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Composting and Planting 03 Jan 2018

To improve the community garden still further. 

Art with a Heart Craft and Chat 13 Feb 2018

to run free regular craft and chat session in Art with a Heart once a month increasing to fortnightly as the attendance grows. All art materials will be supplied for those attending

Trafford Veterans model making and craft group 13 Mar 2018

A weekly craft group where people of all ages and abilities can attend, learn new skills and meet new people.

'Big Park Picnic' and long-term event investment 04 Apr 2018

In the long-term, as well as putting on our 4th community event, we want to invest in equipment for future events and activities.

Building Operational Capacity 16 Apr 2018

This project aims to develop operational capacity in the organisation to make best use of the volunteers, premises and equipment that we have at our disposal. We aim to do this by recruiting a part-time coordinator to manage the activities set out in the purposes of our Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO registration 1172658). 

Amount: £9,800
Funder: Trafford Housing Trust Social Investment
Recipient: Seed Studios

ROC Community Mentoring 18 Apr 2018

ROC+COACH Community Mentoring, is a scheme which seeks to provide an early intervention mentoring scheme for young people and families.

Space Cadet Journey 18 Apr 2018

our project reaches out to children & young people for them to get involved in our hands-on STEM workshops and take part in project-led events through weekly, monthly and quarterly activity sessions. Currently this is biweekly at Broomwood, Timperley, Altrincham with monthly “taster” science shows delivered in the other Trafford locations: Sale, Stretford, Urmston & Old Trafford.

Amount: £33,000
Funder: Trafford Housing Trust Social Investment
Recipient: Kids in Space

In school STEM 30 Apr 2018

want to deliver a series of lessons in my local community of Flixton to primary school children which follow a scheme of work involving a range of STEM

Pickering Lodge Education Signage Artwork 03 May 2018

Completion of erection and completeion of artwork of lecturn sign for a nature trail sign and history trail sign to provide education material on the Pickering Lodge Park

Baby Bond 03 May 2018

providing consistent one-to-one support for new parents at risk of social isolation and poor mental health who would otherwise have to cope with the huge changes of parenthood alone.

Amount: £99,922
Funder: Trafford Housing Trust Social Investment
Recipient: Home Start

Cafe in the Park 06 Aug 2018

to improve access to our well-used community café and lounge for wheelchair and pushchair users and to improve the appearance of the outside seating area.

My Best Life 07 Aug 2018

We have engaged with the young people in our specified area and out of that sample group we identified they would be interested in projects that utilise music, media and the arts so the "My Best Life" project is a collaboration of TMZM, St Johns Centre, Groundworks, Limelight Centre and Alchemy Arts This focuses on raising the general well-being of youth

The Ocean Stars Project 15 Aug 2018

We wish to train up to 15 young local somalian footballers to Football Association (FA) Level one coaching standard. 

Autistic Animation Group and Technically Brilliant Autistic Group 15 Oct 2018

to expand what we offer to Autistic kids by providing 3 classes including the original animation class that is self funding, a new animation class and starting a new class, entitled Technically Brilliant.

Everyone Can Game 12 Nov 2018

We want to bring groups of disabled children and their friends to our centre in Sale, to have fun playing computer games adapted to their needs.

Amount: £10,000
Funder: Trafford Housing Trust Social Investment
Recipient: Everyone Can

Media Cubs newspaper programme 14 Nov 2018

Media Cubs is a literacy programme for disadvantaged children across Greater Manchester . For

Amount: £8,226
Funder: Trafford Housing Trust Social Investment
Recipient: Yellow Jigsaw

Life-course determinants and prevention of violence 10 Apr 2018

I will use a life-course epidemiological approach to investigate determinants and prevention of violence, based on four population-based birth cohort studies (N > 4,000 in each) started in 1982, 1993, 2004, and 2015 in Pelotas city, southern-Brazil. My goals are to: 1) investigate early life-mechanisms hypothesised to cause persistent child aggression leading to violence; 2) investigate reasons for the rapid increases in violence during the course of the studies; and 3) evaluate two early interventions to prevent child behaviour problems leading to violence, in a randomised-control trial nested in the youngest cohort study (2015). With respect to early-life determinants, new psychological assessments of child socio-cognitive functioning (including self-control, verbal skills, and empathy) and parenting factors (sensitivity, harsh and inconsistent parenting) will be introduced in the youngest cohort, and a biological indicator of chronic stress (cortisol from hair samples) will be measured in the 2015 and 2004 cohorts. A four-arm randomised trial will be used to evaluate the effects of two parenting interventions: 1) parent-training in book-sharing to promote parental sensitivity and child cognitive development – key protective factors against aggression and violence; 2) parent-training that targets a reduction in harsh discipline and maltreatment – also key risk factors for problem behaviour.

Amount: £2,184,175
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: ABRASCO

Causes and Consequences of Pathological Adipose Remodelling 10 Apr 2018

This proposal addresses two factors important in obesity-related disease, namely determinants of healthy adipose remodelling in chronic positive energy balance, and mechanisms linking insulin resistance to disease. Two rare, informative human disorders will first be dissected, one featuring subcutaneous lipodystrophy due to heterozygous loss of DNA polymerase delta activity and the second a mixture of lower body fat loss and dramatic upper body adipose hyperplasia due to a missense mutation in mitofusin 2, involved in mitochondrial fusion and other processes. Physiological, tissue and cellular studies of humans and mouse models will address the role of DNA replication/repair and mitochondrial dynamics in depot-specific human adipose remodelling, and will test both mitigating strategies and relevance for common disease. The second part of the project will exploit emerging techniques for saturation mutagenesis coupled to downstream functional assays to develop "look up" tools for stratification of genetic variants by functional consequence. Saturating mutation libraries and such derived tools have myriad applications, including genetic diagnosis of rare disease, patient stratification for experimental medicine studies, and linking of functional perturbations to lifecourse human phenotypes in genotyped cohorts. The approach will be applied first to the insulin receptor, and thence other genes involved in insulin signal transduction.

Amount: £1,883,117
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: University of Edinburgh

The Sick of the Fringe Business Development 30 Sep 2018

Support costs for The Sick of the Fringe to develop a rigorous 3-year core business plan.

Amount: £50,000
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Recipient: Sick of the Fringe Ltd