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17 Oct 2017
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09 Sep 2020
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Grant to REACT Reconciliation, Education And Community Training
This project will provide emotional support to young people affected by mental health issues. Through a programme of group work and team building activities it will improve life skills, teach coping mechanisms and offer a safe place for making friends.
Grant to Via Wings
This project will offer inclusive play opportunities for children with learning difficulties and their peers. Through fun and creative activities it will encourage imagination, social interaction, coping skills and a place for new friendships to develop.
Amount: £18,860
Recipient: Via Wings
Grant to Clonmore Youth Club
Children living in rural areas can become socially isolated during the summer months. This project will offer summer camps and a well being programme to these children, helping them to build friendships, gain confidence, keep active and have fun.
Amount: £30,000
Recipient: Clonmore Youth Club
Grant to St Marys Youth Centre
This summer scheme will provide young people living in an area of deprivation with a range of fun activities, team games, arts and crafts, and outdoor educational trips, that will develop relationships, build self esteem and improve life skills.
Amount: £18,216
Grant to Links Counselling Service Ltd
This project will provide play therapy, counselling and wellbeing workshops for children experiencing mental health issues. This empowering work will encourage the children to develop coping strategies, to handle their emotions, and to grow in confidence.
Grant to Laurencetown Lenaderg & Tullylish Comm Assn
This project will work with young people on the autism spectrum through group work and activities it will develop skills, encourage good physical health and positive wellbeing.
Grant to Barnardo's NI
The project will provide a programme of peer support and coaching for children and young people with learning difficulties, improving self-esteem, resilience, communication and social skills; andsupporting independence and decision-making.
Amount: £105,735
Recipient: Barnardo's NI
Grant to Via Wings
COVID19 - Through the expansion of afterschools sessions, sensory and outdoor play, this project will support the re-engagement of children socially isolated as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Amount: £18,560
Recipient: Via Wings