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LifeLines 20 Apr 2016

This is the expansion of a project supporting volunteers aged 50 plus to run activities for vulnerable older people to improve health and well-being. These have previously included art classes, creative writing, yoga and computer club. The group will expand across the city, recruiting more volunteers, supporting more than 800 new people and establishing a Men’s Network to encourage older men to socialise regularly. It will also extend its HealthLink scheme to help older people get to medical appointments.

Kilkeel RBL - Saving Our Community Venue 22 Oct 2015

The group is a community and voluntary based organisation providing a range of services and activities to the local community. They received a grant of £10,000 to make improvements to their venue so that it can be used for more classes and activities.

Grant to Royal British Legion Tipton Branch 19 May 2016

Remembering Tipton's World War One Heroes

Grant awarded to The Royal British Legion (Forest Hall) Branch And Club (Tyne & Wear) 20 Nov 1998

Towards improving access and facilities for disabled people at the Forest Hall Ex-Servicemen's Institute.

Grant awarded to Community Service Volunteers (Training and Enterprise NE) (Tyne & Wear) 13 Jul 2004

To provide daycare services to older people living in high rise flats in Newcastle.

Open access award 2011/12. 20 Sep 2011

Not available

Amount: £30,000
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: Birkbeck University of London

The neural basis of action interpretation in human infants 23 Jun 2009

The aim of the proposed research is to explore the neural bases of action interpretation in human infants. Though much is known about infants abilities to interpret others actions, almost nothing is known about the neural bases of these abilities. I will combine neuroimaging techniques suitable for use with typically-developing infants (EEG and NIRS) and behavioural eye-tracking, in order to understand the relative functional significance of the developing motor system, and non-motor inferenti al mechanisms, for understanding goals and anticipating actions. The research will test hypotheses generated by a model of action understanding which implicates the developing motor system in action anticipation, but not in goal attribution. As the brain undergoes huge development during the first two years of life, it is likely that the social mediation of infant learning has consequences for the development of these neural mechanisms. Having identified the neural correlates involved in goal at tribution and action anticipation, the proposed research will investigate the relationship between variations in action input that infants receive from adults, and the development of these neural mechanisms.

Amount: £495,571
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: Birkbeck University of London

Value in People Award. 17 Oct 2007

Not available

Amount: £200,000
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: Birkbeck University of London

Open access award. 21 Sep 2010

Not available

Amount: £30,000
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: Birkbeck University of London

The road to Dr Down's idiot asylum: the creation of the idea of intellectual disability c.1700-1867. 01 May 2013

In 1867 Langdon Down, the superintendent of the worlds first idiot asylum at Earlswood, wrote his ethnic classification of idiocy. This assumed the right of the medical profession to identify, control and treat the condition of idiocy. It was a remarkable change from the conceptualisation of idiocy through the eighteenth and most of the first half of the nineteenth century, when the medical profession had shown little interest in idiocy and those classed as idiots had lived in their communities and families. This thesis will examine the conceptual transformation which took place over the long 18th century, transforming the idea of the idiot from a harmless natural who could be sustained within local communities to a helpless, pitiful and sometimes dangerous presence who required medicalised institutional protection, control and isolation. Asking 'how did the medicalisation of idiocy occur, and the idea of intellectual disability emerge?' the aim of the research will be to identify continuities and changes in the conceptualisation of idiocy. These discourses will be placed within the constellation of ideas and attitudes that constituted the Enlightenment science of humanity, leading to a quasi-scientific concept of the idiot which still feeds norms and assumptions about intellectual disability today.

Amount: £87,176
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: Birkbeck University of London

Core costs 18 Jan 2019

To support the work of the charity r.

Amount: £1,000
Funder: County Durham Community Foundation
Recipient: Royal British Legion

RBL Portstewart Branching Out 26 Apr 2018

The group, based in Portstewart, are using a grant of £6,500 to replace their hall’s heating system and improve its insulation, making it more usable for community events.

Grant to Royal British Legion, Greenhithe & Swanscombe 23 May 2014

The impact of WW1 on Dartford and its residents

Grant to Royal British Legion, Downs Branch 15 Jul 2014

First Day Commemoration of World War I

Grant to Royal British Legion 19 Sep 2013

Events to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War in 2014

Grant to Royal British Legion Leiston Branch 13 Feb 2014

Commemorating Leiston in the Great War

State of the art cryo electron microscope for molecular and cellular biology 07 Dec 2016

Dramatic advances in the power of cryo electron microscopy (EM) to resolve macromolecular and cellular machinery have greatly expanded the field and our need for access to state-of-the-art microscopes. With its internationally renowned research programme on macromolecular machines, the ISMB EM lab is ideally placed to benefit from recent instrumental developments. Although the eBIC facility at Diamond helps by providing intermittent access to state of the art 300 kV systems, this cannot sustain our large research programmes and expanding user base without substantial in-house facilities. Our ever-increasing number of structural and cell biology users are now waiting 3-5 weeks for access to high-end microscopes. Our recent equipment award contributes to an intermediate, 200 kV system, suitable for single-particle work but sub-optimal for tomography and cell biology, limiting its wider impact. In contrast, a 300 kV machine, with cutting-edge performance for single particles, unique assemblies, and cellular sections, would have a transformative impact, enabling new research from a wider community including outstanding local cell biologists. Therefore, we request a Cryo-EM Equipment Grant to upgrade from the 200 kV system to a high-end 300 kV system to be accommodated by an expansion and reorganisation of our EM laboratory.

Amount: £2,340,000
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: Birkbeck University of London

Cultures of Harm in Institutions of Care. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives 29 Feb 2016

This two-day event titled ‘Cultures of Harm in Institutions of Care: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives’ brings together scholars from around the world working in the humanities, social sciences and medicine to share new research on this pressing and topical social issue that has been seriously under-researched by historians. Uniquely, we will take a multi-disciplinary approach to address different types of institution - hospitals, psychiatric facilities, asylums, care homes and children's homes - at different periods of history from the mid eighteenth century to the present day. Our ultimate aim is to forge a crucible of rigorous cutting-edge scholarship that will not only lead to a far deeper understanding of how systemic abuse is brought about and perpetuated in institutions, but which will have the potential to inform public policy and official inquiries. More specifically, we will: Explore continuities and change over time and within different cultural and institutional contexts Create an interdisciplinary network from which other events and publications can be launched Edit a special journal issue or a volume of essays based on selected conference papers (talks are already underway with interested publishers) Launch an ongoing programme of workshops and public events.

Amount: £5,000
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: Birkbeck University of London