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01 Jan 2001
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15 Dec 2001
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accommodation & acti
Towards accommodation and activities costs for disadvantaged children in Oxfordshire.
Towards conference
Towards conference on bullying
Amount: £25,000
Recipient: Childline
Region: London
Towards therapy
Towards covering therapy to help with mental health problems including depression, eating disorders, phobias, anxiety and self-harming for refugees and those from an ethnic minority background
Amount: £2,000
Region: London
Continuation grant
Continuation grant for the Citizenship & Crime project
Amount: £2,000
Region: London
Towards salaries
Towards salaries for the Parenting Support Programme
Parenting Programme
Towards running Parenting Programme for Parents of Teenagers
Amount: £4,950
Region: London
District: Brent London Boro
Family Connections
Running costs of the Family Connections programme throughout Oxfordshire
Amount: £5,000
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District
Nat Video Archive
National Video Archive of Performance Education Pack
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Theatre Museum
Towards festival
Towards forthcoming festival
Amount: £1,000
Region: London
Exclusion Project
Final grant approved for third year of project targeted at pupils under threat of exclusion
Communicator Button
Towards Communicator Button Project for children with speech communication problems
Development Programm
Towards Quality Development Programme which aims to improve the standards of vehicle-based work with travelling families and their children
Amount: £5,000
Region: South West
District: City of Bristol
Sanctuary Appeal
Towards St Mungo's Sanctuary Appeal for work with the older homeless
Research fellowship
Towards a fellowship to carry out research into a cure for deafness
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: Defeating Deafness
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro
Earthquake in India
Earthquake in India
Amount: £100
Recipient: Sense
Region: London
Donation for educational purposes.
Phase 2 restoration
Towards Phase 2 of the restoration programme
Amount: £1,000
Summer holiday sport
Towards summer holidays sports/activities play scheme for disadvantaged children.
Summer school
Towards a Performing Arts Summer School in August for 8-15 year olds.
General funds
Towards general funds to help British and Russian voluntary organisations work together to combat social deprivation and human needs
Amount: £1,000
Recipient: Bearr Trust
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro