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Investigating the causes of dementia 31 May 2017

Led by Professor Karen Horsburgh, University of Edinburgh, this PhD student will join others at the Scotland Doctoral Training Centre, to investigate the effects of reduced blood flow to the brain in dementia looking specifically at immune cells and whether they contribute to damage that leads to dementia.

Scotland Doctoral Training Centre PhD Extensions 29 Nov 2017

Funding for a PhD student extension programme at the Scotland Doctoral Training Centre. The extensions will allow PhD students to complete additional research and outputs including published papers, presentations and attendance at conferences. Alzheimer's Society will invite applications and assess the proposals from current PhD students and evaluate the success of the programme. If appropriate offer for two years to accommodate a maximum of eight PhD students across the Doctoral Training Centre in Scotland.

Support for Families in Scotland Affected by Rb 31 May 2017

Providing support for families in Scotland affected by the childhood eye cancer retinoblastoma, and driving faster future diagnosis by increasing awareness of the condition. Most children affected by Rb lose at least one eye and nearly all are left with lifelong significant visual impairment as a result of the treatment.

ClearVision Project 29 Nov 2017

ClearVision exists to promote and further the education of blind and partially sighted persons by creating dual print and braille books and operating the only free postal lending library of these books to families and organisations across the UK. This lets thousands of sighted parents sit and read with a visually impaired child, raising literacy and wellbeing.

Amount: £17,760
Funder: R S Macdonald Charitable Trust
Recipient: ClearVision Project
Region: London
District: Wandsworth London Boro

Blocking Brain Damage in Diabetes 31 May 2017

Professor Rory McCrimmon will investigate whether high blood glucose levels and regular episodes of hypoglycaemia ('hypos') contribute to accelerated ageing of the brain, which is seen in some people with diabetes. His findings could reveal a way to improve the defence systems in the brain to help prevent these changes.

Amount: £55,426
Funder: R S Macdonald Charitable Trust
Recipient: Diabetes UK
Region: London
District: Tower Hamlets London Boro

Freedom Project Scotland 31 May 2017

The Freedom Project provides a safe place for pets, enabling domestic abuse sufferers to take the decision to leave their abusive partner. People who are violent often threaten or harm a pet making it difficult for the victim to make the decision to leave.

Amount: £54,000
Funder: R S Macdonald Charitable Trust
Recipient: Dogs Trust
Region: London
District: Islington London Boro

Harnessing neural network activity to stop seizure 31 May 2017

Dr Connolly at the University of Dundee has recently discovered that brain networks can transmit warning signals to bystander cells that allows them to transiently shut down network activity. This network inactivation removes their vulnerability to toxic hyperactivity. The project questions whether the same process may be harnessed to shut down epileptic seizures

Lifelong Links Scottish trial 31 May 2017

To undertake a three year trial of Lifelong Links in Scotland aimed at building lasting relationships for looked after children. The funding would enable Family Rights Group to support the trial in West Lothian and Children1st to conduct Lifelong Links with children in that locality from April 2018.

Amount: £46,940
Funder: R S Macdonald Charitable Trust
Recipient: Family Rights Group
Region: London
District: Hackney London Boro

Improving Independence at Home 29 Nov 2017

The programme will benefit 84 people each year with neurological conditions living in various locations in Scotland.

Amount: £15,000
Funder: R S Macdonald Charitable Trust
Recipient: Independence at Home
Region: London
District: Harrow London Boro

Audiobooks for print impaired people in Scotland 29 Nov 2017

Funding to provide a free audiobook service of over 7,000 titles via MP3 CD, internet streaming and downloads to anyone with a visual impairment in Scotland.

Amount: £4,500
Funder: R S Macdonald Charitable Trust
Recipient: Listening Books
Region: London
District: Southwark London Boro

The Impact of preterm birth on the HPA axis 31 May 2017

Preterm birth is associated with long-term disease of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. These associations may be mediated by perinatal re-programming of the brain-hormone axis that regulates physiological stress responses. A clinical PhD studentship will determine whether preterm birth modifies brain-hormone programming in women and their infants.

Using statins to prevent brain injury in infants 31 May 2017

Testing the effects of statins on brain development as they might prevent the brain injury associated with preterm birth and this could help the 600,000 children born every year who are affected by this condition.

Amount: £33,144
Funder: R S Macdonald Charitable Trust
Recipient: Tommy's
Region: London
District: City and County of the City of London

Brexit: Threats and Opportunities for UK Migration Policy 17 Oct 2016

CGD will explore bold, new migration and integration policy options for the UK government in light of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, in consultation with expert stakeholders. These will be presented to government officials and others in positions of influence to inform progressive change in migration and integration policy.

Integration through place-based arts 17 Oct 2016

Counterpoints Arts supports and produces arts by and about refugees and migrants, and aims to ensure that their contributions are recognised and welcomed in the UK. Counterpoints Arts aims to explore, test and evaluate new place-based, arts-led approaches to bringing people together and fostering integration in areas experiencing high levels of inward migration (Blackburn, Halifax, Wakefield, Nottingham and Newcastle.

Amount: £59,500
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Counterpoints Arts
Region: London
District: Hackney London Boro

In the Changes 17 Oct 2016

Vortex Jazz Foundation will explore how it can utilise its social, physical and artistic capital more effectively and best support disadvantaged local communities to access its artistic activities. The work will focus on three key questions: which communities and partners they can most effectively support, which methodologies can best engage these audiences and how the resources of the Vortex’s artistic community can be most effectively used to deliver the programme.

Amount: £60,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Vortex Jazz Foundation
Region: London
District: Hackney London Boro

Refaming crime and justice: strengthening dissemination and impact 18 Oct 2016

To support the continuing dissemination of the findings of the reframing crime and justice programme which PHF has previously funded.

Amount: £9,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Transform Justice
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro

Support relocated refugee children 21 Oct 2016

To support DBS checked volunteers to accompany refugee children through the transfer and relocation process.

Amount: £10,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Citizens UK Charity
Region: London
District: Tower Hamlets London Boro

Local actions to promote social cohesion 24 Oct 2016

The British Academy will produce a collection of essays exploring different elements of social integration. The collection would bring academic viewpoints and research on social integration together with examples of practical interventions and activities that have been shown to make significant positive impact. The British Academy will be working with a range of stakeholders to look for solutions that can be implemented at a local level by local councils, businesses or voluntary sector organisations to promote integration.

Amount: £20,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: The British Academy
Region: London
District: City of Westminster London Boro

East London Reception Centre 31 Oct 2016

To provide emergency accommodation for refugee children arriving from the Calais refugee camp.

Amount: £2,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: The Salvation Army
Region: London
District: Southwark London Boro

Refugee Youth - part-time co-ordinator 31 Oct 2016

To support the role of a part-time coordinator to enable a range of strategic, fundraising, human resources and communications activities.

Amount: £5,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Refugee Youth
Region: London
District: Lambeth London Boro