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The Lion Badminton Club 22 Apr 2004

The Lion Clubs opens 4 evenings a weeka nd offers the young people of Hackney a wide range of sporting and social educational activities. These include boxing for boys and girls, boxercise, football, badminton, basketball, snooker, pool, table and much more Badminton post and nets £160, 20 badminton racquets £170, 10 tubes of shuttlecocks £130, tutor 80 hours @ £20 per hour, trophies and medals £200, contribution to running costs £800

Drama Workshop 22 Apr 2004

This community theatre group are planning to run a six month tour of a drama workshop exploring the issue of violence against women by men they know to womens groups in Hackney and Tower Hamlets. Two facilitators and the director will receive training from Hackney Womens Aid on this issue.

Drumming and Dance Workshops 22 Apr 2004

Tribal connection aims to promote African art and culture to achieve racial harmony. They set up musical tituions projects, dance workshops, cultural exchange, poetry, storytelling, stage musical and dance performances

Amount: £4,975
Funder: The National Lottery Community Fund
Recipient: Tribal Connection
Region: London
District: Hackney London Boro

Set up of a junior section cricket club 22 Apr 2004

This cricket team want to set up a junior section in it s club to encourage local schools and youngsters to develop their skills and go forth to play for other teams. 2 coaches x 2 hrs x 36wks x #15 ph (#2160), Hall hire @ #25 x 2 hrs x 1 day x 36 wks (#1800), Kit (#150), Hardball equipment (#170)

Stock Newington Cricket School 22 Apr 2004

This cricket club is applying funding for after school and community outreach programme. Outreach of 3 school clubs at #10/h x 3h x 36wks (#1080), Holiday programme , including coach training at #20 with senior coach and #10 with 2 junior coach x 20days x 4h (#1600), Hall hire at #50 x 36wks, Books and coaching guides etc (#300), Kit for young coaches (#220).

Homework club 22 Apr 2004

This homework club would like funds to implement PQASSO, the Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations. PQASSO professional fees (#5,000)

Fitness classes 22 Apr 2004

The purpose of this group is to create a healthy lifestyle programme for Jewish women allowing them to increase fitness, learn about healthy eating & improve their quality of life. They would like funds to broaden their brief & start to run fitness, walking, circuit training & aerobics classes for girls, boys & men in the community, as they cannot access regular sports sessions because of their religion's need for segregated sessions.

Equipment and office furniture 22 Apr 2004

This group provides free and confidential information, advice, representation and advovacy to the Tobago community members in matters such as Housing, welfare rights, education, training, career opportunities, employment health

Set up cost of office and activities 22 Apr 2004

This organisation started in April 2003 to provide a drop-in day centre for Congolese women resident in the UK. An award would pay for start-up costs. Day centre material and publicity (£1200); Rent (£1440); Computer and printer (£800); Consumables (£360); Volunteer expenses and travel (£750); Professional indemnity insurance (£450).

Workshops to develop skills 22 Apr 2004

This group runs a unique programme of arts workshops for mental health service users & staff at Homerton Hospital in Hackney. Expanding weekly workshops to new participants with classes in watercolours, acrylic painting, stencilling, monoprint, pastels, charcoal, collage, still life, figure drawing, and colour & composition. The best work produced by each participant will be selected for the East Wing and on public exhibition in the City of London prior to forming the permanent collection.

Recreation and leisure for Orthodox Jewish disabled children 11 May 2004

Step By Step is a self-help organisation led by the parents of disabled children. The project will work specifically with disabled youngsters from Orthodox Jewish backgrounds as research shows that there is a lack of provision available in Hackney for this community, even though it makes up a significant proportion of the local population. It is also a community that traditionally has large families and poverty can be common.

Amount: £59,966
Funder: The National Lottery Community Fund
Recipient: Step by Step London
Region: London
District: Hackney London Boro

Fittings and equipment for 65-bed Hospice 11 May 2004

St Joseph's Hospice, an operating division of The Religious Sisters of Charity Charitable Trust, is redeveloping the main hospice wing. The new wing, although similar in bed-space numbers, is much bigger in physical size, allowing for significantly higher standards of clinical care as well and improved facilities for family/community involvement with patients. It will give greater choice and flexibility, enabling more patients to die in the place of their choice.

Workshops with students from Hackney's 21 May 2004

Seven Seven is an artist-run organisation which aims to foster participation and enjoyment of the arts by providing exhibitions, educational programme accessible to the members of the local community who can explore art. They seek funding to run 9 workshops over three weeks for students from Hackney?s B6 Form College who will work with artist from 'The Dream Factory'. a professional interactive photographic studio visiting Seven Seven.

Purchase equipment 21 May 2004

This football club aims to annually take 30 children and young people off the streets of Hackney and give them something to look forward to. With this application they seek funding for equipment for the club, training venue, and coaching. Football pitch hire at £20/h x 2/wk x 30wks (£1200), Coahing at £15 x 2 coahes x 30wks (£1800), Equipment (£900).

London International Animation Festival 21 May 2004

This groups aim is to organise and run an annual international animation festival which will screen 100-20 of the worlds best and most recent and short feature-length animated films from up to 25 countries . Within this 6 day festival there will be specialised screening and retrospectives from counties that have a rich tradition of producing animation.

First year office rent 21 May 2004

This organisation will provide services and activities to promote welfare of African communities in London, in particular for the benefit of Rwandese families. Training for members and volunteers will be provided and an extensive consultation pilot with Rwandese youth so that the organisation can set up a programme of structured activities to develop and increase their confidence, participation and awareness of their culture.

Videos on emotional learning 21 May 2004

The project was successfully piloted using a group member's own equipment, and this grant will enable more work to be carried out on a more suatainable basis. The films are made by children and develop their skills in interviewing and film-making, as well as their understanding of the issues being covered. A range of workshops and play therapy sessions will be filmed and compliment the video as a means of developing the children's coping mechanisms.

Amount: £4,900
Funder: The National Lottery Community Fund
Recipient: A Space
Region: London
District: Hackney London Boro

African Disabled Refugee Week Celebration 21 May 2004

This organisation has been set up to provide advice, information and activities for disabled people from Africa. The award will be used to pay for a celebration event involving members and their families. There will also be outings.

Coaching at Youth Clubs 21 May 2004

This cricket club want to provide cricket coaching for 6 youth clubs in the N16 and N17 areas. The coaching will run for two hours per week per club. The group will also arrange a spring summer competition for local youth and community groups as well as arranging a league for the teams. Youth leaders and volunteers will be offered coaching courses for the long term sustainability of the teams and the leagues.

Tackling health inequalities among refugee groups 14 Jun 2004

This South Sudanese group, provide advice services and activities to Refugees and Asylum seeker._x000B__x000B_They plan to used the award during the Refugee Week, organising seminars/ workshops to raise awareness about chronic health issues such as Diabetes, HIV/Aids prevention, Alcohol, Drugs and smoking also mental health issues including depression and isolation.