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Convening Support 06 Jan 2017

Grant to Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit to support convening activities.

Educating All 27 Jan 2017

Martha and Terry are two young graduates from Manchester who are Reclaim Young Leaders and alumni. Educating All stemmed from their experiences of a shared sense of alienation at University coupled with a lack of support. It is a youth led research study that aims to explore the institutional and personal barriers faced by working class students at the top universities in the UK. Research has been conducted and was published in November 2016 and stimulated a great deal of interest. Universities have asked the team to flesh-out the research recommendations to improve recruitment and retention of working class students. Educating All will also widen the dissemination of their report and develop a 'toolkit' for access officers at universities to use when working class students join their institutions.

Amount: £15,243
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Terry Manyeh (through Reclaim)

Reach Out and Reveal 30 Jan 2017

Akademi wants to deliver a programme in two schools for children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC), exploring how dance can be more successfully delivered for ASC pupils and how the movement vocabulary of South Asian Dance, such as hand gesture and facial expression, might particularly support pupils’ communication and physical needs.

Amount: £53,815
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Akademi South Asian Dance UK
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro

'Making Tracks' - North West 30 Jan 2017

The project will pilot ‘Making Tracks’ in Manchester alongside a programme of practitioner training for the musical workforce in partnership with Theatre in Prisons and Probation. Four projects will engage 10 – 15 young people who are NEET or marginalised in a creative programme structured over 4 -6 weeks.

Amount: £59,817
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: The Irene Taylor Trust
Region: London
District: Southwark London Boro

Co-design for Mental Health 02 Feb 2017

Erika Renedo Illaregi set up Bidean Co-design as a CIC in early 2017. Her idea is to develop and deliver design workshops, during which mental health service users co-design products that help with their symptoms (for example, jewellery that is designed to prevent panic attacks and tablecloths that facilitate conversation during meals for those with communication difficulties). With PHF funding, she will test and evaluate the workshops and develop partnerships with mental health organisations with whom she could collaborate in future to replicate and scale-up the idea. During the course of her idea development period, Erika aims to exhibit the designs to the public as a way of tackling stigma associated with mental health and empowering her participants.

Amount: £12,075
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Bidean Co-design

Intergenerational Care - Growing Up and Growing Old Together 02 Feb 2017

Elly Hargreave has been inspired by successful pilots of intergenerational care in a variety of countries. These examples house nursery childcare within care homes for elders. There have been many benefits found to providing daily interaction for elders and nursery aged children. Her initiative is called 'Intergenerational Care UK' @CareAcrosAges on twitter. She is investigating the feasibility of introducing a similar scheme in the UK, hoping to develop a plan to engage interested partners, devising a sustainable business model and securing future investment. The project will benefit from both Elly’s personal life experiences of care for elders and young children along with her work in PR and Communications and having previously set up and led a national charity, now in it's 23rd year.

Amount: £15,160
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Elly Hargreave

Learning Banks 02 Feb 2017

This idea springs from Christopher Hartworth’s personal experience of living with a chronic neurological condition, supported by his professional background in research and development. Christopher wants to create a shared resource where people living with a chronic condition can find solutions to everyday problems: an online, peer-to-peer resource where people can 'withdraw' the solutions of others and 'deposit' their own in an accessible, centralised and easy to use format. Hullabaloo Research CIC, a proactive social research group, was co-founded by Christopher to pursue ventures of this type. With PHF funding Hullabaloo will work with a team of service users create a prototype using one specific condition, multiple sclerosis, and explore the conditions necessary to create and launch a full operational Learning Bank.

Amount: £15,650
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Christopher Hartworth

Expanding Beatfreeks' impact through management and infrastructure development 27 Feb 2017

Beatfreeks would like to grow the quality and reach of its programmes to support an additional 70 young leaders over the next two years. It will employ an Operations Manager, who will lead on programme development, review evaluation and impact measurement processes, and investigate a social licensing model.

Sustaining and Developing Empowerment for Future Generations 27 Feb 2017

The Warren is a well-established youth charity, based in Hull. It offers a variety of services including an open access youth space and snack bar, counselling, music service with associated record label, active LGBTQ and young women’s groups and sexual health advice. This grant will contribute to new part-time Development Manager salary and to building operation costs. It will enable The Warren to establish and grow its social enterprise. This would generate trading income strengthening the organisations sustainability and ensuring it can continue to support young people in Hull.

Contribution to organisational development 27 Feb 2017

With a vision of a society in which working class young people are positively seen, authentically heard and can lead meaningful social change, RECLAIM supports non-traditional and disruptive leaders from pressurized communities. The methodology of the programme ensures young people develop confidence and are self-reflective and critical thinkers. Funding will support strategic planning and operational development to support growth ambitions.

Amount: £80,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: RECLAIM

the continuation of the ArtWorks Cymru partnership between March 2017 and September 2017. 03 Mar 2017

Funding will support ArtWorks Cymru partnership to develop the next phase activity including the time of the partnership manager, the Welsh contribution to the Artworks Alliance Convention, and business planning for the next phase of ArtWorks Cymru.

Amount: £5,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Welsh National Opera Ltd
Region: Wales
District: Caerdydd - Cardiff

Exploring multi-sensory performance environments addressing complex disabilities 06 Mar 2017

Oily Cart create and tour original, high quality, multi-sensory theatre for children and young people with complex disabilities, including profound learning disabilities, across the UK. This two-year project will enable the company to work with a range of expert partners to research, pilot and evaluate performance approaches to better engage with deafblind children (who may or may not have cognitive disabilities).

Amount: £60,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Oily Cart Company Ltd
Region: London
District: Wandsworth London Boro

Increasing community engagement in politics through the SUSSD app 06 Apr 2017

Callum Curry is a young entrepreneur and member of the Global Shapers movement, whose vision is to invigorate public engagement in politics. He has developed SUSSD, a social platform and app linked to Facebook that allows people to have their say on real issues scheduled for debate or discussion in their local area. It also allows local decision makers to gauge public opinion in real-time to help inform their work. This grant will support Callum to develop an android version of the app and to test its organisation portal with two councils in Belfast and Lisburn.

Amount: £15,325
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: SUSSD LTD

Furthering and Sustaining our Voice 08 May 2017

Voices From Care is a charity which represents the views, rights and experiences of young people who are or have been looked after in Wales. This grant contributes to the salary of the CEO, who will focus on organisational strategy and programme development. It also supports Voices from Care to strengthen core processes, develop its youth-led training and to continue its drive for policy and practice to be better informed by young people and their experience.

Amount: £50,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Voices from Care
Region: Wales
District: Caerdydd - Cardiff

Conductors for Change - conducting training for teachers leading mixed-ability ensembles 08 May 2017

This work builds on the Conductors for Change programme, a small pilot with Teach First music teachers, which successfully initiated and sustained mixed-ability ensembles in secondary schools. Orchestras for All wants to explore whether the continuing professional development and learning programme can be adapted into a blended model (delivered through a combination of online and face-to-face elements) in order to broaden its reach.

Amount: £58,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Orchestras for All
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro

UK Youth Voice in Action 08 May 2017

UK Youth provides infrastructure support to an extensive network of regional youth organisations and umbrella groups across England. Over the next three years, UK Youth will radically revamp its Youth Voice function to develop a new peer led model and complementary online platform offering a range of participation and leadership opportunities to 70,000 young people. The learning and content generated from this activity will be used to influence the organisation’s practice, develop campaigns and influence policy at local and national levels.

Amount: £60,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: UK Youth
Region: London
District: Islington London Boro

Core costs relating to Leaders Unlocked Growth Plan to 2020 08 May 2017

Leaders Unlocked is a London based social enterprise which enables underrepresented young people to work in partnership with organisations to shape decision making and have a say on the issues that affect their lives. This grant will contribute to the salaries of the Director, Business Development Manager, Lead Project Officer and a PR and Marketing consultancy. It will support the senior team to focus on organisational strategy, impact measurement and new programme development.

Amount: £60,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Leaders Unlocked
Region: London
District: Hackney London Boro

Immigration and Asylum Tribunal Reform Working Party 08 May 2017

Through this grant, JUSTICE – a law reform and human rights organisation – will establish a working group on immigration and asylum to make recommendations to government as it seeks to modernise the justice system as part of a £1bn digital reform programme. The working group will research, generate, and evaluate proposals for a complete re-think of how the immigration and asylum determination process works in the UK.

Amount: £100,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: JUSTICE
Region: London
District: City and County of the City of London

Let's Play 08 May 2017

The National Theatre wants to build on the pilot of its Let’s Play programme by addressing the need for quality plays suitable for primary school productions and support for teachers to produce them. This grant will enable them to commission and develop seven original plays and music from leading writers and composers, deliver teacher continuing professional development and learning and support, commission a detailed, independent evaluation and advocate for theatre making in schools.

Amount: £150,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: National Theatre
Region: London
District: Lambeth London Boro

Strategic Legal Fund for Vulnerable Young Migrants 08 May 2017

Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA) will host the Strategic Legal Fund for Vulnerable Young Migrants, a small grants programme that has been in operation since 2011 aiming to support voluntary sector organisations and legal agencies to take strategic legal action in areas affecting children and young people who have migrated. They will administer the applications process, make grants and monitor and evaluate their outcomes, as well as lead the strategic direction of the Fund.