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05 Apr 2004
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15 Dec 2020
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Grant to Donemana Culture Association
1st World War - Exploring our heritage in Donemana & North Tyrone
Grant to Claudy Rural Development Ltd
Cregg Mills Industrial Heritage Project
Grant to Caw/Nelson Drive Action Group
Caw Community Centenary Celebrations Project
Grant to Enagh Youth Forum
World War Two in Derry (WII) 'An Active Learning Project for Young People'
Amount: £35,800
Recipient: Enagh Youth Forum
District: Derry and Strabane
Grant to St Columb's Diocesan Trust
Church of the Sacred Heart, Plumbridge
Amount: £751,900
Recipient: An Gaelaras
District: Derry and Strabane
Grant to Destined Ltd
The Meenglas Project
Amount: £39,000
Recipient: Destined Ltd
District: Derry and Strabane
Grant to The Nerve Centre
Reimagine, Remake, Replay
Amount: £949,600
Recipient: The Nerve Centre
District: Derry and Strabane
Grant to The Bloody Sunday Trust
Heritage and Programmes Development
Grant to St Columb's Cathedral, Londonderry
Restoring historical art for public display
Grant to The Woodland Trust
Faughan Valley’s ancient woodland - from fragments to thriving forests
Amount: £544,500
Recipient: The Woodland Trust
District: Derry and Strabane
Grant to Derry City and Strabane District Council
EYCH18 Walls Alive 400 - Bringing the Walls to life through Augmented Reality
Grant to Derg Parish Church Castlederg
Derg Parish Church Renovation Phase 2
Grant to Friends of St Columbs Cathedral
Remembering Derry's role in the First World War
Grant to St Columbs Diocesan Trust
Essential repairs and maintenance to a listed place of worship (St Eugene’s, Derry)