amount: £4,970
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: The Afrocentre
Region: East of England
District: Basildon District

Glass Painting 22 Apr 2004

This group on the Isle of dogs for women and girls. the group provides information on a range of issues from health to education. The group will use a grant to run an additional two hours per week for their glass painting classes, an additional 2 hours a week on their existing sewing classes and a new two hours per week swimming classes for the women.

Amount: £4,309
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Docklands Women's Group
Region: London
District: Tower Hamlets London Boro

capacity building programme 22 Apr 2004

An award used to start up the organisation and to pay for a capacity building programme consisting of four consultancy days at which trustees and volunteers would have training on their roles and responsibilities, financial procedures, budgeting, developing and implementation of policies and business planning. The grant would also pay for a computer, volunteer expenses and for a launch event.