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01 Jan 2000
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26 Dec 2000
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Amount: £250
Recipient: KIDS
Region: London
Amount: £100
Recipient: Get Kids Going
tools & equipment
Towards tools and equipment for the stained glass and mosaic work classes.
Amount: £1,401
Recipient: Girls Workshop
computers for elderl
Towards a computer for older people in the Wester Hailes area of Edinburgh
Amount: £750
Recipient: Dove Centre
Region: Scotland
District: City of Edinburgh
clown doctors
To support a clown doctor to help children cope with their illness in London hospitals.
Amount: £2,500
Region: London
train teachers
To fund teachers from other schools to train alongside Soundabout staff with pupils in music making techniques with profoundly disabled children.
Amount: £1,000
Recipient: Soundabout
Region: South Central
Towards equipment for blind children in mainstream schools in Bromley.
Listening Post
Towards the Listening Post, a counselling service for young people.
Amount: £700
Region: North West
District: Liverpool District
toddler group
Towards the parent run toddler group.
Amount: £1,000
Recipient: Community Zone
Region: London
stimulating playarea
Towards a stimulating play area for local children and an outdoor meeting place for use by the community.
Amount: £500
Region: Scotland
Towards equipment for local disadvantaged children and young people.
Amount: £1,000
Region: Scotland
District: City of Edinburgh
Production of Macbet
Towards a production of Macbeth
Amount: £500
Region: South West
District: Cornwall
new training centre
This is a conditional grant for the new training centre in Kidlington.
Amount: £1,000
Region: South Central
District: Cherwell District
rebuilding hospice
Towards rebuilding the hospice.
Amount: £2,000
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District
General funds
Toward general funds.
holidays for disable
Towards a holiday for disabled children/young people and their carers.
Amount: £400
Recipient: Stockdales
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
transport costs
Towards transport costs for summer outings.
play activities
Towards creative play activities for disadvantaged primary school children during the school holiday s in Powys, Wales.
Amount: £2,000
Region: Wales
District: Powys - Powys