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Replacement Trees 14 Nov 2016

We have relatively modest ongoing costs, so have survived largely on our initial sponsorship. But we now have a fairly substantial repair and maintenance task for the coming year. This includes: we have lost five of our original plantings. Our overall planting was some seventy trees, so the attrition rate is not severe, but does need to be addressed. We need to replace the lost trees. We need to improve the fertility, drainage and weed control around each tree. This programme was suggested by a team from the RHS who were visiting the village. We need to improve the grass cutting and weed control and general environment of the overall site. For a single tree the cost would be minimal. But for seventy trees that small amount becomes quite a substantial figure.

Keep seniors active 18 Apr 2016

It will enable us to invite good-quality speakers and entertainers to come to the club and support our efforts to get the elderly out of their homes and become more active in older age.

New Full Size Goalposts 18 Apr 2016

As we are moving to the local school, we have been informed that we may not have fixed goalposts on the playing fields. We therefore must purchase at least one set of 'roll away' goalpost of which will be full size, to aid our teams of 13 years and upwards.

Cholsey Children's centre 18 Apr 2016

The grant will largely be used to buy play equipment for the children and furnishings for the rooms that will be used. It will also be used to buy in expertise as required e.g. Nutritional specialist, chef

Training & Development 18 Apr 2016

This grant will enable trustees, staff and volunteers to access a range of training & professional development opportunities to ensure that the quality of service of family support that we offer is maintained.

Sensory Space 14 Nov 2016

We are needing to provide a sensory space at Grovelands Park Pre-school. This sensory space will provide experiences for all the children in our care and have the most impact on those children we look after who have additional needs. These needs range from global developmental delay, to autism, speech difficulties, visual and hearing impairments, a whole range of special educational needs. This sensory space will also give all our children an area of relaxation and a calming place to help children who struggle to regulate their emotions. Grovelands Park Pre-school is one of very few places in the local community which can offer care for those who are most vulnerable. To be able to offer this type of care and service the provider must have a minimum of a Good rating from Ofsted and have a full understanding on how to be able to meet the complex needs of the children and families who are the most vulnerable. To be able to work closely with the local authorities and services to ensure these children have the same opportunities to access as any other child. And on top of all the other legalities which are met with a Good Ofsted rating, we ensure the United National Convention for the Rights of the Child are being met at all times. This grant would make a massive difference to the service we provide. This is a project which we provide opportunities for the children who attend this academic year and many many years of children in the future.

Training sessions for champions 14 Nov 2016

To develop our team of 25 Champions with learning disabilities.

Replacement of Water Deluge tank for oxygen chamber 15 Sep 2016

We will re-instate our existing condemned tank with a new epoxy lined deluge tank.

'What does consent mean again?' 18 Jul 2016

Flow through grant from Southall Trust.

Singing at Ark T 15 Sep 2016

Singing at Ark-TA grant of £4,860 would establish Singing at Ark T as an ongoing resource for the communities of Cowley, Rose Hill, Littlemore and Blackbird Leys. Modeled on Barton Sings, our singing project generously funded by OCF in 2015 - two mentees visited Barton Sings as part of our mentoring programme and then developed placements at the Ark T as a pilot, which was extended under supervision of a Mentor. The grant would support 40 x 2 hour, weekly sessions, including an important refreshment break, which transforms social bonding effects of singing into friendships, support and encourages group community participation.

Amount: £3,000
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Sound Resource
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District (B)

SAPLINGS project 03 Jun 2016

*Clinical Parent-Infant Psychotherapist support and consultation for the community midwifery led Saplings Group 2 hour weekly group running in Florence Park Children's Centre *Offer 1:1 parent-infant psychotherapy to women who would like to access individual support

Drop In Play Out (DIPO) 03 Jun 2016

DROP-IN PLAY-OUT (DIPO) Targeted Support DIPO offers play-focused activities for 7-18 year olds targeted at those at risk of social exclusion, anti-social behaviour or offending. We are open 3 evenings a week. We also offer volunteering, work experience and alternative time-table opportunities during the school day. This service has developed over 11 years including building our ‘Youth Space’ area. Many of the children and young people (C&YP) who use our centre have lives that are affected by poverty, crime, substance misuse or domestic or sexual abuse. Others experience disadvantage linked to disability. It is these Disadvantaged C&YP (DC&YP) our service focuses resources on - really making a difference to their lives. The grant will pay for staff to support our drop-in play activities. Trained and experienced key workers will provide 121 support involving befriending, listening, guiding, empowering and providing opportunities for wider awareness, information and choices. We will provide support with CV writing, sexual health (condom card scheme) and protective behaviours with a particular focus on healthy relationships, sexual exploitation and on-line safety - with input from our STEP OUT (CSE - child sexual exploitation) Project. STEP OUT has 2 specialist CSE workers delivering training, preventative work and 121 support to girls, boys and carers affected by CSE. DIPO Key worker responsibilities may include home visiting, attending court dates, case conferences, TAC meetings and inter-agency working with schools, police, YOS, social care and health professionals.

Friends of Hill End Workshop 01 Dec 2016

To support & equip the volunteer team (1) Hill End team gilets and shirts to give a sense of team identity and value (2) personal protection equipment (3) hand tools & machinery for skills development in the areas of grounds & buildings maintenance, particularly for a woodwork workshop

Continuing Support 23 Nov 2016

Continuing support for intergenerational work particularly in Banbury and with Oxford Spires Academy

Amount: £5,000
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Full Circle
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District (B)

Employment training programme for adults with learning disabilities 01 Dec 2016

We will offer training places comprising a six month tailored programme of training to four individuals with learning impairment. During their training clients will be supported to acquire skills in : - Carpentry and woodwork - Personal care and presentation - Following complex instructions and routines - Making decisions and choices - Relating to others, responding appropriately to others - Keeping safe and problem-solving

Amount: £4,963
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: The Pathway Workshop

Steppin' Forward Project 07 Sep 2016

The grant will be used to help fund the Kitchen Manager’s salary. The Kitchen Manager will work with 6 beneficiaries who have been assessed by our project workers and who have signed up to the project to develop catering skills to give them a realistic opportunity to find work or engage in a positive volunteering role. Training options are: café food preparation, preserve/chutney making, or kitchen cleaning/hygiene. Placements will be 6 weeks long. Participants will also be supported with finding work through our weekly job club (CV preparation, job interview skills and recruitment agency referrals).

Continuing running costs 27 Apr 2016

Funding to help the first families to arrive from the camps in Syria. They will be actively supporting the rehoming of 20 families, with homes being found in Oxford City, Abingdon and Witney.

Amount: £20,000
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Asylum Welcome
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District (B)

Scholarships 2016-17 18 Apr 2016

Scholarships 2016-17

Amount: £29,780
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Alef Trust CIC
Region: North West
District: Wirral District (B)

Increasing capacity to service additional organisations to generate income and become more sustainable (new van, new chiller, more storage) 12 Dec 2016

Increasing capacity to service additional organisations to generate income and become more sustainable (new van, new chiller, more storage)

Peer Supporter Training Course and Antenatal Breastfeeding Education Sessions 15 Sep 2016

-We will train local mothers who have used Baby Cafe services to become volunteer Peer Supporters. They will be able to offer evidence-based infant feeding information and skilled support to other mothers in the community. -We will offer one off education sessions to women and their supporters towards the end of their pregnancies. These will give detailed evidence based information on lactation, breastfeeding and responsive parenting. Those attending such sessions previously (before our March 2016 funding cuts) reported less feeding difficulites and a better start than their peers who hadn't attended.