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27 Feb 2017
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21 Sep 2018
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Backbone grants 2018/19 - supporting a thriving civil society
British Future is an independent non-partisan think tank, seeking to involve people in an open conversation that addresses hopes and fears about integration, immigration and identity. Through their communications, strategic advice and activities, British Future seeks to engage those who are anxious about cultural identity and economic opportunity in the UK, as well as those who already feel confident in society, to identify workable solutions. This grant through the Backbone Fund marks a timely, vital contribution to valuable work to strengthen voice in the migration and integration field.
Amount: £200,000
Recipient: British Future
Region: London
General Election 2017 Attitudes Research & Strategic Advice
British Future works to change the public conversation about immigration and build a society that is confident, welcoming and fair. This grant will support research into attitudes on key immigration and integration questions following the 2017 General Election. Findings will be disseminated through a workshop and strategic advice paper for those seeking to influence policy and decision makers. Media interventions using the new findings will shape public and media debates on post-Brexit immigration/refugee protection/integration policy.
Amount: £8,500
Recipient: British Future
Region: London
A National Conversation on Immigration
A National Conversation delivered by British Future in partnership with HOPE not Hate and the parliamentary Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC). Drawing on their previous experience in the UK, and deploying public engagement methodologies, British Future and HOPE not Hate want to involve the public in the debate on immigration, through a National Conversation on Immigration. The project has been invited to work alongside the parliamentary HASC, who are undertaking an 18 month-long inquiry on the future direction of immigration policy. This inquiry has invited written evidence and MPs will also visit 12 locations in all regions and nations of the UK to hear evidence from local stakeholders. Feeding into the HASC inquiry, British Future and HOPE Not Hate will ensure that a cross-section of the public are engaged in the HASC inquiry and contribute to emerging policy recommendations. This will comprise an open online survey, nationally representative polling, 60 citizens’ panels and 60 stakeholder meetings in different parts of the UK. This work will include a specific focus on engaging young people, both in the citizens’ panels and the polling.
Amount: £96,500
Recipient: British Future
Region: London