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World Scout Jamboree 09 Jul 2018

To provide bursary payments for young people struggling to meet the costs of attending the 2019 World Scout Jamboree to be held in North America

Amount: £5,000
Funder: Essex Community Foundation
Recipient: Essex County Scouts

Every1's Garden - Tend & Share 09 Aug 2018

We will implement and develop all the knowledge we have acquired during the pilot project. We will approach potential participants in a focused manner from other local organisations and deliver workshops that are tailored to their individual needs. Specifically we will: - Deliver weekly cooking workshops covering modules such as kitchen safety and hygiene, food preparation and storage, pickling, jams and others. In addition from March to August we will include additional gardening workshops on planting, germinating, tending crops and harvesting. Also, we will store summer produce by pickling and making jams so we reduce food waste and have top quality ingredients in the middle of winter to use in our recipes (herbal oils, jams, canned vegetables and sauces etc.) As in the pilot all our workshops will focus on providing cheap, satisfying meals that use foodbank ingredients and bulking them up with garden produce. We hope to have over 30 individuals participating in the workshops over the year. -Provide members of our community visiting the centre with access to bags with fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden along with recipes and ideas on how they can use it. We aim to provide over 200 bags of fresh garden produce in this way over the year. -Prepare in our workshops additional portions of food that workshop participants enjoyed here to take home with them. -Develop our database on Facebook with recipes, cost per portion and other important information on how to store and handle food. -Continue to develop our food cupboard where in addition to fresh garden produce we are able to offer up to 20 individuals a day access to free bread, rolls, bakery products, fruit, vegetables and goods on their sell-by date donated by local bakers and supermarkets. We also plan to look at how the project can be outsourced to other local groups and organisations so there will be a wider impact in the local area. That can be achieved by arranging workshops and presentations in other organisations. Having had one year of cooking and gardening workshops, we now feel confident in which practices work and which ones don't and we have established a committed core of participants. For that reason less time will be spent in trying to acquire participants for MAXwell workshops and more can be spent on expanding our cycle of operations to other local organisations. Finally, the additional funding will allow us to gather much more evidence of all the additional social benefits we identified in the pilot. This is in addition to the benefits and impact the project is having on providing dignified ways of alleviating food poverty locally. More evidence of the impact of the pilot project will also contribute greatly to long term sustainability.

BDTC: ST OSYTH 01 May 2018

To run a Black Dog Theatre Creation project for people with mental health difficulties in St Osyth

Grant to Action for Family Carers 27 Jun 2018

Towards three years' continuation funding of the salary and on costs of a Volunteer Co-ordinator and running costs of a project providing support, information, counselling and day care to carers living in Essex.

Amount: £102,800
Funder: Essex Community Foundation
Recipient: Action for Family Carers

Ganton Cycle safari and bug hunt. 13 Mar 2018

Funding for equipment to provide a range of volunteering activities for young people with special educational needs.

Main Grants award 05 Jul 2018

Making a Big Splash with new boats

Amount: £10,000
Funder: Garfield Weston Foundation
Recipient: Islington Boat Club

A 'Big Ideas' Curriculum for RE 10 Jul 2018

To create a fully resourced Key Stage 4 curriculum, informed by best practice in RE and evidence of how students learn.

Amount: £23,000
Funder: Culham St Gabriel's Trust
Recipient: ARK Multi Academy Trust

iPads for Archie 05 Jan 2018

Intergenerational project for school children and older people with dementia in Taunton

Big Research Appeal 13 Mar 2018

Towards its Big Research Appeal.

Ganton Cycle Safari and Bug Hunt 30 Mar 2018

Funding for equipment to provide a range of volunteering activities for young people with special educational needs.

Essential respite breaks for disabled people and carers in Somerset 08 Mar 2018

Essential respite breaks for disabled people and carers in Somerset

Grant to Chelmsford Science Engineering Society 08 May 2018

To provide the annual ECF STEM club prize award at the Schools' Engineering and Technology competition

Kick It Binge Drinking and Antisocial Behaviour 08 Feb 2018

To provide free alcohol awareness drama workshops to Year 6 pupils in the Southend and Canvey island areas

Amount: £3,800
Funder: Essex Community Foundation
Recipient: London Bus Theatre Company

Care grants are money-gifts which are given directly to families battling the financial side effect of cancer after a child is diagnosed. 22 Mar 2018

To help provide care packages to families of a child diagnosed with cancer in the Essex area

Grant to Smallpeice Trust 09 Apr 2018

To support Essex state school students to attend Smallpeice Trust STEM residential courses.

Amount: £5,000
Funder: Essex Community Foundation
Recipient: Smallpeice Trust

Young Carers in Dengie 25 Jan 2018

To help identify, support and provide activities for young carers in the Dengie

Amount: £7,892
Funder: Essex Community Foundation
Recipient: Action for Family Carers

Young Carers in Schools 18 Jan 2018

To employ a Young Carer School Link Worker to identify and support young carers from Braintree schools, over 3 years

Amount: £35,509
Funder: Essex Community Foundation
Recipient: Action for Family Carers

Rail Pastors Initiative 08 Feb 2018

To help establish a Rail Pastor service aimed at deterring potential suicides on the rail line

Amount: £10,000
Funder: Essex Community Foundation
Recipient: Billericay Street Pastors

Grant to Big Telly Theatre Company 28 Feb 2018

Towards the costs of the Creative Shops Programme, developing cultural provision and capacity in areas of Northern Ireland lacking arts provision.

Amount: £110,000
Funder: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Recipient: Big Telly Theatre Company
Region: Northern Ireland