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£500 - £1,000


Hanes a Diwylliant Cymru 12 Apr 2017

Merched y Wawr Cangen Treforys, in Swansea, will take their members on a series of trips to places of interest. The grant, of £800, will fund transport and meal costs.

Amount: £800
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Merched y Wawr Cangen Treforys
Region: Wales
District: Abertawe - Swansea

'Hot Spots' - Menopause and Wellbeing Group 19 Apr 2017

The funding will be used to run support sessions for women experiencing or approaching the menopause that will allow them to share their experiences. The project aims to support people’s wellbeing through the provision of informative activities.

Amount: £711
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Consortium50
Region: London
District: Tower Hamlets London Boro


This group will use the funding to revive their successful community event, which will promote the local area and bring the community together.

Amount: £918
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Region: West Midlands
District: Stratford-on-Avon District

Merched Y Wawr Carmel 05 Sep 2017

Merched Y Wawr Carmel

Amount: £980
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Merched Y Wawr Cangel Carmel
Region: Wales
District: Conwy - Conwy

Mindfulness for All 28 Sep 2017

Mindfulness for All

Drop In Club Aboyne 30 Jan 2018

This new group offers opportunities for young adults on the autism spectrum to get together with similar young people to make friends and take part in self-directed activities. The funding will be used for craft making equipment, venue hire and refreshments.

Amount: £500
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Drop In Games Club Aboyne
Region: Scotland
District: Aberdeenshire

Sunshine and Sand Castles 03 May 2017

The funding will be used to take preschool children and their carers on day trips to the seaside. The project aims to provide children with the opportunity to play outdoors and allow parents and carers to get together to discuss common issues.

Great Wolford Village Design Statement 28 Feb 2018

This Parish Council will produce a Village Design Statement which will advise the community on any future developmental changes to the village. This will safeguard and enhance the space that matters to the community.

Knitting for a Purpose 19 Apr 2017

Knitting and craft sessions will be funded, which will encourage older people to learn new skills. This will engage older women to participate in social activities to reduce social isolation, improve self-esteem and share skills, knowledge and experiences.

Amount: £536
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Trinjen
Region: West Midlands
District: Coventry District

Programme for disadvantaged children in South Africa 09 Feb 2015

Towards the programme to feed, re-engage and educate disadvantaged children in South Africa via the “Pop Up Schools” and “Angel bags”.

Amount: £500
Funder: Woodward Charitable Trust
Recipient: Angels Charity

Tailoring Moments 23 May 2016

Grant to Creative Moments

Harvest Project 03 Jul 2017

Change of Scene supports disadvantaged young people who do not engage with mainstream education, to develop confidence and employability skills. £715 would support staff costs and equipment to harvest and process fruit.

Amount: £715
Funder: Community Foundation for Surrey
Recipient: Change of Scene

Room Hire for weekly meetings 17 May 2018

The project will deliver weekly events designed to support older people. The project will offer social activities for people who have limited mobility, enabling them to become more active within the community.

Global Tuberculosis Control, 1920-1970: The Mass BCG Campaign and Antibiotics on Indian Reservations and in the Developing World. 31 Aug 2007

I will conduct research in the UK National Archives on the Colonial and Foreign Offices' involvement in the origins and development of TB control in, primarily, Africa; if time allows I will begin to explore archival material related to India and New Zealand. I will be looking at records concerning two research questions: how in the 1950s did the Colonial and Foreign Offices discover TB as a problem in Africa? Second, how, principally via the Medical Research Council, did work proceed to control the disease? Looking at these questions fits into a larger research agenda of mine that is principally concerned with the mass TB BCG vaccine campaign lead by the WHO and UNICEF after World War II and the development of several antibiotics from the late 1940s through the mid-1960s. The larger project will result in a book on the origins and development of the global control of TB.

Amount: £810
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: University of Virginia

Wellbeing Garden 19 Jun 2018

This group offers gardening drop-in sessions for people with mental health issues on a local allotment. The Wellbeing Garden will build a shed to provide shelter and a meeting space in bad weather, as well as providing a space for tool storage and a quiet retreat.

Amount: £800
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Wellbeing Garden
Region: Scotland
District: Angus

Heroes Return Project 27 Apr 2015

A Heroes Return project

Tuesday Club participating In playing pool 22 Mar 2016

This club provides social engagement opportunities for older people in sheltered housing. They will use the funding for a pool table.

Amount: £500
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Centenary Garden's Mens Club
Region: Scotland
District: South Lanarkshire

West Bann Dev Generation Game Christmas Special 07 Sep 2016

The group, which is based in the Churchlands area of Coleraine, is using the £973 for a Christmas event designed to bring people of all ages together to have a fun day.

Carlton Christmas Cracker 25 Aug 2016

The organisation will use the funding to hold a Christmas party open to all members of the community. This will enable the organisation to bring together all generations and allow them to show off improvements carried out to the hall throughout the year.

Replace broken PA & Music System 02 Mar 2016

This charity will use the funding to purchase a new PA & music playing system. This will enable the village hall to continue providing activities and events for the local community.

Amount: £575
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Limpenhoe Village Hall
Region: East of England
District: Broadland District