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Digital Energy Advice in Argyll and Bute 01 Aug 2018

Our project would like to introduce digital skills to people at home to help address their energy issues and alleviate fuel poverty. We think by introducing the benefits of digital skills through our energy advice to those with little or no digital knowledge or experience will help drive uptake to learn futher. We know our clients are more engaged with referrals made to third parties if the referral is made through trusted intermediaries, like ourselves. By demonstrating how the use of digital skills can help lower energy costs and save money we hope that our clients are more inclined to further develop their digital skills. We recognise fuel poverty isn’t a stand alone issue and many people facing fuel poverty may have other issues that require help and assistance. We regularly make referrals to Home Energy Scotland for energy efficiency funding measures, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service for fire safety checks and foodbanks. We believe a holistic approach is vital to ensure we help people improve their lives and leave a legacy. Digital skills fits perfectly with this ethos and we recognise there are many people, especially the elderly and vulnerable living in Argyll and Bute that are behind with the evolving world of technology. We believe introducing digital skills to energy advice will not only help improve their energy behaviours but also open a door to take their digital skills learning further.

Embedding Digital at CFINE 01 Aug 2018

Embedding Digital Skills at CFINE is a project aimed at transforming how CFINE develops and utilises essential digital skills in supporting vulnerable individuals, families and communities in NE Scotland. A training programme will be developed that puts at its core digital communication, handling information and content, transacting online, problem solving, and safety and legality online. The courses will be delivered in blocks by a Digital Training Development Officer, with small groups of 4-6 people attending each. In addition, the development officer will hold 1 to 1 sessions with staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries, in order to provide further comprehensive support for those identified as requiring it. Services are increasingly moving online, and there is concern that as this continues, many people could be faced with being excluded from communicating and transacting due to lacking essential, basic digital skills. With this in mind, the project will focus on providing a strong basis for empowering people in order for them to engage effectively with systems including welfare & social security, local authority services (including Scottish Welfare Fund grants), email etc In order to prepare for the full rollout of the Universal Credit (UC) benefit in October 2018, which is a wholly online service and requires applicants to have an email address, it is essential that the groundwork is done as soon as possible in developing the essential digital skills required. The Digital Training Development Officer will work closely with CFINE’s Financial Capability Officers, in order to best prepare welfare recipients (including food bank beneficiaries and volunteers) for the change. In addition, staff will be trained to make use of collaborative digital tools in the workplace to allow for efficiency and increase productivity. Evaluation and monitoring will be conducted throughout the life of the project, and will inform future development of digital at CFINE.

IT-Tastic!! 01 Aug 2018

Our intention is that our existing community volunteers will run this project. We intend to run basic fun tutorials that will encourage peer to peer and cross generational learning between local residents and also within families. Our target audience is primarily the over 65 age range integrated with support and involvement from our younger school age residents. We want to support people who are both physically isolated but also feel isolated due to the barriers that a lack of IT knowledge can create between for example grandparents & grandchildren. The activities will include specific subject tutorials but also less formal drop in 'fix-it’ sessions. The sessions will run one or two afternoons a week after school. In order that we retain a level of flexibility within the building we plan to use portable IT devices such as ipad's and/or tablets. We would also use gaming equipment to encourage cross generational interaction through games commonly played by younger generations. We also plan to invite people to bring in their console's and games to the hall so that we could hold a games evening where people can challenge each other in a fun tournament type of idea. We would hope to encourage people to bring along their own devises with them so that they could continue learning at home and become familiar with their equipment. However, the equipment we require from this funding will allow people to allow those who cannot afford their own equipment, convince those who don’t currently own the equipment due to not feeling confident or not yet seeing the advantages of having one in their own home. To having a convenient option where there reliable an equipment at the hall ready and set up for them to start learning.

Connecting to our online Communities 01 Aug 2018

We would like to access some training for a number of network members to allow them to act as peer trainers. We would require the trainers to have access to a small number of tablets which they could use to deliver the training to the participants. We are aware that a barrier to people accessing the online world is that they do not have devices of their own and would be anxious about spending what for people on benefits would be a considerable amount of money on something that they were not confident they could use. We believe that if people have the opportunity to develop their confidence they will be more inclined to commit to the expense of purchasing a device to allow them to access the internet. We currently have 23 peer support networks across the central belt of Scotland and we would very much like to deliver a workshop to each of those networks. We believe that if we had a reasonable number of trained members we would readily deliver these workshops over the course of a year. The majority of our members have travel cards allowing them to travel free of charge across the country, they have a lot of spare time and by virtue of our ongoing work in communities we have access to a number of free or low cost venues in which we could deliver the workshops. We believe that peer message is a very strong message and that our membership will respond well to being offered support and guidance from others who they feel are in a similar situation to themselves and will be confident about asking questions of peers that they may not ask of a formal tutor/coach.

Aylesham Village Hall Establishment Committee 20 Jun 2018

Grant to Aylesham Village Hall Establishment Committee

Godolphin Cross Community Association 20 Jun 2018

Grant to Godolphin Cross Community Association

Amount: £14,541
Funder: Power to Change Trust
Recipient: Godolphin Cross Community Association
Region: South West
District: Cornwall

Hoo Peninsula Cares (wHoo Cares) 20 Jun 2018

Grant to Hoo Peninsula Cares (wHoo Cares)

Amount: £13,187
Funder: Power to Change Trust
Recipient: Hoo Peninsula Cares (wHoo Cares)
Region: South East Coast
District: Medway

Queen Camel Community Land Trust Limited 20 Jun 2018

Grant to Queen Camel Community Land Trust Limited

Radcliffe market Hall Community Benefit Society 20 Jun 2018

Grant to Radcliffe market Hall Community Benefit Society

Barrow Hill Community Trust 20 Jun 2018

Grant to Barrow Hill Community Trust

Gatis Gardeners or ARCCommunity Interest Company 31 Oct 2018

Grant to Gatis Gardeners or ARCCommunity Interest Company

HIVE 05 Nov 2018

Grant to HIVE

Amount: £500
Funder: Power to Change Trust
Recipient: HIVE
Region: East of England
District: Babergh District

White Elm Woodland Group 14 Sep 2018

Grant to White Elm Woodland Group

Amount: £500
Funder: Power to Change Trust
Recipient: White Elm Woodland Group
Region: East of England
District: Ipswich District

The Exchange Creative Community CIC 20 Jul 2018

Grant to The Exchange Creative Community CIC

Todmorden Community Centre and Learning Hub Ltd 01 Aug 2018

Grant to Todmorden Community Centre and Learning Hub Ltd

Caraboo Projects 31 Aug 2018

Grant to Caraboo Projects

Amount: £500
Funder: Power to Change Trust
Recipient: Caraboo Projects
Region: South West
District: City of Bristol

Newbigin Community Trust 24 Oct 2018

Grant to Newbigin Community Trust

Westhall Community Pub Limited 30 Sep 2018

Funding to support a pub becoming community owned and operate with a charitable purpose

The Rising Sun Community Pub Project, Woodcroft 30 Aug 2018

Funding to support a pub becoming community owned and operate with a charitable purpose

The Barkestone Hub 28 Feb 2018

Funding to support a pub becoming community owned and operate with a charitable purpose

Amount: £2,350
Funder: Power to Change Trust
Recipient: The Barkestone Hub
Region: East Midlands
District: Melton District