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20 Apr 2016
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07 Mar 2018
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Core funding
Charity which supports grandparents and the wider family in children’s lives. Provides advice and information, research and policy briefings.
Amount: £5,000
Region: East of England
District: Harlow District
Core funding
The Choir with No Name runs choirs for homeless and marginalised people.
Amount: £5,000
Region: London
Core funding
Provides information, support and advice for people with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and raises awareness of the condition.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Action for M.E.
Region: South West
Walking Tall Project
Project to increase the employment opportunities of NEET young people by offering life skills training, sailing training, and support with physical and mental health issues.
Amount: £22,000
Region: South Central
District: City of Portsmouth
Employment Training
1-1 mentoring and support for NEET young people, long-term unemployed adults and people with chronic health problems or disabilities. Aims to address barriers to employment, build confidence and gain social, practical and technical skills.
Amount: £30,000
Recipient: Groundwork London
Region: London
One week activity break
Providing week-long activity breaks for children from disadvantaged backgrounds aged between 8-15.
Amount: £43,296
Region: South West
Outreach Project Worker
Funding towards the salary of an Outreach Project Worker to work with clients in their own homes, helping them with life skills to enable them to live independently.
Amount: £10,000
District: Worthing District
Welfare Support Worker
Part-funding for a Welfare Support Worker to help vulnerable clients to stabilise their lives, address underlying problems and become more independent.
Amount: £45,000
Region: East of England
District: Luton
Support Staff
Funding towards additional member of staff to support people with Prader-Willi Syndrome and their families.
Amount: £10,000
Region: East Midlands
District: City of Derby
Hospice Grant
Core funding for hospices
Amount: £5,294
Region: West Midlands
District: Stafford District
Mentoring Young People in Gloucestershire
To provide a co-ordinator to expand a mentoring project which matches NEET young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with business professionals to provide support, careers advice and work experience.
Amount: £10,000
Region: South West
Urban Farmers Project
Urban Farmers project which will target disadvantaged and disengaged young people aged 14-19 in activities which support greater health, wellbeing and personal development, equip them with self-esteem, motivation and support networks.
Amount: £38,125
Region: South West
District: City of Bristol
Literacy Support Sessions
One-to-one literacy support sessions for Looked After Children.
Amount: £31,680
Young Carers Project
Seeking funds to support their ongoing Young Carers Project, providing young carers with regular free time away from their caring role where they can meet other young carers and participate in activities of their choice.
Amount: £10,000
Nutrition and Exercise in Recovery
New project which aims to place a higher emphasis on the role of diet, nutrition and exercise in recovering from dependency and addiction.
Amount: £33,000
Recipient: The Ley Community
Region: South Central
District: Cherwell District
Residential weekend for families affected by Mitochondrial Disease
Residential weekend for families affected by Mitochondrial Disease to give young patients and parents access to specialist medical professionals and a support network.
Amount: £20,000
Recipient: Lily Foundation
District: Tandridge District
Huntington's Advisory Service
Specialist Huntington's Disease Advisory Service - North West. Provides intensive support to people with Huntington's Disease and their families and carers, covering Lancashire and Cumbria.
Amount: £30,000
Region: North West
District: Liverpool District
Recruitment of Liver Nurse Advisor
Dedicated Liver Nurse Advisor for people with liver disease.
Amount: £41,842
Recipient: British Liver Trust
Region: South West
District: Bournemouth
Wheelchair Accessible Accommodation
Installing ceiling hoists in adapted bedrooms for people with disabilities taking part in outdoor activity breaks.
Amount: £39,989
Recipient: Bendrigg Trust
Region: North West
Student Residential Campus for 7-16 year olds
Furnishing a Student Residential Campus for students with speech and language impairments.
Amount: £10,470
District: Tandridge District