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Emergency First Aid Training for volunteers 18 Apr 2016

The grant will go towards training thirty volunteers in the South Oxfordshire area by providing training from an accredited First Aid training facilitators.

Keep seniors active 18 Apr 2016

It will enable us to invite good-quality speakers and entertainers to come to the club and support our efforts to get the elderly out of their homes and become more active in older age.

Tea and Creativity Social Club 18 Apr 2016

The social club meets the grant's criteria because it promotes community spirit and social inclusion. It is aimed at the vulnerable and lonely in society. By encouraging creativity and community spirit we are help those in need. Our social club encourages our members to start creative projects, sewing, knitting etc whilst they have a cup of tea, biscuits and meet people. All are welcome.

Cholsey Children's centre 18 Apr 2016

The grant will largely be used to buy play equipment for the children and furnishings for the rooms that will be used. It will also be used to buy in expertise as required e.g. Nutritional specialist, chef

AllSorts 01 Jun 2016

The grant will go towards funding transport costs for our volunteers, so that they may assist our Athletes to get involved in the sporting activities we provide. KEEN aims to give a 1:1 volunteer to Athlete ratio, so that the Athlete's needs are catered for and so that they have the undivided attention of someone providing encouragement, assistance and reassurance. This gives them the best opportunity to feel the benefit of participating in sport and developing socially as well. In order to ensure volunteer numbers, we supply transport to the venue we use in Autumn and Winter months.

Amount: £1,000
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Keen
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District (B)

Exercise therapy for dementia 14 Nov 2016

Daybreak would use the grant to fund specialist exercise classes for people with dementia. These classes are part of the care and therapies provided at Daybreak and follow the principles of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy which, after prescription drugs, is the only other treatment for dementia as recognised by NICE. Many exercises and forms of dancing can be tailored to suit older people with dementia where they can remain seated but still follow the music and movements. This type of gentle exercise can help to maintain physical and mental capacities. The power of music and movement to unlock memories and enable social interaction is an increasingly key feature of dementia care. It seems to reach parts of the damaged brain in ways other forms of communication cannot. Feedback from the people we help and the family who care for them have shown that exercise classes are giving a person a better sense of well-being. It is helping them to engage in a group, reduce anxiety and ease the feeling of isolation dementia can cause. The grant would enable Daybreak to continue and extend the range of music and movement exercise classes that are proving to be so successful in helping people in our community who are living with dementia.

Amount: £1,440
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Daybreak
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District (B)

Catering for HS Carers Event 18 Jul 2016

Final invoice for High Sheriff's event

Young Trustees Programme 08 Nov 2016

Student placement as 'visiting trustees'We want to place 20 students as 'visiting trustees' in local charity boards. The grant will go towards running a pilot programme between July 2016 and October 2017, providing 20 students with individual placements. The pilot will include student and host organisation recruitment, training for visiting trustees and ongoing support. Each Young Trustee will be required to complete a governance-based project that will have a lasting impact after they have left. The programme will end with a celebration event to promote the programme more widely, highlight individual student experiences on the scheme and bring student and community groups together.

Amount: £2,500
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Hub Ventures
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District (B)

Soundworks 14 Nov 2016

We recently fostered a link with a local recording studio (Soundworks in Blackbird Leys) that has offered opportunities to two people we work with to visit the studio for four weeks each to experience difference areas of the recording process. This had a profound effect on the people involved, and following this, we had lots of other people express interest and excitement. Unfortunately, the recording studio cannot sustain an ongoing project for free and we would like to create an ongoing programme that will enable more people to benefit from this unique opportunity. We are applying to the Midcounties Co-operative Community fund for funding to cover costs to enable an individual to have four weekly sessions of two hours each int he recording studio. In their studio time, they can choose what area they would like to learn about - be it production, mixing ore recording etc. We also have music tutors who would be willing to offer music lessons for very reduced prices. People could therefore also choose to have an hour music tuition int he studio space, with instruments provided, which they could then use towards their wider work in the studio. This programme would run for one year, enabling twelve people to participate with a structure of two sessions with an engineer and two with practice time and an hour of music lessons (if wanted or simply four with an engineer. This project has the scope to positively affect the people we work with ina variety of ways. It offers them the chance to be part of a creative process, and to access the arts in a less traditional more exciting way. It is also a very flexible opportunity, which allows them to choose exactly what areas they want to learn about, from writing songs to dj-ing to learning about production technology. It can be a way for people to start thinking about education as more expansive than just classrooms (which does not suit so many people). It also offers people the chance to take on responsibility for an activity, in which they must focus on timekeeping and behaviour. Fundamentally, this is something that will take place outside of the homeless pathway. Travelling somewhere that is not part of 'service rout', and in which they meet members of the wider community, is often an underestimated experience. We find that participating in activities with the general public is something that the people we work with find valuable, and is instrumental in changing their perceptions of themselves as 'outsiders' We hope that, with time, to see this project lead to the formation of a band that will also encourage people to see the therapeutic benefits of music and working as a team.

Amount: £1,920
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Mayday Trust
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District (B)

Website Restructure and Upgrade 27 May 2016

We see restructure and upgrade of the Experience Chipping Norton website as essential for the wellbeing and growth of our community organisation. It started life in 2013 as a humble and basic site seeking to draw together various community and business ventures in a holistic and socially inclusive way. The content rich website now forms the centre of Chipping Norton's digital hub, and has become first port of call for residents, visitors and businesses searching online for local shopping and parking information, local attractions, places to eat, drink and stay, charity functions, local community groups and events - along with business profiles, videos and news. As a purely voluntary group, we manage to cover most areas of expertise ourselves, drawing on our members own skills and resources. Website repair and restructure, however, is such a specialist area we're not able to cover it ourselves and need to pay a professional to get a proper job done. 1. repair needed to maintain site stability. Since the site was created, we have been managing it ourselves the best we can, lacking funding for assistance. Because it has grown so quickly, however, and is in need of multiple updates it has become increasingly unstable. We are worried about the site crashing if we add further content, so have reached an impasse. We do not have the expertise to attempt the upgrades ourselves. 2. Business, Accommodation and Where to eat directories are no longer function. We need to upgrade the site's original business and accommodation directories, to give all our town businesses the prominence they need and deserve. Our existing business and accommodation directories are severely lacking in functionality and not compatible with the format of our new content. 3. We are determined to build on our 2015 #GBHighSt success. Chipping Norton was proud runner up in the market Town category of the 2015 Great British High street awards with a submission created and campaign managed by ECN. We enjoyed great support from our new Midcounties Co-op supermarket whose manager Adam Quinton allowed us to set up a temporary polling booth at the front of their premises. Had we won, Chipping Norton would have received £10,000 in prize money and comprehensive Google training for key town businesses - giving ECN and our town a huge business boost, resources to fund future community projects and a national profile attracting visitors from across the UK. We're so proud of our achievements so far, but lost out to Yorkshire's Helmsley by about three points - largely because they rolled out a brand new website at the start of their campaign. We will be entering the #GBHighSt contest again this year with renewed vigour, and would love to enter with a strong, stable, business themed website which promotes our businesses in the way they deserve, also showcasing the terrific way they support our local charities: Dementia Friends and Rafiki Thabo Foundation. We take the promotion and protection of our town's residents and businesses very seriously, and have plenty of new projects planned for 2016. We don't want to see ECN's achievements jeopardised by website flaws and limitations - it is the centre of our digital hub - and would be immensely grateful for a grant to help us achieve our goals.

Leg Press Machine 27 May 2016

Leg Press Machine

Amount: £2,000
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: OXSRAD
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District (B)

Internet Cafe 14 Nov 2016

One new development we are looking to fund from September 2016 is an internet cafe. The internet cafe equipment will be portable and there for use in any future youth cafes which we run such as a drop in cafe, internet cafe, mobile/pop up cafe etc. in surrounding villages. We have been aware of the need to work with those young people in year 10 upwards and we are exploring the options. It is important we find a way to continue the relationship with the young people leaving year 9 so are planning a drop in cafe starting in October 2016. Volunteers staff both the projects group and the cafe and our current Cafe Manager is on loan from a local church whilst we look to employing a suitable youth worker for the current cafe and future plans. We are making an application to you to help us fund activities in the cafe, for additional equipment and the general support of young people. It currently costs around £3,000 per year to run the current cafe and we constantly work hard to ensure all money is spent wisely. This cost will increase with the provision for the older youth and also the appointment of a Cafe Manager. Now we have been running for over 3 years there is a need to purchase new equipment, supplement existing stock and undertake new activities e.g. the internet cafe.

Complex Families Volunteer Support Project 01 Dec 2016

This grant will contribute to the salaries of the Family Co-ordinator, who supports and supervises the volunteers for this complex work. They assess referrals and match volunteers, provide supervision and reviews with families. The Administrator helps process referrals and monitoring. The grant will fund volunteer expenses for weekly visits lasting 2-4 hours. We will draw on a pool of around 9 experienced volunteers, and support 6-7 families at any one time; 10 over the course of the year. The grant would also pay for 2 day mental health awareness training for 16 volunteers, delivered by Restore.

Friends of Hill End Workshop 01 Dec 2016

To support & equip the volunteer team (1) Hill End team gilets and shirts to give a sense of team identity and value (2) personal protection equipment (3) hand tools & machinery for skills development in the areas of grounds & buildings maintenance, particularly for a woodwork workshop

New Leaf Coordinator- Oxfordshire 01 Dec 2016

New Leaf is currently supporting 8 individuals in Oxfordshire (Oxford central 5, Bicester/Ban/North Oxon 1, South Oxon 2) to make more positive life choices and to improve interpersonal skills, employability and aspirations. With the additional support of a dedicated Regional Coordinator post (2 days per week) for Oxfordshire who will work to build relationships, recruit volunteers and provide greater guidance to mentors; it is hoped that New Leaf could recruit and train 15 new volunteer mentors and support up to 68 ex-offenders within a 12 month period.

Steppin' Forward Project 07 Sep 2016

The grant will be used to help fund the Kitchen Manager’s salary. The Kitchen Manager will work with 6 beneficiaries who have been assessed by our project workers and who have signed up to the project to develop catering skills to give them a realistic opportunity to find work or engage in a positive volunteering role. Training options are: café food preparation, preserve/chutney making, or kitchen cleaning/hygiene. Placements will be 6 weeks long. Participants will also be supported with finding work through our weekly job club (CV preparation, job interview skills and recruitment agency referrals).

'Your Way' Easter Holiday Activities 15 Sep 2016

The grant will be split into two main streams. 1 To fund spaces on mainstream activities and projects in the community. We will work with partners such as The Parasol Project, Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot, The Mill in Banbury and Oxfordshire Youth Arts Partnership (OYAP) and The Earths Trust. We work with partners across the county to address the need of vulnerable young people in all areas of Oxfordshire. 2. Bespoke arts activities at The Hospital School which are designed in consultation with resident CYP. These activities allow us to be sensitive to the complex needs of these CYP.

Amount: £5,000
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: VIP+

Consultancy Services 11 Nov 2016

Consultancy services

Nest Box Phase II 11 Apr 2016

Next Box Phase IIThe current work will build on the the previous project to produce a finalised, modular design that will be permananently installed in a single pen of broiler breeder housing and used to measure the individual laying efficiency and nest behaviour of the existing FAI broiler breeder flock. The final design will include modular set-up of 4 boxes to create a test pen for the broiler breeder hens. The following key imprvoements will be addressed in tasks 1-3: 1. RFID and Sensor System: Improved hen detection in the nest through altered RFI module and antenna selection and modification of the electronics control panel a. Spec RFID system b. Purchase Tags and readers c. Specify occupancy and egg roll sensors d. Test complete setup and adapt code 2. Tag Bracelets and Online Connectivity: Cloud storage option for easy data collection and handling a. Program Data Capture and Remote Connectivit Setup on site 3. Physical Coop Build: Modification to the general box design to improve modular layout, hen comfort and ongoing management (e.g. cleaning, maintenance of equipment) a. 3D Modelling for Box b. 3D Modelling for Slider c. Design Sensor Mountings d. Prototyping, postproduction & assembly The project timeframe is scheduled for April 2016 – June 2016, subject to other project demands and FAI farm actvitity. An initial project looked to design and test an initial protype for an Automated Nest Box (ANB). The finalised design included: • A single raised nest box with sensor-operated door, internal RFIS sensor and egg collection apparatus • RFID ankle tags for identification of individual hens • Electronic box with control panel, data storage and power supply The prototype was installed and tested at FAI farms on a small group of laying hens at FAI farms to track eggs laid and nest box use by individual hens. At the end of the project the prototype was reviewed and the remaining design challenges were identified, including: 1. RFID tag design for reliable detection of hens over lengthened period 2. Egg rolling mechanism to ensure ordered and safe egg collection for hen-identification 3. Door mechanism to allow entry / exit of hens and prevent double-occupancy 4. Acces to the data on a frequent basis

Voluntary Viewpoints 24 Mar 2016

To fund a series of voluntary sector "conversations" and subsequent influencing work on current issues of importance to social cohesion and inclusion in Birmingham

Amount: £57,000
Funder: Barrow Cadbury Trust
Recipient: brap
Region: West Midlands
District: Birmingham District (B)