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Out and about 10 Aug 2018

Reduce the cost of transport and therefore enable participation on three garden visits.

Balsam Family Project 16 Nov 2018

Community Family Friends or CFFs. This is our third core service element as described above. CFFs are assigned to individual families for in-home mentor support visits at the end of their initial 10 week course.

Banbury & District Community Bus Project 12 Feb 2019

To help support the early years play sessions and afterschool support club that we currently offer. This grant would enable us to purchase much needed resources to facilitate new play experiences as well as replacing our much used and broken equipment. To help to stimulate the children’s learning, self-expression, communication and importantly interaction with others we would be looking to purchase: : Sensory equipment – to help develop important sensory motor skills, stimulate crucial senses, and promote sensory integration : Language & Literacy Support – this will help to build verbal skills in young children by offering playful interactive experiences. The resources will allow plenty of opportunities for speaking and listening, young children need exposure to printed materials to develop a rich understanding on how to use words correctly. : Outdoor Activities – enables children to enjoy the natural environment and learn to seek out exercise, fresh air and activity. Outdoor play develops disposition for the outdoors, for physical activity, and for care of the environment. : Early Mathematics – stimulate a natural learning for early mathematics as well as numeracy it will help develop skills to problem solving, understanding shapes and spatial awareness : Preparation and support for School Readiness – helping to teach skills e.g. toileting , dressing themselves, appropriate behaviour, confidence and self esteem, turn taking and sharing, sitting still as well as language and literacy skills. : Environment / Natural World – learning to respect and show appreciation for the natural environment, Explore living and non-living things, appreciate changes to their environment.

Making a Difference through Advice 12 Feb 2019

We would spend the money on Volunteer expenses, training and Police Check costs.

Support for CBM UK 06 Dec 2018

Request from donor to support work of CBM UK.

Cherwell Theatre Company 24 May 2018

Support a project throughout 2018 giving our young attendees the opportunity to learn through a devising process about film making and screenwriting techniques by working on short films with a professional director/cameraman/editor. During the filming young people will operate cameras, sound and lighting. They will experience editing and be part of creating a completed film. Their new skills will continue to be used in the creation of productions throughout future years; bringing new techniques and further development to our performances using their increased knowledge and experience.

Outreach project coordinator 10 Aug 2018

Grant to Chipping Norton Literary Festival

Promoting the Cornhill Companions 21 Feb 2019

We would like to increase the take up of our services and achieve a greater impact in terms of how many individual people we are able to befriend and provide help to. We have an aim to increase our number of clients to 100 or more in the Banbury area. To do so, we would like to produce more publicity leaflets and distribute them more widely. Our quotes for reprinting locally are around £400.00. We would also like to advertise more widely e.g. in putting adverts in the local press, radio stations. We held stalls at events such as Banbury Show during 2018 and would like to continue to do so as an effective way of meeting potential new volunteers and the costs associated with these advertisements and events are approx. £150 per annum. We have recently completed a website to further promote our services and this has a small cost attached to running it each year, approx. £80.00. You will appreciate that our group has a number of admin tasks to complete in relation to the services we provide and in recruiting new volunteers, such as DBS checks, application forms. Training is very important too in making sure that all of our volunteers are well versed in issues such as data protection, dementia awareness and health and safety. During the last four months we have taken on a part time staff member (for no more than 3 hours per week) to help with admin and organising training. We would like to continue this arrangement, especially as it means that our volunteers' time is spent almost entirely on visiting people. To continue our training programme and with the work of a part time staff member, we would like to use approx. £600 of any grant funding that we may receive from you. During 2018 we held a tea party, inviting and treating all of our clients to afternoon tea. It was a very enjoyable event. We provided transport for those who needed it. We would like to repeat this event, or something similar, during 2019 because many of our clients said that it was a great opportunity for them to go out to a social event and chat to and make friends with other clients - we felt this was one day when we knew for certain that none of our clients was at home with no one to talk to. The cost of holding another tea party including transport is approximately £250.00. Addressing the need in our area seems to us to be a simple equation i.e. the greater the number of clients we are able to 'match up' with a volunteer who visits clients regularly and/or takes them out shopping or to a social event, the fewer the number of people in our area who are completely isolated and alone. Many of our clients to date have become known to us through word of mouth and we feel it is important for us to increase publicity and general awareness of what we can offer so that potential clients (and their neighbours and associates) can seek help from our group. We have publicised our services to social services and other voluntary groups and support services and we have taken on a number of referrals from them. Those organisations have said to us that there are many more people that they could refer to us but they are mindful of how many volunteers we have and our current capacity. We would like to increase our volunteer base as much as we can during 2019 so that we can meet the need. In addition, we are aware that there are neighbourhoods in Banbury - some with a high incidence of older people as residents - where we have few clients as yet, e.g. Bretch Hill and parts of Grimsbury - both areas with a higher than average level of deprivation. We would like to publicise our services in those areas - and seek both volunteers and clients - so that we can try and meet any needs there are in those neighbourhoods. You will know that there is a significant Polish population in Banbury and some ethnic minority groups such as the Asian and Chinese communities - we would like to publicise our services to those groups in addition to the areas that we are already working in.

Didcot Baby Monday 12 Feb 2019

Didcot Baby Monday addresses the following areas of need. Social Isolation: The transition into parenthood can feel very isolating and Didcot Baby Monday seeks to help combat this by providing an open access, welcoming space for new parents to meet, socialise and share experiences. This also gives an opportunity to form connections that extend beyond our group. We see attendees go on to meet socially at other times in the week and after their babies outgrow the group. This is especially important in our local area which has seen significant housing development in recent years. People are increasingly moving to Didcot with little extended family support close at hand. Didcot used to have three children’s centres which are now closed. These all held very popular ‘bump to baby’ sessions. As a dedicated baby group, DBM is important to the local community because, although there are other groups catering for wider age ranges, these are usually more geared towards toddlers and not always suitable for very young babies. Busy toddler groups can be particularly daunting to first time mums and those with premature babies or twins. The location of our venue is also fairly central and within walking distance from most of Didcot (including the Great Western Park development), as well as having good amount of parking on site. Early Years Development: We provide a selection of baby toys for parents to interact with their babies and occasionally run special sessions (e.g. at Christmas) with a craft activity or music. Babies of all ages can benefit from social interaction and stimulation of being with others, but it is especially lovely to see them start to interact with each other as they grow older; smiling and reaching out to touch each other. We also provide information on other groups and activities for babies running in our local area, such as music and baby massage. Breastfeeding Support: For many families, one of the most stressful experiences of having a new baby is attempting to establish breastfeeding. A key attraction of what our group offers is open access to good quality professional breastfeeding advice in an emotionally supportive, community based forum. To compliment hiring a professional breastfeeding specialist, some of our volunteer mums are trained (or currently training) as breastfeeding peer supporters with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers. We also have La Leche League fact-sheets available and can signpost parents to sources of online information and support, such as Oxfordshire Breastfeeding Support. Some families require support for more complex issues or over a longer period time and our breastfeeding consultant is able to signpost them to where to find additional help where necessary, such as tongue tie specialists. We regularly see new mums with babies less than a week old seeking feeding support. There have been occasions when our breastfeeding counsellor has been able to flag quickly to the local midwife team that additional or urgent support is required for mums with newborn babies struggling to establish breastfeeding. Community Links: We have good links with local health visitors and midwives, who tell us they actively recommend our group to new parents (new attendees each week tell us also this is commonly how they are finding our group). They tell us there is no group offering the same to parents/carers with new babies in the area, and we are a valuable resource for the community that meets a consistent need for these local parents and their babies. A health visitor staff nurse attends most sessions and is on hand to provide advice and information to parents if required, for example mums with older babies often ask for advice on weaning onto solid food. In April 2018 we secured partial funding for a two year period from Oxfordshire County Council under the "transition fund for open access children's services", which is aimed at community groups filling gaps in provision left by the closure of the county's children's centres. However, this remit of this grant scheme was not able to meet the cost of providing infant feeding support. Therefore we are seeking funding from OCF specifically to be able to continue to hire a qualified breastfeeding consultant on a weekly basis and provide this vital source of support to new parents. Even though this is specific part of what our group offers, it is a fundamental aspect of what attracts parents to our group. Many who initially attend seeking breastfeeding support with their newborn continue to attend for the social aspects which leads them to benefit is other ways - reducing social isolation, early years development. We were previously awarded £1,500 from OCF in June 2017, which we used for the same purpose.

Eid Celebration 15 Jun 2018

Grant to East Oxford united football club

DGNS Running Costs 24 May 2018

DGNS fills an ever growing gap between what relatives, friends and professional carers provide and what our clients really need.

Family room sensory resources & 2019 Family Triathlon 16 Nov 2018

This application is for 2 much needed areas of our work, the first is to enhance our offer to families who have children with additional needs. There are a growing number of families who have children with additional needs in South Oxford and Oxford city. The family room offers monthly open access drop-in sessions for these families to come for moral support from volunteers who themselves have children with additional needs, advice on their child’s condition from visiting professionals, introduction to BSL and a safe place to bring their child to play if they aren’t at school. The grant money will be spent on indoor sensory resources and a black-out den. The den will provide a quiet space for children to explore their senses through lights and textures. The bubble wall, accessory kit and bean bags will be used with the den. The second part of our application is for help towards costs of putting on our second family triathlon event in 2019 which we hope will be bigger and raise more funds than the triathlon held on 1st July 2018. We are seeking funding to cover costs for Insurance, First aider and park fees plus 10 hours of administration time for the project co-ordinator as this support is in addition to her usual role. On 1st July 2018, our first community family triathlon was very successful with over 130 parents and children taking part, raising over £6000 before costs of putting on the event. Running the event entails costs such as insurance, first-aiders, park hire & publicity. This year our costs totalled over £870. Funds raised go towards Tuesday sessions in South Oxford Family Room. These professionally run sessions provide weekly support for breastfeeding and wellbeing for mums with newborn and young children and their families. Tuesday sessions are free, inclusive, and take place a stone's throw from the city centre.

Continuing Support 13 Sep 2018

Support for core costs

Allsorts (our term-time multi-sports session for children) 24 May 2018

What Allsorts does: Allsorts provides an inclusive, safe, stimulating and fun environment on a Saturday afternoon during university term times in which participants can try out new sports, build their confidence and social skills, develop teamwork and communication, and improve fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Each session is a mix of three sporting activities run by our enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to a very high standard, and participants receive one-to-one support to allow them to participate regardless of their needs. Our expertise allows us to cater to people with very complex, wide ranging, and often profound disabilities, facilitated by the exceptional one-to-one support of our extremely capable volunteers.

Amount: £500
Funder: Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Keen
Region: South Central
District: Oxford District


Grant to Kidlington & District Information Centre

Cultural and Recreational Events 16 Nov 2018

We are organising a recreational, social and cultural event on Saturday 13 April 2019. The event is important for the community cohesiveness, recreational purposes, educational awareness and to maintain our culture and traditions.

Oxford Summer Mela 2019 12 Feb 2019

Improve community cohesion, reduce isolation and provide opportunities to learn and adjust to new ideas & activities Maximise opportunities and occasions for people of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds to mix, learn and respect each other

Roller Derby is for Everyone 21 Feb 2019

Roller derby, though still in its infancy, is one of the fastest-growing sport celebrating both athleticism and inclusivity. First played over 80 years ago, the sport has experienced a global revival since 2001, with the UK now boasting more than 200 teams. Oxford Wheels of Gory (OWG) is a group of local men and women, passionate about the sport and currently fielding an all-women bouting squad. Played by two teams of 14 skaters, five players from each side take to the track at any one time. Though the basic aim is for one designated player to score points by passing the opposition, the game requires strength, strategy and, above all, teamwork. It is a full tilt, full contact, female driven open and inclusive physical sport that attracts women (and men) from all walks of life. Roller Derby is an incredibly open and inclusive sport which is welcoming in particular to LGBT+ and non-binary/intersex community who are typically isolated from other community sports ( In addition this the sport of roller derby is almost unique in that it is entirely open and accessible to every body type. ( OWG is open to all genders and welcomes all roles, both on and off skates. Whoever you are, and wherever you came from you are welcome and valued in OWG However the main barrier to greater participation is that it is still quite an expensive sport to play for the most part, as the equipment can cost a fair amount. In Oxford it is particularly difficult to retain new members in our league because of the cost of buying equipment for those on limited or fixed incomes is prohibitive (£200 in most cases for basic kit) in a region recently named the most expensive place to live in Britain, but which also has one of the most deprived areas of the UK. OWG is a local roller derby league and we are trying to grow our number and introduce this transformative sport to as many new members as possible, and plan to run 2 rookie courses this year (rookie courses are a crash 6-8 week course where new skaters are taught the fundamentals of both roller skating and the sport of roller derby). We are currently incredibly limited by the amount of equipment we own. We offer this course for £30 per person (for 6-8 sessions), but provide all skating and protective kit for free. Therefore we can only house 10 new members at a time (depending on their requirements and foot size). In addition to this these new skaters must, through necessity, purchase their own kit within 3 months of finishing the course because the items they had borrowed are needed for a new cohort of fresh prospective skaters. This leads to a big drop off in members who want to skate, but their finances simply won’t allow it. We plan to use this grant to run the two courses in the Oxford area in 2019, to provide a greater range, newer and safer kit to potential new members, allow for a longer lend of kit for new members to spread the cost of buying their own. These funds will also allow us to offer 4 subsidised spaces on the course for interested parties on low or fixed income. We have wanted to expand our rookie course for years, but the league itself cannot afford to increase our kit reserves as we are entirely self-funding through subs and member payments. Our project proposal ‘Roller Derby is for Everyone’ plans to use the funds for a series of things: Buy some new skates in the most popular sizes (5 and 6 UK) for our new rookies to borrow on a short to mid-term basis, reducing the up front cost for all. 6 pairs @ £100 each - £600 Purchase additional safety equipment (helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards) 5 Elbow pads @ £10 - £50 5 Knee pads @ £20 - £100 5 Wrist guards @ £12 - £60 2 Helmets @ £40 - £80 Hall hire for an additional portion of our practise space to allow us to accommodate more new skaters on the course safely 12 extended sessions at £40 (for an additional 1/3 of hall space) - £480 Publicise the courses wider through leaflets, posters and an online sponsored social media campaign to attract interested members from as wide a cross section as possible: 2 sponsored social ads @ £25 - £50 500 flyers @ £50 - £50 TOTAL PROJECT COST: £1,470 In kind the league will: Offer 4 reduced income spaces (£10 rather than £30 for 6-8 weeks) on the upcoming rookie courses Staff all coaching, recruitment and publicity roles with existing league member volunteers. The ability to not only attract through advertising a larger cohort of interested parties from a wider range of backgrounds to our next rookie intake events this year, but also be able to provide better and safer kit for a longer amount of time will allow more members of the Oxford community to take part in this amazing sport, and spread the cost of getting their own kit over a longer period of time, and allow us to grow as a league and offer more spaces and support to incoming new rookies. Overall we hope to offer 17 places for each course, including the four fixed income subsidised spots, a total of 34 individuals over the course of the project. However this additional equipment will allow us to offer more spaces in the coming years, effectively doubling the number of potential new recruits over the next 5 years to reap the many benefits of Roller Derby.

Oxfordshire and Thames Valley Remap Group 10 Aug 2018

Remap exists to provide equipment for the disabled and elderly where there is no commercially made equipment available. Our volunteer engineers and craftsmen (and women!) can design and make something completely bespoke or adapt existing equipment, tailoring it to the individual's needs.

Healthy mind & healthy body 24 May 2018

Grant to Good Neighbour Chinese Community