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Train the Trainer - Moving and Handling 23 Feb 2017

The grant would be used for one member of staffs training costs, their time and travel expenses. The course provider we have identified is the provider of choice of Helen and Douglas House and was chosen following an extensive tendering exercise by them. Helen and Douglas House are now in their second year of using DFH Ergonomics Ltd and are very pleased with them. There is a training course at the end of February and another in July. If successful with this application, we would send our staff member on the next available course.

Lowland Rescue First Responder Medical Kits 23 Feb 2017

We will spend the grant on 2 x Lowland Rescue standard First Responder medical bags including AED's. We have requested additional funds to enable us to keep the AED's and oxygen tanks serviced, and to replace miscellaneous items used from the kits over 3 years.

Donnington Doorstep Family Centre 07 Mar 2017

Develop a new strand of our targeted family support work and expand our reach: • with isolated women, in particular mothers and young girls, in the Asian community • in order to achieve reduced isolation, improved parenting and family life skills, better engagement with statutory services and other voluntary sector organisations. • which would mean higher reporting of anti-social behaviour in isolated communities, a lower incidence of undisclosed domestic and sexual abuse, and a reduction in vulnerability to extremist messages. We focus on building whole family resilience, which we believe is a highly effective way of combatting the power of negative messages that erode shared values. We think it is very important not to establish this as a separate initiative, but instead we want to weave it into the specialist services already available in our centre, so that our target group becomes better integrated into their locality, and better able to form cross-cultural friendships and protective networks. This work would consist of: - 1-to-1 support from a dedicated family support worker - This would be made available informally by the worker's presence at a regular time each week at our drop-in family stay and play sessions, enabling contact with women who are wary of individual appointments or who would experience resistance from their family networks to accessing support (3 hours/week over 1 year) - Once relationships are established, support would then be delivered by bespoke casework, delivered at the Centre or in the community as appropriate (7 hours/week over 1 year) - Part way into the project delivery we would seek to design and deliver 2 x 10-week parenting programmes for this initiative, adapting our usual content to include input from relevant community and statutory partners to include content around building resilience into family networks. We would intend the participants to be a mix of men and women from the target demographic for this work, and parents from other backgrounds, in order to truly foster a sense of civic participation at the local level. - We also wish to establish a new group for girls from the Asian community, to build resilience, reduce isolation, and facilitate their involvement in either our general youth provision, or referral into our CSE service where needed. (3 hours/week over 20 weeks of the year).We will use the grant to expand our family support work by 10 hours per week, and ensure the availability of a family support specialist in one of our weekly stay and play sessions. We will in addition run 2 parenting programmes with the explicit intention of involving parents from isolated communities, and establish a group for young Asian girls to build resilience and ensure their access to necessary specialist services.

Befriending Service - Increasing Capacity 17 Feb 2017

Befriending Service Increasing CapacityThrough a variety of carefully organised activities, we support and befriend those experiencing loneliness and isolation; • providing a sense of belonging for those who feel unwanted, excluded and forgotten • offering the opportunity to make friends and meet people in a supportive environment • helping people to regain social confidence and contribute to society Direct benefit: Those in receipt of our service benefiting from a reduction in loneliness, improved social confidence, wider network of social contacts. Indirect Beneficiaries: Families are often relieved to know there is someone providing support and companionship to their loved one. Given the known links between loneliness and mental and physical ill health, our services helps to improve health and well-being of individuals with a knock on effect of reduced demand on health & social care services. We rely heavily on volunteer input and volunteering reduces loneliness, improves connectedness with local community develops skills and improves confidence. To recruit a Volunteer Recruitment & Training Co-ordinator to be responsible for volunteer recruitment and taking volunteers through the whole recruitment, interviewing, vetting and induction process (reviewing and improving office systems in the process) and increasing our capacity to match volunteers with those waiting for a befriender. The Co-ordinator will work with other staff responsible for managing referrals (typically from health and social services) of those in need of befriending and ensure that the matching of volunteers and referrals is optimised and greatly accelerated. To reduce the befriending waiting list by responding in a timelier manner to those in need of the befriending service and to those expressing an interest in volunteering. This requires an additional resource – a Volunteer Recruitment & Training Co-ordinator. Having one person responsible for volunteer recruitment and processing through to readiness for matching will also enable review and streamlining of our current systems, thereby improving efficiency in the longer term. To reduce the administrative load on existing staff who have stepped in to respond to increased demand on the service but whose workloads are becoming unmanageable and unsustainable.


The funding will be used towards the costs of running The Berin Centre in Berinsfield. This replaces the former Children's Centre previously funded by OCC who have now withdrawn their funding. The centre will support families and children in Berinsfield and surrounding villages.In addition the charity will continue to give support to those seeking work or changing careers and provide training courses. The charity aims to run a cafe to encourage all members of the community to use it as a meeting place and reduce some of the isolation that comes with living in a rural location. The grant will be used towards the general running costs of running the Family Service including staff costs and associated training, building running costs ,resources and service delivery costs. A breakdown of the estimated 3 year budget is outlined in our attached business plan

School Counselling Service 17 Feb 2017

Refugee Resource provides a unique therapeutic service for refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants in Oxfordshire. We provide a place of safety and welcome for up to 250 clients each year, some of whom require specialist counselling to heal from trauma, and others who participate in our range of therapeutic services aimed at helping people to move from a position of being isolated and traumatised to inclusion within the wider community. Refugee Resource is the only service in Oxfordshire to cater effectively for the holistic care and long-term therapeutic needs of these vulnerable groups. To help meet these needs we provide the following services: • Counselling • Mentoring and coaching • Employment advice and support, including bursary fund • A women’s project • A men’s service • Advice and advocacy service- Engaging young people is a challenge: the often chaotic nature of their lives makes it hard for them to remember appointments during the day, and if these are outside of school during school hours it can be disruptive to their education. - Refugee Resource is currently unable to provide individual therapeutic support to children under 12. - Demand for our counselling services outstrips our capacity to meet this need: currently we have a waiting list of around 4-6 months. Over a third of those waiting (7 young people) are aged under 19. - We have limited training capacity. - Closure of The Children’s Society in Oxford has left a gap in the provision of specialist counselling support for refugee and migrant young people in schools. - A school-based counselling service would strengthen our capacity to deliver effective therapy for young people, that is accessible and in a familiar and supported environment. This leads to better engagement with counselling and with education. It would build new working partnerships between Refugee Resource and schools. - Training and consultation support offers a sustainable way to support schools strengthen their own understanding and capacity to support young refugee and migrants and their families. This facilitates integration within the school and the wider community. - Employing the expertise of an experienced child psychotherapist would enhance capacity of counselling team to support the specific needs of children and young people, including those aged under 12. - Broadening our remit to working with children may help us to access more diverse funding streams and increase unrestricted funding through public support.

Amount: £30,000
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Refugee Resource
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District (B)

Foundation for Madison Public Schools 2002 Grant 09 Jan 2017

Project support for the Summer Reading Academy’s field trips and teacher preparation

Amount: USD 16,100
Funder: Quixote Foundation
Recipient: Foundation for Madison's Public Schools

Continued work on parliamentary transparency and public services in Africa 23 Feb 2017

To support parliamentary transparency and public services delivery work.

Amount: £40,000
Funder: Indigo Trust
Recipient: MySociety
Region: London
District: Enfield London Boro

Supporting People's Assembly parliamentary monitoring site 28 Feb 2017

Three year grant to support the core costs of running the People’s Assembly parliamentary monitoring site and advocacy efforts around it.

Amount: £105,000
Funder: Indigo Trust
Recipient: Parliamentary Monitoring Group

Digitisation of Africa's Laws 16 Mar 2017

Core costs to digitise and format laws from select African countries as well as test a range of sustainability strategies.

Amount: £90,000
Funder: Indigo Trust
Recipient: African Legal Information Institute (...

Digital Civil Society Lab World Tour 03 May 2017

Towards the costs of hosting a one-day conference on digital technology and civil society in London in June 2017.

Amount: £5,000
Funder: Indigo Trust
Recipient: Stanford Center on Philanthropy and C...

Establishing a new Media Lab 04 May 2017

To enable a new media lab to be established at iCampus, a shared innovation, co-working and community space for organizations focusing on the intersection of technology, accountability and social change in Liberia.

Amount: £18,000
Funder: Indigo Trust
Recipient: Accountability Lab

Grant to Thorpe Edge Community Project 03 Apr 2017

Towards core costs for the Eco Kids programme of work, helping young people in Throrpe Edge, Bradford, to engage with nature and enjoy activities to improve their understanding of nature and food.

Grant to The Unicorn Theatre for Children 25 Apr 2017

Towards core costs to consolidate the organisation's role as a producing and touring theatre for children and young people.

Amount: £180,000
Funder: Esmée Fairbairn
Recipient: The Unicorn Theatre for Children
Region: London
District: Southwark London Boro

Grant to Glasgow Sculpture Studios Ltd 01 Mar 2017

Towards an engagement curator post and programme costs to further develop Glasgow Sculpture Studios as a resource for the participation, learning and training of local communities.

Amount: £120,000
Funder: Esmée Fairbairn
Recipient: Glasgow Sculpture Studios Ltd
Region: Scotland
District: Glasgow City

Grant to The Turnpike (Leigh) CIC 20 Feb 2017

Towards the Director's salary for a new independent community arts organisation based in the Turnpike Gallery.

Amount: £60,000
Funder: Esmée Fairbairn
Recipient: The Turnpike (Leigh) CIC
Region: North West
District: Wigan District (B)

Grant to End Violence Against Women 23 May 2017

Shadow VAWG Action Plan

Amount: £12,000
Funder: Esmée Fairbairn
Recipient: End Violence Against Women
Region: London
District: Islington London Boro

Grant to Shift Foundation 19 Jan 2017

Towards the development of a common understanding of what good progress - or 'milestones' - looks like for projects using technology for social impact in the UK.

Amount: £7,500
Funder: Esmée Fairbairn
Recipient: Shift Foundation
Region: London
District: Islington London Boro

Grant to West Kensington and Gibbs Green Community Housing 15 May 2017

Towards the continuation of the campaign to enable the local community to take ownership of their homes and avoid their demolition for commercial development by the local authority.

Grant to Economy 03 May 2017

Towards delivering a community crash course in economics to engage those who do not typically engage with economics and improve understanding, confidence and encourage social action.

Amount: £60,000
Funder: Esmée Fairbairn
Recipient: Economy
Region: London
District: Tower Hamlets London Boro