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Beard Employees Working with TVP and Nasio Trust 24 Jan 2017

Beard Employees Working with TVP and Nasio TrustAlan Beard stated that he had met Dan Mew of concerning the possibility of sending young members of the company to Africa, as Doug Gray experienced a few years ago, to perform building work. The literature provided details of a scheme that it had built in the past but it now needed rebuilding due to inadequate piling. This would be questioned as the Foundation Committee would need to be satisfied that building would be of a permanent nature. Alan stated that he had spoken to several younger members of the company on this project. Keiran Tiller had expressed an interest, James Forster stated he would also like to find more about it and said that the same might apply to Lee McGovern. It was suggested that the leaders of the team should go as a pair. It was agreed that he, James, Kieran and Doug should meet Dan Mew and investigate further. It was their practice also at the same time to send a team of young people approved by Thames Valley Police to go to Kenya as a team. It was suggested that they would have two weeks for the complete trip. The cost was normally about £2,000 per person. Beard employees would be expected to raise £1,000 each and the the the the second £1,000 would be provided by the Foundation. second £1,000 would be provided by the Foundation. second £1,000 would be provided by the Foundation. second £1,000 would be provided by the Foundation. It was suggested that one week would be taken as annual holiday entitlement and one week would be looked on as education. It was also suggested that the fortnight should take place in May 2017 before the start of the summer school work in the business. We would need to ensure that when these employees returned to England, they shared their experiences with other Beard employees and they continue to work for the company for a reasonable period. Issue was raised of required level on involvement from charities “responsible adults”. Confirmation from charity was required on whether Beard staff would be allowed to go at all/if so in what capacity. It was suggested this could be discussed at a follow up meeting with the charity. Jayne stated that this kind of activity was supported by the Thames Valley Trust. It was agreed to make a donation of £1,000 to Nasio Trust to help fund continuing support of young people from difficult background when they return from Africa.

Dovecote Children & Families Project 23 Feb 2017

If successful the grant will be used to secure and expand the delivery of our oversubscribed inclusive, engaging, afterschool club from three sessions per week to four sessions per week. This will enable our project to support more vulnerable children to access good quality play experiences supporting them to enjoy good physical and mental health. For many project provides a focus point in which to build lasting friendships, for some a place to escape the daily tension and anxieties of family life. Grant will be used to cover salary costs and core running costs such as insurance, materials and equipment.

|Contained| 03 Jan 2017

Contained project focussed on changing perceptions of migration|Contained| is a multidisciplinary, collaborative project between researcher Marieke van Houte (Oxford University), Remco Heijmans (educational expert) and Justice in Motion, where the audience become the participants, rather than the spectators of the story. We will develop three different components based on diverse aspects of migration, and present these through various theatrical tools for maximum impact – invisible & immersive theatre, interactive installation, and physical theatre performance. This grant will support the delivery of this project, especially artistic costs. It will further pay for promotional material, evaluation and administrative costs, essential for a wide reach and effectiveness of this project.

Amount: £3,000
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Justice in Motion

Mentoring in the Leys 30 Mar 2017

Young people in the Leys estate face more obstacles than opportunities, which we quantify in terms of: • Child poverty – 34% of children are growing up in poverty; • Family breakdown – 47% of families have a lone parent; • Poor education – 63% of young people leave school without 5 GCSEs A*-C including English and Maths. These issues are compounded by the lack of positive role models in the life of most young people. There are fewer teachers sticking around for the long-term in schools in disadvantaged areas; there’s more exposure to other young people not in education, employment or training (NEET); they’re much more likely to know people dealing with long-term unemployment. Who is there to demonstrate resilience and perseverance to young people in the Leys? That’s why our staff and volunteers have either grown up in the estate or move with their families into the estate: gaining credibility to become consistent and positive influencers, enabling the most disadvantaged and disengaged young people to become the positive role models who bring hope to life in their own community. Mentoring is an important way for our staff and volunteers to build up the resilience of the young people we work with. Our planning and budgeting for 2017 included the continuation of our mentoring partnership with The Oxford Academy, the secondary school serving most of the young people in the Leys. This partnership was inherited from Leys Youth Programme and it provided an important link between what happened in the classroom and what happened on the estate. However, a fortnight before Christmas, the school informed us that they needed to pull out of the partnership in January due to their own reduced funding in their budget. Whilst we understand their position, this left us with a sudden £9,000 deficit in our 2017 budget for Thrive Leys. It also created a gap in our strategy by limiting the ways we can connect with young people A grant from Oxfordshire Community Foundation would enable the Thrive Leys team to continue mentoring the young people who we would have been mentoring were we retained by the school. Your gift will allow us to maintain and build contacts with young people in The Oxford Academy and provide mentoring groups for those who are most vulnerable, continuing the link between classroom and estate. Firstly, this would enable Kerstin and Aaron, Thrive Leys Team Leader and Youth Worker, to spend time in the school meeting students and establishing relationships. They have an opportunity to spend two lunchtimes a week in school befriending young people who struggle to engage with education and are at risk of becoming NEET. We envisage that their presence in the school will directly engage 80 young people at The Oxford Academy. Secondly, this would enable Kerstin and Aaron to establish a girls and boys mentoring group for 8-10 of the most vulnerable young people they meet. Typically, Kerstin and a female volunteer would meet with 4-5 girls whilst Aaron and a male volunteer will mentor 4-5 boys. The resilience of the young people will be built up with the following activities: • Providing them with an adult they can trust; • Helping them to map out a sense of their future; • Developing in them the life skills that they need to get there.

Amount: £5,000
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Thrive Leys
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District (B)

The White House Project 2005 Grant 12 Jan 2017

Project Support - Vote, Run, Lead

Amount: USD 10,000
Funder: Quixote Foundation
Recipient: Womens Leadership Fund (The White Hou...

Center For Social Inclusion Communications and Branding 2017 Grant 01 Feb 2017

Post-Merger Communications/Branding Support

Amount: USD 25,000
Funder: Quixote Foundation
Recipient: Center For Social Inclusion

Foundation for Madison Public Schools 2002 Grant 09 Jan 2017

Project support for the Summer Reading Academy’s field trips and teacher preparation

Amount: USD 16,100
Funder: Quixote Foundation
Recipient: Foundation for Madison's Public Schools

Elicia Sanchez 2017 Thank You Award 25 Oct 2017

Elicia Sanchez 2017 Thank You Award - Individual Honoree

Amount: USD 25,000
Funder: Quixote Foundation
Recipient: Individual - Elicia Sanchez 2003 Grant 10 Jan 2017

Salary & Website Support; Early "Inequality Matters" 2004 conference planning

Amount: USD 30,000
Funder: Quixote Foundation

Grant to The Food Foundation 01 Mar 2017

Towards core salary and project costs for work to improve diets in the UK.

Grant to Cumbria Law Centre 04 Apr 2017

Towards salary and overhead costs related to a project that seeks to stabilise families in distress through specialist legal advice and representation.

Amount: £150,000
Funder: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Recipient: Cumbria Law Centre
Region: North West
District: Carlisle District (B)

Grant to Thurrock Open Door 25 Jan 2017

Towards the salary of a co-ordinator providing mentoring and advocacy for young people who have returned home after running away multiple times.

Amount: £111,000
Funder: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Recipient: Thurrock Open Door
Region: East of England
District: Thurrock (B)

Grant to Bright Ideas Trust 25 Jan 2017

Towards core costs to focus on engaging those young people facing the greatest barriers to starting a business.

Grant to November Club 23 Jan 2017

Towards new site specific work created with members of eight rural communities across Northumberland.

Amount: £37,462
Funder: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Recipient: November Club
Region: North East
District: Northumberland

Grant to Streetwise Opera 25 Apr 2017

Towards core costs in order to support the delivery of arts participation work with homeless and formerly homeless people.

Amount: £300,000
Funder: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Recipient: Streetwise Opera
Region: London
District: City of Westminster London Boro

Grant to Brighton & Hove Food Partnership 09 Feb 2017

Towards salary and project costs to increase access to healthier, more sustainable food.

Grant to Children's Law Centre (Northern Ireland) 25 Apr 2017

Towards core costs of an organisation working to secure the rights of disadvantaged young people in Northern Ireland.

Grant to The British Paraorchestra and Friends 31 May 2017

Towards the salary of a new artistic producer post to enable the orchestra to develop its artistic programme, build more integrated partnerships and secure a new pipeline of performance opportunities.

Grant to Regional Theatre Young Director Scheme 06 Feb 2017

Towards continuation funding to develop and embed programmes of professional development for new and emerging theatre directors.

Grant to Social Finance Ltd 09 Feb 2017

Towards a programme to improve leaving care practice in local authorities through better use of data.

Amount: £1,000,000
Funder: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Recipient: Social Finance Ltd
Region: London
District: City of Westminster London Boro