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05 Apr 2004
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10 Nov 2020
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Grant to Lagan College
Project 28 - Lagan Colleges critical part in the heritage of integrated education
Amount: £78,800
Recipient: Lagan College
Grant to Lagan Valley Orange Historical Society
Recalling names, occasions and places from the past
Grant to Lisburn Memorials Trust
A scheme of conservation to memorials commemorating Huguenot and Linen families located at Lisburn Cathedral
Grant to Hillsborough Old Guard
Lest We Forget (Exhibition of Photographs, Personal Archives and Miltalia, re-enactment and reminiscence)
Grant to Loch Mór Dál gCais
Crew Hill and Brian Boru heritage programme
Grant to Lisburn Temperance Junior Constitution
"Lest Our Youth Forget" We are determined to further educate & explain WWI
Grant to Historic Royal Palaces
Hillsborough Castle: opening doors, exploring stories, inspiring the future - for everyone
Grant to Britannia Heritage Society
Lisburn Mechanics LOL 557: From Lisnagarvey to Flanders Fields
Grant to Lisburn Orange Hall Management Committee
Feasibility study on the regeneration of Lisburn Orange Hall
Grant to Ulster Aviation Society
Ulster Aviation Society: 50 Years
Grant to Co-operation Ireland
Inform transform and re-imagine youth project
Grant to Lagan Navigation Trust
EYCH18 One For The Heart Pilot
Grant to Kilwarlin Moravian Church
"Recovering Zula's Hallow": The Ancient Battlefield terrain as a Garden at Kilwarlin Moravian Church
Grant to R-Space Gallery CIC
Linen Biennale: recalling the past, rethinking the present, reforming the future of our linen heritage
Conduct a Community Audit
The group provides facilities and activities for education, recreation and social welfare within the local community. The award will allow the group to ascertain community needs by carrying out a community audit.
Summer Festival
This umbrella group provides information and support for local groups. The award will assist it in running a three day summer festival for the local community.