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CTCTYP Capacity Building Project 17 Jul 2006

Employment of a new Outreach Worker post to enable the initiation and development of the youth theatre's first ever outreach programme covering Wrexham, Denbighshire and Flintshire.

Amount: £28,260
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Clwyd Theatr Cymru
Region: Wales
District: Sir y Fflint - Flintshire

The Victims' Services Alliance (2014-2015) 19 May 2014

The Victims' Services Alliance (2014-2015)

Amount: £20,000
Funder: Barrow Cadbury Trust
Recipient: Victim Support
Region: North East
District: Hartlepool

The Victims' Services Alliance (2013-2014) 28 Feb 2013

The Victims' Services Alliance (2013-2014)

Amount: £26,000
Funder: Barrow Cadbury Trust
Recipient: Victim Support
Region: North East
District: Hartlepool

Grant to People Empowering People 01 Apr 2016

Tenant Fund grant from the Housing & Modernisation department

Amount: £6,700
Funder: London Borough of Southwark
Recipient: People Empowering People

Urban Arts Project 02 May 2013

This is a project by a community organisation in Bolton, serving beneficiaries in Camden. The group will use the funding to run a project for vulnerable young people and adults to learn social and communication skills along with creative skills in art, in various forms. This will rebuild the beneficiaries' confidence and provide them with the necessary skills to improve their chances of accessing further education.

Amount: £10,000
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Uthink People Developing People
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro

A4A - Uthink Creative 16 Sep 2015

The organisation will use the funding to deliver creative arts activities to local families and hard to reach members of wider community focusing on self-expression and community engagement. This will enable the group to establish a creative hub in the town centre with opportunities for people to meet, participate and learn creative skills, with the aim of reducing isolation and poor wellbeing.

Amount: £9,991
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Uthink People Developing People
Region: North West
District: Bolton District

Ceilidh in the Brain: Science Ceilidh Resources & Tour 13 Jul 2016

Exploring the neuroscience behind music, Ceilidh on the Brain will engage new communities around Scotland using the culturally-meaningful context of traditional Scottish dance. Collaborating with Edinburgh Neuroscience & the MRC CRM, this builds on the current Science Ceilidh work to ensure audience-led, sustainable engagement through two streams. Firstly, we’ll develop high-quality resources that "open-source" our biomedically-themed dances. Designed for both previously engaged and new online audiences, the aim will be to deepen and broaden our engagement, respectively. This will include dance videos, explanations of the science/process behind them with researchers, "DIY" packs with the steps and opportunities to feedback ideas/questions. There'll be a particular focus on empowering teachers through lesson plans, curriculum-integrations, follow-up activities and the eventual development of training sessions to promote confidence in using an active, cross-curricular approach more widely in their teaching. Secondly, we’ll go out to the communities to engage with school, community groups and public audiences through workshops, talks and events. Along with six self-funded tours across Scotland using the resources and content, this project will specifically fund three tours of more remote regions (Orkney, Shetland and Outer Hebrides) trialing a more community-led, multi-audience intensive approach to engage with rural communities with biomedical sciences.

Amount: £35,000
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: Science Ceilidh

Exploring women's health using radio as a tool 13 Jul 2016

The project is split in two parts: Part 1 – Working with BME women who have faced or are still facing mental health issues in their lives, caused by drugs, abuse, trauma and social migration. The project will tell the stories of five women covering domestic abuse, substance abuse, ADHD, Social migration and schizophrenia The project will take place between 4Wings and two universities in a relaxed and holistic setting. 4Wings is a women's charity with a focus on abuse and trauma. I have attended sessions with the women in question and they are very open within that setting. Through the support of BBC World Service, UNESCO, British Council, the radio packages will reach a large international audience, building a global community through radio, tackling issues and raising awareness. Part 2 – The radio packages will be played out on BBC Radio Merseyside and iWoman Radio an online global station aimed at women over 25, the content will be used to launch iWoman radio in 2017. Audiences will be able to have a deeper understanding of the different issues the women have gone through but through science.

Amount: £15,055
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: No Organisation

Converging Cultures 13 Jul 2016

Little Atoms wants to engage and educate creative audiences about the development of biomedicine and its influence on culture with a special season of podcasts and longform articles. Using science to unpick cultural developments, we want to engage the public and demonstrate how developments in biomedicine shaped culture, challenging norms, beliefs and choices. The podcast will chronologically cover the role of biomedicine and its influence on the arts from the 19th century to the current day. From Galvani and reanimation, to the ‘Jones hypothesis’, to the role of facial disfiguration and reconstruction in literature, to the impact of antidepressants and creativity in the 1950s and on to globalisation, pandemics and the future of medicine and art. Initially broadcast on the digital station NTS with aims of further syndication, the podcast will be accompanied by a series of 12 longform commissions on

Amount: £32,924
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: 89up Limited

Black 13 Jul 2016

This application seeks to support the development of a robust programme of events and materials which engage audiences with issues raised within Black by LGC; in particular, mental illness. The work explores a multitude of stigmas experienced by the performer, and offers a sharply honest recounting of his mental ill-health; ‘depression distilled in music and insight’ (The Stage). Mental health stigma, particular when intersectional with other forms of discrimination, remains of serious concern in the UK. Within BAME communities, there are often cultural barriers to the open discussion of mental health, as well as high levels of disengagement with mainstream health services. In collaboration with Errol Francis, Bobby Baker and Season Butler, LGC and his team look to develop methodologies to initiate and sustain these ‘taboo’ conversations, with Black as the touring vehicle for their dissemination. These wraparounds may include post-show talks, panels, and research partnerships with charities/institutions, including the University of Leicester. Materials produced will include publications, critical responses and digital media, linked to the performance through art design by ‘Little Black’s animator, Mark Charlton. LGC is a unique performer, and Black offers a unique opportunity to engage diverse communities in dialogues to demystify and destigmatise mental health problems.

Amount: £35,000
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: In Company Collective Ltd

The Reconnect Project 13 Jul 2016

The Reconnect Project is an online awareness initiative aimed primarily at schools but designed to generate wider public conversation. Six lesson plans, complete with PowerPoint slides and activities, promote reflection and debate around screen-related issues. During the penultimate week, pupils are invited to go offline completely or radically reduce their screen time, and engage in non-digital activities. The goal is twofold: firstly, for young people to have a digital break and reconnect with their offline selves for a week; secondly, to resume using their screens at the end of the week in a more informed and balanced way. Central to this project is a programme of original and ground-breaking research into the behaviour of hard-to-reach teens. This will go beyond the assertions of well-meaning adults and tap directly into the attitudes and experiences of young people themselves. The Wellcome Trust’s People Award could be a huge benefit for the project - sharpening its focus and methodology, and providing access to expertise from the wider science community. In addition, an association with the Wellcome Trust would have a significant outreach impact – helping to create a buzz around its launch, and disseminate its research findings among the general public.

Amount: £39,991
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: No Organisation

Living Well Oxford 13 Jul 2016

Living Well Oxford is a collaborative partnership between Science Oxford, the Oxford Academic Health Science Network and the Oxford Health Experiences Institute. We are going to research, develop and run the "Ageing: From Birth and Beyond" "pop-up shop" of interactive exhibits, activities and opportunities. The "pop-up shop" will open for two weeks in May 2017, to tie in with Dementia Awareness Week. We will work closely with local community groups and health researchers to develop the content for the shop, and will host the shop in Templars Square Shopping Centre, which serves some of Oxford’s most socio-economically disadvantaged groups. We will build on this year’s Living Well Oxford events, and work with local people to develop our future events: consult, collaborate, co-create. We want the community to feel connected to Oxford’s research, and vice versa. We will target community groups with a connection to ageing and dementia, and find out what events and engagement opportunities they would like, and work alongside them and researchers to make them happen. We want to inspire the project participants to share their stories, passion and expertise in innovative ways, who will in turn stimulate and engage the public.

Amount: £17,000
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: The Oxford Trust

Spillikin post show 'Meet the Robot' Q&A 13 Jul 2016

We will be mounting a substantial tour of our play Spillikin from October 2016, a moving, tender and funny production set in 2030 about an older lady with Alzheimer’s acquiring a humanoid robot as a life-companion. "An astonishing piece of theatre that allows a box of blinking lights and whirring gears to move us fallible humans to tears" Edinburgh Guide "Heart-shattering drama about love and dementia" Exeunt "A delightful show – whose technical accomplishments are matched by its compassion." The List We have over 41 confirmed bookings, with a further 25 unconfirmed. We wish to offer all venues a post show Q&A in which one of the creative team will speak remotely through the robot itself, taking questions from audience members. This will allow the public, already primed by the erformance itself to experience the robot first hand, ask questions about the production and the technology, and debate the core issues that the play has raised both with the robot itself cast, and other audience members. We will be gathering specific responses to the issues raised and this data will contribute to research by our university research partners. We are asking for funding for this post show element only.

Amount: £13,200
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: No Organisation

Neuro Champion Programme - Young Leaders 13 Jul 2016

The ‘Neuro Champs’ project will engage the public in understanding mental health through an experiential programme, connecting the world of neuroscience, physiology and behaviour. Our project will focus on engaging young people (aged 11-19) from Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups and socially disadvantaged young people in Merseyside. The project will consist of 3 stages: 1) 5 part interactive workshops, held in schools, colleges and community organisations. 2) Creation of 5, 3-minute educational videos, developed in collaboration with the young people who attended the workshops. The video content will be lead by the young people and will be based on neuroscience, physiology and behaviour and their link with mental health. 3) Creation of a ‘Neuro Champ’ YouTube channel, disseminating/hosting all 5 videos and building a community of young neuroscience ambassadors.

Amount: £39,974
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: Chanua Ltd

Orlando: A Journey through Gender 13 Jul 2016

The BFI and Cinelive’s proposal seeks to build on a successful model of immersive film and science events to create a lasting impact on the arts, science and education sectors. Primarily we propose to develop a series of film and theatre-based biomedical science public engagement events exploring Sally Potter’s film adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando (in the 25th anniversary of the film’s release). This project will launch at BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival in March 2017 with a screening and panel discussion from key project collaborators. This will be followed by six events, 4 for schools and 2 for the general public, where participants will engage in an immersive performance inspired by the film, workshops delivered by endocrine researchers exploring the role hormones play in our conceptualisation of sex and gender, and a screening of Orlando. The project will culminate with Immersed in Science, a workshop examining immersive science and arts education hosted by BFI Southbank. The proposed project is book-ended by two events designed to build public conversation around the project, biomedical science, gender and education while increasing capacity in the arts, science, and education sectors to engage the public with their work in meaningful ways.

Amount: £40,000
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: British Film Institute

3 Rs - Rheuma Research Roadshows 13 Jul 2016

A travelling research "roadshow" to showcase current research and to facilitate a dialogue among rheumatology researchers investigating PMR and GCA, patients, carers, GPs and members of the public. PMR and GCA are little-known and under-researched diseases, although they carry a significant burden both to patients and the general economy. This project will simultaneously raise awareness and stimulate research, increasing public understanding of the opportunities and contraints of clinical reseach. It coincides with a period of increasing clinical and public interest generated by the publication of a new set of BSR-NICE guidelines for management of GCA, which will address the problem of loss of sight caused by late diagnosis of GCA. The roadshow will be a programme of linked participative events and workshops taking place at centres of research and rheumatology departments around England and Wales. The roadshow will generate a large quantity of research-related educational material that will be used to build a mass online open-access course (MOOC) to be delivered in partnership with a university on an established platform such as FutureLearn.

Amount: £23,186
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: PMRGCA UK

Lightening the shadow of abuse: Supporting survivors approaching childbirth 13 Jul 2016

This project involves the co-design of an on-line resource to help prepare female survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) for pregnancy and birth. It has been identified that CSA is a serious public health issue that ‘casts a long shadow'. Its impact can last a lifetime and involves significant physical and psychological morbidity. As childbirth inevitably involves the crossing of body boundaries, it can be a particularly traumatic time for survivors of CSA. Survivors are a hidden, silent population who frequently do not disclose their history to healthcare professionals. Their specific healthcare needs are consequently not recognised and often go unmet. The project will provide a safe space for survivors to explore their concerns as they anticipate having a baby. Survivors will also review narratives from a previously conducted study on the maternity care experiences of women who were sexually abused in childhood. Together with the research team they will create an electronic resource which will raise awareness of the impact of CSA on pregnancy and birth and identify strategies to help them cope at this time. The resource will be available to the wider population of survivors via The Survivors Trust website and can benefit healthcare professionals.

Amount: £39,998
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: King's College London

MH:2K - a youth-led approach to exploring mental health 13 Jul 2016

The purpose of MH:2K is to pilot a new method of engagement and participation for young people on biomedical science around mental health. MH:2K is a young people led, peer-to-peer approach which brings together diverse young people, decision-makers and researchers in a model specifically designed to be replicable in local areas across the country. It aims to: Stimulate interest, debate and informal learning amongst young people about biomedical science on mental health and its social and cultural impacts; Create dialogue and exchange on the areas above between young people, decision-makers and researchers; Fill gaps in young people’s, decision-makers’ and researchers’ understanding of young people’s mental health, including encouraging new ways of thinking; Reach new and diverse audiences, who are not currently engaged with biomedical science on mental health; Encourage collaborative local partnerships on young people’s mental health by bringing together diverse stakeholders. It uses a number of key engagement techniques including the recruitment of Citizen Researchers – who determine the project’s specific focus - Design Days, a Roadshow and a multi-stakeholder showcase. An Expert Panel of researchers, decision-makers and engagement specialists will inform its work. Oldham's Council and Clinical Commissioning Group are providing £10,000 match-funding each.

Amount: £38,661
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: The Involve Foundation

Farm Lab 13 Apr 2016

Farm Lab is an inner city ‘Living Lab’ in the form of a pop up urban farm that involves local residents, growers, scientists, engineers and technologists, initially in Manchester. Prototyping the future of urban farming, participants work together to address food security challenges that impact on health, locally. Together they will learn and exchange skills across the boundaries of biomedical and environmental science, engineering, technology, farming and design. This innovative approach combines a range of expertises, amateur and professional, and will pilot, test and refine the Farm Lab model to set up as a social enterprise for community benefit. Further, this pilot will act as a catalyst to engage local residents to participate in Manchester’s Climate Action Plan for 2016-20 and imagine and work towards a climate-adapted city in 2050. Farm Lab will also act as a regional hub and ambassador for Wellcome Trust’s Food and Drink initiative, The Crunch, which it has already informed and been influenced by through conversations with the Wellcome Trust Engaging Science team and science policy team during Erinma Ochu’s Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellowship. Participants and visitors will be curious, engage in debate, act as ambassadors and get inspired to create resources and take action.

Amount: £15,000
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: Squirrel Nation Limited

The Gender Roadshow - Pilot 13 Apr 2016

The Gender Roadshow is a pilot scheme to trial a new audience-driven model of touring and presenting performance about transgender bodies and the science surrounding them. Meaningful audience engagement sits at the heart of The Gender Roadshow; it has been created to respond to the needs of the transgender community who face large obstacles to engagement with the arts and science, and is motivated by shortfalls we have experienced on the contemporary performance touring circuit. The pilot will run for five days and will be bookended by performances of ‘Rituals for Change’, the most recent theatre piece created by None of Us is Yet a Robot. Our aim is to make more meaningful connections with individuals through focused engagements and to challenge the mainstream perceptions of transgender bodies and lives with science and art. This pilot project will consists of five phases- Research and Development, City Trials, Formative Evaluation, The Gender Roadshow and Summative Evaluation. We have assembled an experienced and varied Advisory Board to support us through this pilot. Dedicated evaluation periods, supported by an external evaluator, will allow us to assess the success and impact of the pilot and future opportunities for The Gender Roadshow.

Amount: £39,997
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: No Organisation