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22 Jan 2018
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21 Nov 2018
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Learning Films: Using the Law for Social Justice
Just for Kids Law delivers holistic, client-led support to children and young people through innovative, community-based legal representation, advocacy and opportunities programme. The organisation drives systemic change through strategic litigation and policy reform. This grant supported the creation of three new films that demonstrate how the law can be used as a tool for social justice. The series reflects on lessons from a legal case concerning young people whose immigration status prevented access to student loans.
Amount: £10,500
Recipient: Just for Kids Law
Region: London
Additional package of support 2017-18 (part of the Growth Fund support)
Just for Kids Law is a legal charity working with vulnerable young people, supporting them to understand their rights and providing specialist advocacy and representation through their youth-led service model. This grant will support organisational growth and development as part of the Growth Fund annual package of support.
Amount: £40,000
Recipient: Just for Kids Law
Region: London
Youth Engagement Officer for Young People Excluded from School
Just for Kids Law works with and for children and young people to fight for the wider reform needed to secure their legal rights and entitlements. This grant will fund a Youth Engagement Officer to bring together young people who have been excluded from school to organise and undertake social action that will campaign around the educational, emotional and psychological impact of school exclusion.
Amount: £87,200
Recipient: Just for Kids Law
Region: London