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13 Jul 1999
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24 Feb 2021
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Deafblind Scotland
Detailed information not available.
Hillhead Housing Association 2000
Detailed information not available.
stimulating playarea
Towards a stimulating play area for local children and an outdoor meeting place for use by the community.
Amount: £500
Region: Scotland
Costs for residential events
Towards costs for residential events for disadvantaged/looked after young people
Residential events in Lenzie, Scotland
Towards 10 young people who are looked after/accommodated by their local authority to attend residential events in Lenzie
Towards residential events in Lenzie, Glasgow
Towards residential events in Lenzie, Glasgow for disadvantaged children, many of whom have been in care.
Community Circles
The Community Circles project aims to develop communities to become deafblind aware so they have the capacity to enable deafblind people to reengage and participate in their community’s social activities
Amount: £18,000
Recipient: Deafblind Scotland
Region: Scotland
Lenzie Academy
To buy 2 trampolines and associated safety equipment. To pay for training of staff.
Amount: £2,500
Recipient: Lenzie Academy
Region: Scotland
Carers Link East Dunbartonshire
Carers Link provides a range of support services to carers, tailored to each person's needs at any particular time. One aspect of this support is 'Carers Call', an essential telephone support service providing emotional support to 551 carers (this year so far) over the phone. Talking with others is a fundamental part of our lives, but caring for someone can be an isolating experience. Carers Call addresses both the social isolation, and the need for information and support. This peer support service is delivered by nearly 30 of our volunteers - most of whom were carers - and managed by our Volunteer Coordinator. Sometimes the sheer amount of time and energy that carers dedicate to their caring role means that the carer can forget they are important too. The volunteers call to suit the carer, varying from weekly to 3-monthly. They build a relationship with the carer, making sure the conversation is focussed on them, and not the person that they care for. The volunteers answer any questions the carer might have about their caring role, and can refer the question to staff if the carer needs in depth support or advocacy. The relationship between the carer and volunteer means that Carers Call acts as a monitoring service, and the volunteer can spot early signs of increased stress or an impending crisis, worsening or breakdown of the caring role. They are also able to highlight any changes in the carers own health and wellbeing. The data collected for the Carers Census has highlighted the fact that at least 25% of the carers we support are parent carers and 31% were adult carers i.e. aged between 18-64. Given these demographics and our experience of delivering the service, we know that many of these carers work and so find it difficult to speak about their caring role over the phone during the day. We therefore seek funding via the CATS Fund to test whether offering Carers Call via digital communication will mean that more carers are able to engage with the service, and receive support that they would not otherwise have been able to access. This pilot will test the use of Skype or FaceTime, Live Chat, Click Meeting as well as traditional e-mail. To achieve this, we would like to replace the 8 PCs currently used by the Carers Call volunteers with new Windows 10 Pro PCs and install MS Office 2016 Standard. At present, the computers used by volunteers are the oldest within the organisation – almost 10 years old. These computers use Windows 7, have low levels of operating RAM and whilst sufficient for reading and typing in Microsoft Office Word are unable to cope with much more, certainly not the capacity required for online and digital communication. SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT GIVING FULL DETAILS OF DELIVERY PHASES
Grant to Deafblind Scotland
IT suite and recording facilities in Learning and Development Centre, Glasgow
Amount: £65,000
Recipient: Deafblind Scotland
Region: Scotland
Grant to East Dunbartonshire Foodbank
Assistant manager and suppport worker
Amount: £33,849
Region: Scotland
Grant to Twechar Community Action
Twechar - An Oral History of a Pit Village
Amount: £48,600
Region: Scotland
Grant to Archdiocese of Glasgow
Holy Family and St Ninian’s Church, Glasgow
Amount: £112,900
Region: Scotland
Grant to New College Lanarkshire
Tenement Life, Glasgow's Heritage
Amount: £10,000
Region: Scotland
Grant to Glasgow HF Outdoor Club Centenary
Glasgow HF Outdoor Club Centenary 1917-2017
Grant to STAND International
Remember When.....The time before Beveridge
Amount: £9,700
Recipient: STAND International
Region: Scotland
Grant to East Dunbartonshire Council
Kirkintilloch Town Hall Renewal Project
Amount: £708,100
Region: Scotland
Grant to New College Lanarkshire
Brothers Behind Bars: HMP Low Moss explores the experiences of the Great War's conscientious objectors
Amount: £10,000
Region: Scotland
Grant to St Marys Parish Church of Scotland Kirkintilloch
St Mary's Parish Church of Scotland Kirkintilloch restoration project