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02 Jun 1998
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18 Mar 2021
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Inland/Inshore Rescue Boat Fund scheme
To support rescue boat charities search and rescue operations and improve response capability
Amount: £19,467
Recipient: Nith Inshore Rescue
Region: Scotland
The Hub Dumfries And Galloway
Detailed information not available.
Towards youth groups from low income families in Wigtownshire
Towards youth groups from low income families during the summer holidays in Wigtownshire.
Amount: £200
Region: Scotland
Towards a residential trip for young people at risk of suicide
Towards a residential trip for young people at risk of suicide.
Amount: £1,000
Recipient: Soul Soup
Region: Scotland
Donkey Welfare
To provide the best possible care for the safety and wellbeing of the donkeys at FRED during the winter months. We would achieve this by a grant to cover feed cost, bedding costs and a sessional worker.
Running Costs
Help with running cost for the Wildlife Hospital
Grant to Alcohol and Drugs Support South West Scotland
Minibus for a charity which works with alcohol and drugs misusers in Dumfriesshire
Grant to The Food Train
over two years to support the development of a Scottish charity supporting older people to live independently at home through a variety of regional support services
Amount: £65,000
Funder: The Tudor Trust
Recipient: The Food Train
Region: Scotland
Grant to The Food Train
over three years to support financial remodelling, digital development and the extension beyone Scotland of Food Train's work supporting older people's ability to live independently
Amount: £120,000
Funder: The Tudor Trust
Recipient: The Food Train
Region: Scotland
Repair award to DUNSCORE, Dunscore Parish Church
Rectify water penetration that has occurred through the walls, roof and around the windows and restoration of damaged internal plaster work. Also some internal reconfiguration.
Amount: £10,000
Region: Scotland
Partnership award to GATEHOUSE OF FLEET, St Mary's Episcopal Church
Remove and restore 6 painted and leaded windows including repairing existing timber frames and stonework.
Dumfries & Galloway Carers Centre
This application is for funding to enable a 4 day course to be provided to staff to aid staff development, build staff resilience and further develop emotional intelligence. Carers Centre staff endeavour to provide a service based on our core values, see above: Over the last few years the service has become increasingly busy with increasing numbers of Carers. Last year support was provided to over 1400 individual Carers and Young Carers with 725 of these being new to the service. In turn the complexity of the cases that staff are dealing with has increased and this puts added pressure on the staff. In preparation of for the Carers Act implementation prior to April 2018 all staff have completed Good Conversations training and more recently training on Psychological Approaches to providing One to One Support. The organisation would like to invest in the staff skills and competencies by providing a 4 day course over a 6-9 month period to assist staff to further develop skills for managing the stresses and anxieties of working life as well as techniques for developing resilience and managing healthy relationships. The course will also be supportive to the Carers that are employed with us and those that will become Carers in the future while employed with the service. The course outline is below: Day 1: Awareness & Automatic Pilot and Living in our Heads • Recognising the tendency to be on automatic pilot and getting lost in rumination • Noticing the chatter of the mind and how the chatter tends to control our reactions to service users, colleagues and workplace events/situations Day 2: Gathering the Scattered Mind & Recognising Aversion • Becoming familiar with behaviour of the Mind working away in the background to complete unfinished work tasks and striving for work based future goals • Developing the skill of 'coming back' to the task in hand by seeing more clearly what 'takes us away', distracts us • Recognising when we try to cling to jobs and avoid other jobs Day 3: Allowing and Letting Be & Thoughts are not Facts • Relating differently to experiences by bringing a sense of allowing and letting be, without judging or trying to make it different • Bringing an attitude of acceptance which is a major part of taking care of oneself • Realising that our thoughts are just thoughts and that the same pattern of thought recur again and again Learning to stand back from our thoughts and see them as passing states of mind, negative thinking as distorted products of those mind states and reducing stress. Day 4: How can I best take care of myself and Maintaining and Extending New Learning • Using skilful action to take care of ourselves in the face of stress and anxiety. • Learning how to respond more promptly and effectively to stress/anxiety (both in the workplace and home) by learning to recognise our personal pattern of warning signs • Maintaining a balance in work and life • Preparing for the future "what do I do when I notice early warning signs?"
Grant to Galloway Static Gear Fishermen's Association
Grant funding to provide Personal Floatation Devices and Personal Locator Beacons to members of the Galloway Static Gear Fishermen's Association in Scotland.
Amount: £1,890
Funder: Seafarers UK
Region: Scotland
Grant to University of the West of Scotland
Merit Award of *** per annum for 5 years made to one fellow at the School of Engineering and Computing under the Wolfson Royal Society Research Merit Awards. Wolfson Foundation contributing *** (50% of total cost)
Amount: £0
Region: Scotland
Grant to Kirkcudbright Development Trust
Kirkcudbright Dark Skies Visitor Centre and Planetarium
Amount: £250,000
Region: Scotland
Grant to Wigtownshire Foodbank
Additional hours for Foodbank Manager
Amount: £42,699
Recipient: Apex Scotland
Region: Scotland
Grant to Dumfriesshire Foodbank
new p/t food bank manager position
Amount: £40,795
Region: Scotland
Grant to Dumfries & Galloway Council
Youth enquiry service's 20th anniversary: The YEStory
Grant to Southern Uplands Partnership
Where’s Wildlife in Ayrshire? Local people and wildlife recording in southwest Scotland