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10 Jun 2004
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21 Jan 2021
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Portadown Royal British Legion
The Portadown Branch of the Royal British Legion will use their award to hold a 60th Anniversary Military Tattoo. This event will include band displays, dancers, military vehicles and a Air force fly past.
Exhibition of war time memorabilia and Variety Concert
Craigavon Borough Council will use their award to organise two main activities to commemorate the 60th anniversary, the first will be a three day exhibition of war time memorabilia, and this will be followed by a 'Good Old Days Variety' Concert. The events will be put on for the general public including veterans and schoolchildren.
Trip to Edinburgh Castle
Banbridge 50 plus group will use their award to commemorate WW2 by visiting Edinburgh Castle and the War Museum in Glasgow.
Exhibition and Drama Production
The Laurencetown Summer Scheme have been awarded a grant to carry out a number of activities in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of WW2 and their community's contribution to the war effort. They will produce and drama production and accompanying booklet, produce a photographic and memorabilia exhibition, produce a DVD and Video of the events, carry out a cookery demonstration of food during the time, undertake a War Years Vehicle Rally and also a fashion show of hair, makeup and fashion of the era.
Centre for Alternative Technology: Bringing The Future Forward (Phase 2)
The project will upgrade and update current displays and add multi-sensory exhibits and interactives to Energy and Power, Waste and Recycling and their Whole Home display. Their objective is to make visitors understand the environmental impact of their own activities and encourage them to make changes to their daily lifestyles.
Amount: £409,979
Region: Wales
District: Powys - Powys
Fashion, fancy dress and community evening
This group will use their award to undertake several activities relating to the 60th anniversary of the Second World War. Three craft classes will bring children and adults together to produce a 'Wall Hanging' with the theme of evacuees; this will be put on display in local libraries. Two veterans will visit a local secondary school to share their war experiences and show artefacts to the children.
IIWW reminiscence
Forever Young Club in Portadown have been awarded a grant to enable them to carry out WW2 reminicence/story-telling and undertake an educational trip to London to visit places of importance during WW2 including the Imperial War Museum. The experiences will be passed on to a local creative writing group to be published.
Educational Trip
The Bannside Scribblers in Portadown have been awarded a grant to enable them to go on an educational trip to the Scottish National War Museum as part of their 60th Anniversary commemoration project. The result of the visit will be a publication entitled 'Auntie Babs War Time Stories' which will include a selection of poems/stories about WW2 which have been produced by the group.
Street Party/Community Event
A project to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of WW2 with a parade of military vehicles and a street party for the benefit of residents of Newtown, Powys.
Amount: £20,000
Region: Wales
District: Powys - Powys
There is no project name available for this record
Prosiect i barhau a datblygu gwasanaeth eirioli un i un/ eiriolaeth argyfwng i bobl ag anawsterau dysgu yn Sir Frycheiniog a Sir Faesyfed. Mae'r grant dros gyfnod o flwyddyn i rannol ariannu cyflogau Cyfarwyddwr a Rheolwr, rhent, costau rhedeg cyffredinol, hyfforddiant a chostau teithio, a chostau gwybodaeth ac offer.
Amount: £38,219
Region: Wales
District: Powys - Powys
Four day Second World War celebration
This formally constituted group would use an award to hold a variety of events including war veterans and local school children to commemorate Second World War in June 2005. Events will consist of a IIWW art competition and research project by Drumadonnell Primary School. This will be followed by a themed concert, dance and vehicle rally display. A firework display and church remembrance service will complete the celebrations.
IIWW Reminiscences and workshops
This grant will enable the group to hold Second World War workshops and to take an educational trip to the Scottish National War Memorial.
Variety of events celebrating IIWW
This formally constituted group would use an award to hold a variety of events in 2005 to commemorate the Second World War. There will be a series of reminiscence sessions held in the local Primary School with local veterans recalling their experiences and children competing in a themed art competition. Students will collect recollections of the veterans and the event will be recorded on video. A home front tea dance with period costume and forties music will also take place.
Pendarren House OEC - Bungalow Conversion and High Ropes Course
Pendarren House is a residential outdoor adventure centre in Wales owned and operated by London Borough of Haringey, which provides outdoor adventure experience to 1700 primary, secondary and special school pupils from Haringey schools each year. This project is to convert an on-site residential bungalow, improving accessibility and creating a stand-alone residential facility that will enable users with disabilities to stay at the site, and to build a new high-ropes course in the grounds of the centre.
Amount: £226,344
Region: Wales
District: Powys - Powys
SELB - Their Past Your Future
Sixteen primary and four post primary schools will be supported in projects examining the impact of WWII on local people and their areas. Students will be encouraged to examine how the experiences of the war has been commemorated in their own locality and explore the reasons why this is still important today. Some schools will work with veterans to present and record experiences and 2 schools will cevelop on-line archives which can be used for future generations.
Gwernyfed High School - Playing Fields
Powys County Council will provide two new grass pitches, an athletics track and a long jump pit at Gwernyfed High School. The main aim of the project is to provide suitable on-site playing fields at the school, as currently pupils have to be transported 3 miles to access suitable facilities. This will enable a significant increase in teaching time. Activities will include rugby, football, hockey and athletics. There will be 715 beneficiaries from the site school, and 743 from other schools.
Amount: £371,156
Region: Wales
District: Powys - Powys
Polymeric Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) with Floodlights
The funding requested by St Francis Primary School is for the installation of a polymeric MUGA (30m x 40m) with floodlighting. The primary beneficiaries of the project will be the 738 pupils who attend St Francis Primary School, up to 300 pupils from 5 neighbouring schools, and 6 local sporting organisations with a cumulative membership of 2000. The new MUGA will address inadequate PE facilities within the school and provide a welcomed resource that can be accessed by the wider community.
Pitch Development - St Colmans Primary School, Banbridge
Grant scheme funding will enable St Colman's Primary School, Annaclone, Banbridge to drain, level, resurface and reseed an existing football field (60m x 30m), erect fencing and ball stop fencing to create a pitch suitable for use throughout the year. The enhanced facility will introduce new sports, extend and develop games skills for the 81 pupils at the school and for 181 other school users from three other primary schools.
Fair Hill Primary School - Fenced & Floodlit MUGA & Equipment Store
The project will develop a polymeric multi-use games area (60m x 30m) complete with fencing, floodlighting and equipment store at Fairhill PS, Kinallen. The facility will increase pupils PE time from 1 hour to 2 hours per week, widen the range of sports activities currently available and significantly enhance extra-curricular activities. The primary beneficiaries of the project will be the 191 pupils at the school along with pupils from 6 other local primary schools and an estimated 450 commuity users.
Transfer From Consortium Route CA/2/010051226
The grant will be used to create 24 after school and 24 holiday places for children aged between 4 - 11 years old by creating one new provision in Armagh. 3 local schools will be served.