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Ascent Advice and Counselling 15 Feb 2017

The project aims to provide support for women affected by DV/SV and prevent its escalation through individually tailored advice, support and therapeutic services to enable women to cope, recover and move to independence. We will provide four key service areas with a holistic delivery model providing initial response to VAWG as well as after care from IDVA services: - Advice, including legal support, through a hub and spoke model and inclusive of targeted support for BME women, those with NRPF and young and sexually exploited women as well as women with problematic substance use. We will provide a specialist focus on housing support with a dedicated housing support officer and access to safe accommodation. - One to one BACP accredited counselling delivered within each borough as well as counselling in over 20 languages provided by BME led by and for organisations. - Group work in all Boroughs and BME partner organisations to aid recovery and increase understanding of abuse. - Training including legal training to professionals and accredited VAWG training to volunteers and therapeutic training to clinicians. We will deliver a range of outcomes including increased safety, access to safe housing, legal support, reduced risk, improved mental/physical health and well-being, increased confidence/self-esteem and increased knowledge for service providers around DV/SV.

Amount: £5,700,952
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Solace Women's Aid

The ASCENT project (This stands for Amplifying, Supporting, Capacity building, Engaging, Networking, Training) 15 Feb 2017

ASCENT is part of the Pan London VAWG Consortium and will specifically address the long term sustainability needs of the provision of services to those affected by sexual and domestic violence (S&DV). It will improve the quality of such services across London, by providing a variety of services that includes sustainability, expert-led and accredited (assured) training, borough surgeries, seminars and special events, best practice briefings, BME networks for front-line staff from both voluntary and statutory services to improve service provision and ensure it meets the needs of service users. During this period ASCENT will develop a flexible on-line learning resource that will contribute to front line workers CPD and enhance the quality of VAWG services across London as well as a key local contacts directory. ASCENT will also draw on the wide and varied expertise of all its partners, and of those within the wider Pan London VAWG Consortium in order to meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. As a partnership, ASCENT will both model and promote the value of partnerships to service users, funders and commissioners.

Amount: £963,132
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Women's Resource Centre

PLUS Project 15 Feb 2017

To strengthen the homelessness sector (voluntary, public and private) to work more collaboratively. To bring sectors together to better understand, define and identify their role in preventing homelessness. To support frontline providers and commissioners to be responsive to changing patterns of need, policy, legislation and equalities issues. To build the capacity of frontline providers to improve service delivery and effectiveness and ultimately be more sustainable. With the ultimate aim of achieving improved outcomes for those at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Activities: o providing specialist advice, support, training and information o supporting and improving working relationships between the VCS, boroughs and landlords through forums o improving collaboration and communication between the homelessness, employment, domestic/sexual violence, substance use, and health sectors through relationship brokerage, bespoke support and peer networks o providing quality policy, law and research information identifying London specific impact and trends through briefings and bulletins o testing new models through special initiatives responding to the London specific context. Outcomes delivered: o Higher quality, more responsive and effective service delivery (measured against a baseline , and using an external evaluation) o More effective cross sector/priority collaboration to deliver more effective services o Improved and focussed response to prevention o Better evidence of successful creative interventions responsive to specific London context.

Amount: £480,956
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Homeless Link

Housing Advice, Resettlement and Prevention Connect 15 Feb 2017

St Mungo will deliver a Pan London Housing, Advice, Resettlement and Prevention (HARP) service to people who are or are at risk of homelessness, providing holistic intervention. Proposed activities: o A through-the-gate service, enabling people access to intervention and housing, promoting a smooth transition into communities. o A service which is flexible to the demand of need 'making each contact count', allocating specialist workers in each region who will work and receive referrals from probation/CRCs, local authorities, GPs and prisons in that region. o A Central Hub providing access to intervention for people through self-referral route o A Help-line for outside London Prisons and probation/CRCs discharging people returning to London. o Specialist intervention, advocacy and housing promoting the well-being and interests of individuals with protected characteristics, No recourse to public funds and complex needs inclusive of mental health and substance use. o A catalogue of services and private landlords within each borough to support better outcomes. o An emergency discretionary access fund to purchase small essential needs led resources for our clients, instigated by the project workers (such as fees relating to access to birth certificates, travel etc.) o Promotion of education, employment and volunteering, inclusive of peer volunteering opportunities. Proposed outcomes: o People housed, engaged in positive intervention and activities; sustaining their tenures in a safe environment.

Amount: £1,005,512
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: St Mungo Community Housing Association

DeafHope London 15 Feb 2017

DeafHope is the UK's only, award-winning, specialist service for Deaf female survivors of domestic abuse and violence, and their children. It is delivered by Deaf women for Deaf women, and is vastly more cost-effective than using Interpreters. The service also provides support to Deaf men, through advice and supported signposting. Caseworkers use British Sign Language and other international sign languages. The service is regularly assessed as 'outstanding' by London Councils' RAG rating. DeafHope London will deliver: o Specialist D/deaf referral for all London Borough Officers and IDVAs o IDVA and outreach 1-2-1 support for deaf women and young people o Prevention/early intervention workshops in schools/youth groups to boys and girls (Young DeafHope) o Psychological Therapy for clients with complex needs, anxiety and/or depression o Survivors' Workshops - Deaf-led support groups o British Sign Language (BSL) and other accessible information about domestic abuse for Deaf community o Deaf awareness training/support for London Borough Officers and mainstream domestic violence providers This will achieve all specification outcomes: o Reduced levels/ repeat victimisation of sexual and domestic violence o Improves wellbeing o Increases safety and independence o London Borough Officers and IDVAs have a quality Deaf referral route o Multi-agency providers have a better understanding of how to meet Deaf access o Supports BAMER, LGBT and Multiple Complex Needs Deaf women

Amount: £593,776
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: SignHealth

Stonewall Housing's LGBT Advice and Support Project 20 Feb 2013

Stonewall Housing provides the only homelessness advice service to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in London, thanks to funding from London Councils. Our aim is to build on the success of this service by developing a partnership approach with Shelter, AdviceUK's BME Advice Network and the Royal Association for Deaf People to ensure more LGBT people have improved access to the best advice and information to prevent homelessness and to find them suitable accommodation earlier. As part of this project, Stonewall Housing also developed an innovative pan-London tenancy sustainment service and group support programme designed specifically for LGBT people.

Amount: £695,036
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Stonewall Housing

London Youth Gateway (LYG) 20 Feb 2013

This partnership (New Horizon Youth Centre, Alone in London, Depaul UK and Stonewall Housing) is called London Youth Gateway (LYG) offered a collaborative and innovative single pathway approach to young people from every London borough to prevent youth homelessness and provide young people from protected characteristic groups access to the services they need to secure accommodation and sustain tenancies. Examples of delivery: Direct access to emergency accommodation; Quality supported accommodation and move on to young people including specifically BAME and LGBT groups; Specialist interventions working on mental health, gang violence, harassment, domestic abuse, family breakdown, debt and eviction; Advice service: one to one, by telephone and e-mail on housing, benefits, and legal support; Outreach into YOIs working to ensure young offenders are linked into housing, support and Family Mediation Services on release; Workshops in schools, youth centres and clubs with a focus on homeless prevention and dealing with conflict at home; Primary health care, counselling, substance misuse and access to primary health care.

Amount: £2,922,688
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: New Horizon Youth Centre

London Specialist Refuge Network - part of the pan-London VAWG Consortium 20 Feb 2013

London Specialist Refuge Network is a unique and innovative project providing Pan-London, specialist emergency accommodation and support service to vulnerable women and children affected by domestic/sexual violence who present with complex needs. The Network partnership consists of Ashiana Network, Solace Women's Aid and Nia; The Network provided dedicated, safe, temporary accommodation and work intensively with women to improve safety and enable them to exit violent/abusive relationships/situations. The services included: refuges for women with complex issues of violence and problematic substance use and women exiting prostitution, women with complex/mental health needs and women with no recourse to public funds. An outreach service supporting/enabling women with these needs to access other refuge accommodation, deliver training/awareness raising workshops at forums and agencies across London, focusing particularly on boroughs that have limited services.

Amount: £1,800,000
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Ashiana Network

Supporting & Strengthening the Impact of London's Refugee Community Organisations ('Supporting RCOs') 20 Feb 2013

Supporting & Strengthening the Impact of London's Migrant/Refugee Community Organisations ('Supporting MRCOs') is a two-year, second-tier training and capacity-building support project to enable London's frontline refugee/migrant community organisations to deliver services effectively to their client groups and engage with stakeholders (funders, policy-makers, strategic planners, potential partners) in local service delivery, as well as to advise and influence local authorities/statutory bodies/commissioners about best practice in engaging with MRCOs. It identified and shared best practice on how MRCOs and mainstream/statutory services can best engage with each other to facilitate equal access to services, improve understanding of the needs of MRCOs and work towards improving the quality of services they provide to refugees and asylum seekers.

Amount: £249,368
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: The Refugee Council

The Power Up project 20 Feb 2013

The 'Power Up' project is a new partnership between two leading Pan London Deaf and disabled people's organisations: Inclusion London (IL) and Transport for All (TfA). The project will deliver an innovative programme of business and capacity building support that will build the effectiveness and sustainability of disability sector organisations in order that they can survive and thrive and continue to meet the needs of disabled Londoners.

Amount: £1,120,000
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Inclusion London (formerly London Dea...

Fit 4 Purpose 20 Feb 2013

To support, inform, up-skill and network at least 400 voluntary and community organisations working with older people, across all London boroughs. To help them effectively manage income reductions by providing them with the knowledge and skills to broker partnerships, 'stay afloat' and most effectively serve their users. Help organisations reduce costs, smaller organisations to become funding free, and others to attract funding through relationship brokerage with local sources of financial and in-kind support. Social media training workshops to promote tools to improve communication, outreach, organisational presence and reduce costs. In addition, a wide range of practical support workshops helped organisations identify and pitch for funding. An online Knowledge Hub will provide information, research, spread best practice, support user consultation and provide equality and benchmarking tools to help organisations demonstrate impact. A suite of briefings will raise awareness of sector changes and highlight challenges and opportunities to organisations working with London's diverse older population .

Amount: £620,308
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Age UK London

Setting the standard of practice for domestic abuse for housing providers in London: DAHA 15 Feb 2017

The Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) is a partnership between three agencies who are leaders in innovation to address domestic abuse within housing; Standing Together Against Domestic Violence (STADV), Peabody and Gentoo. DAHA's mission is to transform the housing sector's response to domestic abuse (DA) through the introduction and adoption of an established set of standards and an accreditation process. STADV is submitting this bid on behalf of this partnership and will be solely responsible for the deliver of this grant. The key aim is to accelerate DAHA's ability to reach local authority housing and registered housing providers in London to support their standards of practice in relation to domestic abuse. This grant will enable DAHA to offer free workshops which reflect the DAHA accreditation standards, to provide training and to influence housing providers to undertake the DAHA accreditation. This ultimately will achieve early intervention for domestic abuse and better service and support to survivors of abuse and their children.

Amount: £355,908
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Standing Together Against Domestic Vi...

STAR Partnership (Supporting Tenancies, Accommodation and Reconnections) 15 Feb 2017

Shelter is leading the STAR Partnership (Supporting Tenancies, Accommodation and Reconnections), a specialist partnership with Thames Reach, Stonewall Housing and St Mungo's. Through this partnership the following will be provided: - An integrated multiple point of access for all users, enabling rapid response triage and advice. - London-wide targeted engagement and promotion to be relevant and accessible to key priority groups in all 33 boroughs. - Support for users to directly access the PRS and innovative housing solutions. - Assertive and targeted outreach direct to street homeless people especially in hotspots and encampments. - Safe and secure pathways into emergency accommodation. - Intensive support, including skills training, money management and housing advice to enable families and individuals to maintain their tenancy. - Personal resilience and independence planning to secure a long-term, healthy and happy home. - Real opportunities for work.

Amount: £4,013,980
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Shelter The National Campaign For Hom...

Women's Through the Gate and Advice Housing Support 20 Feb 2013

The service aims to prevent homelessness amongst London women serving short sentences, women leaving prison and returning to London, or to women with experience of the criminal justice system at risk of homelessness, or who make up part of the 'hidden homeless' in the Greater London area. A three tiered provision of support included, specialist advice to women on short sentences to enable them to maintain their tenancies, 'through the gate' in depth support to women with multiple vulnerabilities (substance use, domestic violence, mental health), and drop in specialist advice surgeries around housing, benefits and debt in both prison and the community. Specialist housing advice and support was provided to women on a range of issues including maintaining tenancies and utilities, debt advice, and basic living skills.

Amount: £345,504
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Women in Prison Ltd

London Connections 20 Feb 2013

The overall aim was to prevent people from London boroughs from becoming street homeless in Westminster by giving newly arrived people access to advice and other services to both reconnect them to their home area and to provide them with support services and alternative housing options where this process is not straightforward. The London Connections project provided assessment, referral, reconnection and advocacy for homeless people from all London boroughs who are arriving on the street or at our centre in Westminster. also engagement and skills training activities together with structured progression to training and employment. The project provided access to healthcare, food and hygiene services. Specialist services for BAMER and LGBT people, women, older people and those with mental health or other disabilities.

Amount: £846,820
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: The Connection at St Martin's

London Councils Homelessness Pan-London Umbrella Support (PLUS) Project 20 Feb 2013

Outcome 1 - Frontline organisations better able to deliver high quality housing provision support to the protected equalities groups and better able to deliver well informed specialist services, advice and specialist housing and social welfare advocacy and representation for and to the following: - Black, Asian, minority ethnic, refugee and migrant groups. - Women - Young and older people - Lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual groups. - Deaf and disabled groups. Outcome 2 - Frontline organisations better able to raise issues of housing discrimination and trends in housing provision for the above equalities groups strategically together and with boroughs through sharing good practice, knowledge and expertise. This included frontline organisations facilitated to contribute to information and data sharing on homelessness. Outcome 3 - Frontline organisations that support the protected equalities groups identified within this specification better able to secure funding and resources and to develop the capacity of their organisation. Outcome 4 - Frontline homelessness organisations better equipped to respond to the diversity of equalities needs

Amount: £598,140
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Homeless Link

Pan-London Domestic and Sexual Violence Helplines and Data Collection Project 15 Feb 2017

Through the National Domestic Violence Helpline expert Pan-London telephone, email and online support to victims of domestic and/or sexual violence and those supporting them; • Comprehensive data on London services facilitating immediate refuge referrals; • Collection, analysis and dissemination of data on the nature and usage of refuge and other provision and needs in London. The project will assist London boroughs directly through a dedicated refuge referral mechanism, plus informative data for improving services and better understanding needs, including provision of a 'heat map'. Routes to Support (formerly known as UKROL) is an integral part of this project, and the project will work with London Councils, MOPAC (Mayor's Officer for Policing and Crime) and borough stakeholders to ensure the maximum benefit is achieved from the range of data collected through the improved data analysis tools and resources that the project will implement going forward. The project will be committed to impactful liaison with London boroughs and promoting its services to all those who might benefit

Amount: £1,259,688
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Women's Aid Federation of England (Wo...

Ascent Ending Harmful Practices project 15 Feb 2017

The partnership will provide intensive support to 623 women and girls from BMER communities, across London affected by Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), 'Honour' Based Violence (HBV), Forced Marriages (FM), and other harmful practices within the spectrum of domestic and sexual violence, annually. Activities will include: 1) 1:1 advice and information on rights and entitlements: 2) casework and advocacy support which will include accompanying women to report crimes of violence to the police and housing departments, as well as accompanying women to court and advocating their needs to social services 3) therapeutic support groups and a counselling provision to 66 women 4) raising awareness of the impact of HBV, FM and FGM within communities and other voluntary and statutory agencies (not only BMER communities) through delivering workshops, training and presentations and 5) specific work with young women through the delivery of workshops to support peer mentoring and youth advocacy. These activities aim to improve service users' safety, self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing, as well as improving understanding of rights and options and uptake of other services in the domains of criminal justice, health, housing and employment training.

Amount: £1,280,000
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Asian Women's Resource Centre

London Councils pan-London VAWG Consortium Prevention Project 15 Feb 2017

Through specialist arts and drama workshops, this project builds on robust foundations established by the consortium's work funded by London Councils since 2013. Building on the momentum created to date, the project will establish Centres of Excellence in each borough, adding an enhanced stage to the existing project through a champion school programme. This enables us to reach more vulnerable young people and carry out more activities ultimately leading to whole school change. We will work with schools to identify targeted groups of young people at high-risk of experiencing abuse due to multiple disadvantage. The consortium will provide early intervention group work with these groups to decrease their vulnerability. Each school will receive support in developing effective policies to prevent domestic abuse and sexual bullying and respond to disclosures from students. Outcomes: Young people warn each other of abusive relationships, more young people challenge abusive behaviour safely and have the opportunity to comment on national policy and programmes of work.

Amount: £1,060,000
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Tender Education and Arts

The LGBT DAP (Domestic Abuse Partnership) 15 Feb 2017

The LGBT Domestic Abuse Partnership (DAP) will provide specialist support to over 500 LGBT victims of Domestic Violence annually. It is the only pan London multi-agency domestic violence service for LGBT people. It will deliver a joined-up service enabling vulnerable LGBT survivors, who face barriers to accessing support, to quickly access comprehensive, specialised support tailored to their needs. As the lead partner in the DAP, Galop will: Build links with borough based services to raise awareness of LGBT domestic abuse and improve referrals pathways; provide specialist one-to-one DV advocacy, and through the National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline provide specialist telephone, email advice and support to victims 5 days a week, referring London callers into the DAP. Stonewall Housing will provide housing advice and advocacy to DV victims at risk of homelessness, or with housing support needs. London Friend provides counselling and group support. Switchboard provides additional support through a helpline open 7 days per week and sign-posting into DAP services. The DAP has consistently delivered outcomes that improve the safety and wellbeing of LGBT survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Victims receive help navigating the criminal justice system and accessing specialist support aimed at reducing risk and repeat victimisation.

Amount: £585,272
Funder: London Councils
Recipient: Galop