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01 Sep 2017
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01 Oct 2017
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A person-centred approach, working with referred young people who are outside statutory services. Together, developing and supporting their wishes for their future lives through one-to-one and group work to overcome barriers, develop essential skills, re-engage with statutory services, education and their communities, enabling them to move into/closer to employment.
Amount: £20,200
Region: Wales
District: Powys - Powys
Actif Woods Wales
Actif Woods Wales provides woodland activities for health and wellbeing in 7 locations across Wales. Activities will include walking, outdoor gym, bushcraft, conservation skills, ecology, arts and crafts, mindfulness. Participants will improve their health, gain new skills, and progress towards further opportunities, either volunteering or jobs.
Amount: £332,745
Region: Wales
District: Powys - Powys