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An enrichment programme for the elderly residents 27 Sep 2016

Engage more speakers.Transport costs for people who perhaps cannot leave their homes without great difficulty enabling them to come to the club.

HS Carers Event invitation printing 01 Aug 2016

HS Carers Event invitation printing

Chipping Norton 14 Nov 2016

We are 55 years old this year and have made the decision to transfer our operation into Chipping Norton. This will enable us to be more inclusive and accessible and to boost our recruitment. To celebrate 55 years and to offer maximum publicity for our move we need to have funds in addition to the monies received from members' subscriptions. We will advertise in local publications and invest in some publicity banners to use on a regular basis. We would like to organise a one off demonstration in Chipping Norton Town Hall inviting a national demonstrator to attract more members and promote the society. A grant will also help toward our reprinting of new stationery to reflect our new location.

Hire of grand piano for event 15 Jul 2016

Hire of grand piano for event

Football for all 08 Jun 2016

The annual membership fee of £75 is prohibitively expensive for some of the young players and their families. Each year the club offers 5 bursaries funded through its general reserves. However, as the club has grown these five bursaries are not enough to help all the young people that need our support. £750 from Oxfordshire Community Foundation would pay for the membership of 10 more young people from deprived backgrounds allowing them to play foottball at our club. The membership fees cover all equipment, team kit, pitch hire, and associated match costs.

Adding extra sport and healthy living 18 Apr 2016

The money would help towards equipment needed to encourage the children to get involved in the sporting activities. We have one goal post, but a second would be helpful. Also hockey and badminton equipment would encourage more participation. We already have good table tennis facilities. It would be good also to encourage some of our junior leaders to take coaching awards. The snacks and cooking would be enhanced with a greater variety of ingredients and cooking equipment. The food bank provides us with some food- but resources to buy in other healthy ingredients would increase the variety on offer.

Streets Revolution 18 Apr 2016

in 3 specific areas - 1) New kits and equipment for our football project and new social inclusion summer league 2) venue hire and session costs for volleyball and social inclusion league, including volunteer costs 3) marketing and advertising for sessions and league

Response Giving 14 Nov 2016

One of our aims is to bring enjoyment to people coping with sever mental illness. Many are not able to access ordinary social activities because of the devastating effect severe mental illness has. Often their lives are totally transformed in a horrible way and they are unable to continue with their plans. This knowledge can be very depressing. "Response giving" aims to organise fun events and pleasurable activities in places they are familiar with and so they can relax and enjoy. One of these is our "fun BBQ" in the grounds of one of the homes. We have various activities - tombola, raffle, mystery lucky dip, "guess the name of grandma bear" as well as a delicious BBQ. All very inexpensive to our guests. All this costs money and we are always looking at ways to make it even happier. With your grant we could hire some live music for a simple sing along and we could hire and entertainer. We need a gazebo or two. All this would make huge difference to this project.

The Oxford Christmas Dinner 21 Dec 2016

The Oxford Christmas Dinner

Community Market 27 May 2016

East Oxford Farmers' and Community Market is a thriving community resource, delivering a weekly Saturday market at East Oxford primary School with an average of 18 weekly stalls visited by over 600 local people each week. The market is managed largely by volunteers, and has been set up by and for the community. We are celebrating our tenth anniversary this year, and our aim in doing so is to strengthen our links with the school and the local community it serves. The school is at the heart of an ethnically diverse area, with one-third of residents from an ethnic group other than White British. it serves a diverse community. 80% of its 295 pupils come from a very wide range of ethnic backgrounds. Around 70% of pupils speak English as an additional language and 30 different languages are spoken. The largest group of pupils in the school comes from a Pakistani heritage (26%). This diversity is not yet reflected within the market community despite the wide range of food stalls from different cultures. We see our tenth anniiversary as an opportunity to address that. We want to present pupils at the school with some of our market values: eating healthy local food; running local small businesses; using creative skills and managing house-hold finances. We plan to: - run key stage related market themed activities. The paid facilitator will bring in crates of market wares and pupils will role play different market activities, developing their maths and english skills. The market's tenth anniversary celebrations will be introduced in the second session: younger pupils will make triangles of bunting using creative techniques (we need to buy craft materials) whilst older pupils will design celebratory mugs for the markets cafe. - designs will be judged by community members at a special showcase market day in June 2016. The winning designs will be printed onto 72 mugs (bought out of the grant to replace the existing mismatching and chipped mugs used for the pop up cafe. The winning designs will feature on posters and other promotional materials leading up to the tenth anniversary market in September 2016. The press and local radio will be involved in the story of the flourishing market and the pupils work to help with the celebrations. -the tenth anniversary market day int he autumn will be a celebration for the whole community. This will be a bumper market that will need publicity, with an opportunity for the school and the parents to run their own stalls. There will be music and decor including the pupils bunting. All the families of competition entrants will get free tea (served in the new mugs), juice and a slice of anniversary cake (provided from the grant). The pupils who created the winning designs will be presented with certificates, their own mugs and a basked of market goodies. -stallholder stories will be showcased throughout, as good news stories for the community and the media, and as inspiration for the pupils. Without the requested funding, we can run a celebratory tenth anniversary market but none of the engagement and publicity activities. By focusing our development around the market celebrations we provide an opportunity to reinvigorate and integrate the market and school community for the next ten years.

Underground Water Pipe 14 Nov 2016

The water supply at the hall has slowed considerably due to very old iron pipes having corroded. This will require a trench to be dug to replace original pipe running alongside the building under the parking area, because currently the situation is such that there is too much sediment in the water for safe drinking. A new underground pipe will allow a proper flow of water to the building.

Amount: £1,744
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Ellen Hinde Hall
Region: South Central
District: Cherwell District

Food Hygiene Training 27 May 2016

We would train ten volunteers in Food hygiene. Once trained, we can provide a range of healthy food for at least 100 older and lonely members of our community. We will develop our Wednesday Call-in Cafe to include nutritious breakfast food and wholesome snacks to accompany coffee. As part of our programme of social activities (Monday and Friday evenings) we will include a programme of social meals and conversation nights. We will set a restaurant environment for our Friends with volunteer hosts on each table. The hosts will encourage and support Friends to participate in the conversations. Alongside loneliness, 80% of Friends are living in poverty. This means that they are often unable to afford a healthy and nutritional meal. Furthermore, as they have no one to cook for, many of our friends have told us that they eat sandwiches and cheap (usually unhealthy) snack food. Observations by our staff and volunteers at Wednesday Call-in Cafe have shown that the coffee and cake our Friends are served is the first meal of the day for many. We want to create an opportunity where our Friends are able to have warm and nutritious food.

Website Restructure and Upgrade 27 May 2016

We see restructure and upgrade of the Experience Chipping Norton website as essential for the wellbeing and growth of our community organisation. It started life in 2013 as a humble and basic site seeking to draw together various community and business ventures in a holistic and socially inclusive way. The content rich website now forms the centre of Chipping Norton's digital hub, and has become first port of call for residents, visitors and businesses searching online for local shopping and parking information, local attractions, places to eat, drink and stay, charity functions, local community groups and events - along with business profiles, videos and news. As a purely voluntary group, we manage to cover most areas of expertise ourselves, drawing on our members own skills and resources. Website repair and restructure, however, is such a specialist area we're not able to cover it ourselves and need to pay a professional to get a proper job done. 1. repair needed to maintain site stability. Since the site was created, we have been managing it ourselves the best we can, lacking funding for assistance. Because it has grown so quickly, however, and is in need of multiple updates it has become increasingly unstable. We are worried about the site crashing if we add further content, so have reached an impasse. We do not have the expertise to attempt the upgrades ourselves. 2. Business, Accommodation and Where to eat directories are no longer function. We need to upgrade the site's original business and accommodation directories, to give all our town businesses the prominence they need and deserve. Our existing business and accommodation directories are severely lacking in functionality and not compatible with the format of our new content. 3. We are determined to build on our 2015 #GBHighSt success. Chipping Norton was proud runner up in the market Town category of the 2015 Great British High street awards with a submission created and campaign managed by ECN. We enjoyed great support from our new Midcounties Co-op supermarket whose manager Adam Quinton allowed us to set up a temporary polling booth at the front of their premises. Had we won, Chipping Norton would have received £10,000 in prize money and comprehensive Google training for key town businesses - giving ECN and our town a huge business boost, resources to fund future community projects and a national profile attracting visitors from across the UK. We're so proud of our achievements so far, but lost out to Yorkshire's Helmsley by about three points - largely because they rolled out a brand new website at the start of their campaign. We will be entering the #GBHighSt contest again this year with renewed vigour, and would love to enter with a strong, stable, business themed website which promotes our businesses in the way they deserve, also showcasing the terrific way they support our local charities: Dementia Friends and Rafiki Thabo Foundation. We take the promotion and protection of our town's residents and businesses very seriously, and have plenty of new projects planned for 2016. We don't want to see ECN's achievements jeopardised by website flaws and limitations - it is the centre of our digital hub - and would be immensely grateful for a grant to help us achieve our goals.

'What does consent mean again?' 18 Jul 2016

Flow through grant from Southall Trust.

D.I.T.T.O 08 Jun 2016

In partnership with the Ice Centre we will use the grant to deliver workshops to train and empower members. We will purchase 3 laptops and 3 dongles to enable us to support members to get online, vital when applying for benefits. We will act as an advocate to assist in the intricate world of technology by assisting members to navigate the complex systems currently in place. We live in an age that requires us to be online as a matter of course. We will promote our service within in West Oxfordshire in the first instance and beyond as demand grows.

New volunteer recruitment 15 Sep 2016

Average cost to the charity of recruitment, training, resourcing and support for the first year of a volunteer is £768. We ask schools to contribute £420 towards this leaving a shortfall of £348. We would use this grant to cover this shortfall which would enable us to recruit 14 new reading helper volunteers.

Cowley Road Works Outreach 15 Sep 2016

Evaluation demonstrated that a lack of outreach and engagement throughout the year was negatively impacting CRW's outreach / delivery capabilities, causing reputational damage and stifling sustainability, social impact /benefit. CRW were unable to honour the full remit of activity listed within the charity's objectives due to this. .£5000 will cover the cost of two part time posts to be maintained throughout the year; Volunteer Engagement and Community Outreach; Both posts will work the equivalent of 2.5 days a month - where possible this will be topped up subject to project specific additional funding, whilst allowing a consistent presence and contact.

Continuing Support 23 Nov 2016

Continuing support for intergenerational work particularly in Banbury and with Oxford Spires Academy

Amount: £5,000
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Full Circle
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District (B)

Flat 73 21 Sep 2016

Performance of a play 'Flat 73' focussing on lonelinessFunding will go towards performance of Flat 73, a play by Gaye Poole about loneliness, (with music by OCP Artistic Director, Arne Richards), aimed at both theatre goers to raise their awareness of the issue and also taken out to communities. There will be 6 performances with Q&A sessions afterwards on the subject, recruitment of volunteers, and on theatre as a way of engaging with social issues. 3 performances will be at professional theatres and to reach the people who do not go to theatre, we will be touring to village halls in Eynsham, Barton, and Banbury.

'Your Way' Easter Holiday Activities 15 Sep 2016

The grant will be split into two main streams. 1 To fund spaces on mainstream activities and projects in the community. We will work with partners such as The Parasol Project, Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot, The Mill in Banbury and Oxfordshire Youth Arts Partnership (OYAP) and The Earths Trust. We work with partners across the county to address the need of vulnerable young people in all areas of Oxfordshire. 2. Bespoke arts activities at The Hospital School which are designed in consultation with resident CYP. These activities allow us to be sensitive to the complex needs of these CYP.

Amount: £5,000
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: VIP+