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Breaking Barriers 18 Jan 2017

This project is the delivery of cultural workshops which will encourage people from different cultural communities to gain a greater understanding of the cultures that surround them, with the aim of developing cohesion.

Dance, Film & Photography-a community health & wellbeing project! 01 Feb 2017

The funding will be used to run dance and movement workshops for people of all ages with varying disabilities, ending in a community performance that will be recorded on DVD. The project aims to provide people with the opportunity to participate in Hull City of Culture 2017 activities, in order to reduce social isolation and promote wellbeing.

Oakfield Open Access Hub 11 Jan 2017

The school will deliver after school activities for children and young people with social and emotional difficulties, to include sports leadership and health and wellbeing workshops. This will encourage physical exercise, with the aim of reducing obesity and antisocial behaviour.

'Supporting Homeless to Have a Healthier Life' 01 Mar 2017

This project will improve the quality of life and increase employment prospects for homeless people through the provision of meals, the opportunity to engage with other people, and work experience activities on the farm.

The Work Place 24 Mar 2017

The project aims to support people of the working age with mental health conditions who want to work but have lost hope of finding employment. Individuals will be put in control so they become experts in their own self-care, discover personal strengths and use them to develop their ambitions. The support offered will be individually tailored, with the choice to choose between different routes to employment including action planning, self-employment support, and mental health management at work.

Diversity, Colours and Heritage: Hull's Families to the Rescue of thei 18 Jan 2017

This project is the delivery of cultural workshops for people of mixed heritage of all ages. This will enable people to gain a greater understanding of their ancestry and assist younger people to communicate more easily with their older relatives, with the aim of strengthening cultural identity and promoting wellbeing.

Wellbeing at Lonsdale 30 Nov 2017

The group will improve and make repairs to their community building, run activities to support the social wellbeing of older people and engage with local residents. This will ensure the sustainability of the building for community activities and events which will bring people together to address local issues.

Bully No Way 19 Jul 2017

The group will run a series of workshops and group discussions to help children who bully, find out why they take part in this behaviour and help them overcome it. This will tackle the root causes of bullying in the community.

Virtual into-reality 11 Oct 2017

The group will provide virtual environment learning opportunities for people with learning disabilities, where they will gain skills and confidence in activities, with the aim of enhancing personal development and life expectations.

Pickering Ward Outreach 06 Sep 2017

The group will deliver activities for young people who have not engaged with youth provision led by youth workers in locations across the community, with the aim of improving relationships and promoting wellbeing.

Ghanaian Community Saturday School 06 Sep 2017

The group will run a Saturday community school for the local Ghanaian community, which will include language sessions, arts and crafts and cooking activities, enabling people to integrate and socialise with the community and gain skills.

Community School for sharing the Afghan Culture with All Communities 19 Jul 2017

The group will run a series of events, activities and celebrations for the Afghan and wider community. This will showcase the Afghan culture to the wider community, with the aim of promoting understanding and bringing people together.

Veterans and families support in Hull 17 May 2017

The group will run drop in support sessions for veterans, their widows and family members experiencing isolation and post-traumatic stress to improve mental wellbeing.

Hull youths Diversity Involve 19 Jul 2017

The group will deliver a series of workshops and celebratory events for young asylum seekers and refugees arriving to the area. This will enable young people to gain a greater understanding of the diverse cultures surrounding them in their new home, with the aim of reducing crime and isolation and promoting wellbeing.

Is it ok to say...? 28 Jun 2017

The group will work with children and families to challenge discriminatory language used to stereotype, and explore the importance of positive language when dealing with a modern diverse society. This will educate the community about the use of acceptable language and will raise awareness of equality and diversity.

Kingswood Parks Kick Start Project 03 Apr 2017

The school will run physical activity sessions, with a focus on agility, balance, teamwork and coordination, alongside training volunteers to deliver the project beyond the period of funding. This will encourage participation in healthy exercise with the aim of reducing childhood obesity and health inequalities, and will ensure that the activities are sustainable.

Over 55's Friendship Club building stronger community relationships 22 Nov 2017

The group will deliver a series of events and activities for socially isolated older members of the community, to reduce loneliness and isolation.

HHCP marvellous mobile community hub 26 Apr 2017

The group will implement a mobile community hub for homeless people in the city. This will provide support and assistance, with the aim of reducing homelessness and promoting wellbeing.

Dates with Dinostars 13 Sep 2017

The group will allow young people with learning disabilities to lead the project management, design and promotion of a calendar. This will build their skills, confidence and self esteem which will increase life chances and improve health and emotional wellbeing.

Caring for Carers 03 Nov 2017

The group will continue their services to improve the wellbeing of those in a personal caring role and prevent them, and those they care for, being admitted into hospital or long term care. This will be achieved through the provision of a support network, health and wellbeing activities, a peer support group and the option to access emergency individual support.