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The Wellcome Trust
University College London
King's College London
£500 - £1,000
Award Year:


'The importance of medical history: Transnational and cross-cultural perspectives on a multi-faceted discipline' conference to be held in Mumbai, India from 15th to 17th November 2007. 17 Oct 2007

The importance of medical history: Trans-national and cross-cultural perspectives on a multi-faceted discipline The proposed meeting will be the first of its type in the South Asian sub-continent - dealing with the important questions of historical method and historiography, from trans-national and cross-disciplinary perspectives; it will allow the audience access to a plethora of perspectives on how to study HOM. The projected audience will be university and college teaching, research and administrative staff of all grades, we well as undergraduate and post-graduate students, doctors, print and TV journalists, and independent researchers. A number of well-known scholars have agreed to attend the meeting, as they acknowledge the usefulness of an event like this in popularising HOM in an important education centre in Asia. These academics, who are attached to a number of Wellcome Trust-funded units, will draw upon an important item of their research - dealing with Europe, North America, Asia and further afield - to develop trans-national perspectives of how to study HOM. This meeting will engender a lot of discussion, which is critically important for an endeavour that seeks to provide new insights to post-and under-graduate teachers about important international developments in the discipline, and the most effective ways of teaching and carrying out research. Themes to be covered: History of pharmacology; Anatomy; Global trade and medicine; Medical genetics and gender; Medicine in the early modern period; Public health in 19th and 20th centuries; Global health programmes and disease eradication; War and medicine; International perspectives on rabies; Scottish doctors and British empire; Obstetrics and surgery; Cross-disciplinary perspectives on leprosy and empire; Hospitals; Medicine and 'witchcraft' in the early modern period; Healthcare in colonial Mumbai/India; Health of industrial labour; Oral histories of contemporary medicine and biological science; History of medical practice and multiple meanings of health.

Amount: £600
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: University College London

Feminism and the body: an interdisciplinary conference. 30 Jan 2007

Feminism and the Body, an interdisciplinary conference 'Feminism and the Body, an interdisciplinary conference' will address issues that are at stake in the gendered politics of health and well being. Unique to this conference will be the range of research fields and disciplinary training that will converge on these issues. It will bring together scholars from the humanities, social sciences and medical sciences to share their expertise and disciplinary perspectives. In particular the event will promote critical discussions of the ways in which feminist theory has informed the research being presented, the ways that feminist engagements have shaped practices that relate to the body both historically and in the present, and the ways in which feminist thinking can best be developed as an analytic tool and an influence in the politics and practices of conceptualizing and engaging with bodies. Topics that will be covered by the conference include: ethical issues in antenatal screening technologies; the history of abortion; the impact of South Asian feminisms on women's health and well being; women's alcohol consumption in public space; experiences of domestic violence in pregnancy; the reproductive body and migration; representations of women's bodies in film, theatre and ballet; literary constructions of femininity and sexuality; child sexuality; the legacies of sexual difference feminism; feminist contributions to discussions of the ageing process; race and the different meanings of rape in Peru; issues of medico-legal ethics that arise where patients choose disability with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis; contemporary breastfeeding practices in Slovenia; cosmetic surgery; chemical treatments for vaginal secretions and skin whitening; decision making in relation to vasectomy; the historiography of rape and lynching in twentieth century America and eugenics in early twentieth-century Australia.

Amount: £540
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: King's College London