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General Election 2017 Attitudes Research & Strategic Advice 22 May 2017

British Future works to change the public conversation about immigration and build a society that is confident, welcoming and fair. This grant will support research into attitudes on key immigration and integration questions following the 2017 General Election. Findings will be disseminated through a workshop and strategic advice paper for those seeking to influence policy and decision makers. Media interventions using the new findings will shape public and media debates on post-Brexit immigration/refugee protection/integration policy.

Amount: £8,500
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: British Future
Region: London
District: City of Westminster London Boro

EU Withdrawal Bill Co-ordination 12 Jun 2017

This grant will continue to support the coordination function for work on the EU Withdrawal Bill. This will support advocacy groups to collaborate across a wide range of sectors including human rights, environment, consumer, workers’ rights, equality, democracy, transparency, food, farming and trade to ensure that the interests of these communities can be fully heard as the UK prepares to leave the EU.

Amount: £10,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Unlock Democracy
Region: London
District: City and County of the City of London

Clarity Impact 29 Jun 2017

Clarity Impact, part of Clarity Intelligence, is a mobile app and online platform that gives social organisations a simple way to map their day to day social impact. Aggregating and visualising data over time, it gives stakeholders internally and externally an instant view of an organisation’s impact and progress. This enables impact investors to easily identify organisations with potential for growth and influence and gives founders better daily information on what to optimise.

Amount: £8,075
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: James Tattersfield

The Entrepreneur Inside - uncovering entrepreneurial potential in prisoners 29 Jun 2017

Sheena Leaf is a trained mental health nurse and businesswoman. Her idea of a development programme to be delivered in prisons will help to unlock new opportunities on the path to rehabilitation. Participants will receive training and support from members of the local community to identify and develop their entrepreneurial skills. This will help to assist with their reintegration journey and generate self-sustaining employment in the future.

Amount: £10,350
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Sheena Leaf

Advantages of Age Business Academy 29 Jun 2017

Advantages of Age seeks to research, develop, test and pilot a training programme aimed at men and women, ages 50 and up, who have been made redundant from employment and are seeking to fulfil their potential through new career opportunities. Their mission is to empower mature entrepreneurs to create a business suited to their skills and experience with the potential to succeed in today’s tough economy. The Academy will host monthly sessions with industry experts, provide opportunities for peer-to-peer support and will offer a web portal containing additional assets and links.

Amount: £10,575
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Advantages of Age

PERKY: A project about womanhood for women with learning disabilities 29 Jun 2017

Developed by Holly Statton and Ono Dafedjaiye, PERKY aims to create a fun, safe space for learning disabled people to explore the themes of womanhood, the body and sexuality. It will challenge negative stereotypes and empower individuals to express themselves. PHF funding will support the establishment of the organisation and building partnerships for delivery.

Amount: £10,600
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: PERKY

UnAge 29 Jun 2017

Through bi-directional mentoring, UnAge will foster new micro businesses by harnessing the benefits of intergenerational activities. Young people will teach new ways to start businesses (e.g. use of technology) and older participants will share lived experience. Young people from Hackney Community College and older individuals from Age UK’s Whitmore Community Centre Employability Club will test the programme.

My Life, My Choice 29 Jun 2017

Martin Yates has been working in the area of self-directed support for almost 30 years. Offering information, advice and advocacy support, this project aims to help people who require health and social care to have choice, to take control of their support and to understand their rights under the Care Act 2014. This grant will support a series of awareness raising and consultation events in the North West throughout the pilot, culminating in a public launch.

Amount: £10,800
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Northern Independent Living CIC

Development and Scoping the TrustYouth Movement 29 Jun 2017

TrustYouth is a coalition made up of London Youth, Youth at Risk, Khulisa UK, NUS, TACT, Prospectus, The Foyer Federation and Three Point Zero. Collectively, their networks span housing, youth justice, youth work, fostering and adoption, further/higher education and recruitment to the sector. TrustYouth’s vision is for all young people across the UK, particularly those experiencing challenges, to be able to harness the experiences they have had and use them to shape services that really work for them. This grant will support the coalition to research, plan and begin to deliver a campaign to further this vision.

Amount: £15,035
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: TrustYouth Alliance

Brexit: Threats and Opportunities for UK Migration Policy 17 Oct 2016

CGD will explore bold, new migration and integration policy options for the UK government in light of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, in consultation with expert stakeholders. These will be presented to government officials and others in positions of influence to inform progressive change in migration and integration policy.

Relaxed Workshops and Performances 17 Oct 2016

The project is seeking to explore and test the impact of a ‘relaxed’ approach to delivering music workshops and concerts for people with autism and learning disabilities and their families. It will deliver a series of Ulster Orchestra inspirational workshops and concerts which are specifically designed to maximise access and participation by people with autism and learning disabilities.

Amount: £52,360
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Ulster Orchestra Society Ltd
Region: Northern Ireland

Integration through place-based arts 17 Oct 2016

Counterpoints Arts supports and produces arts by and about refugees and migrants, and aims to ensure that their contributions are recognised and welcomed in the UK. Counterpoints Arts aims to explore, test and evaluate new place-based, arts-led approaches to bringing people together and fostering integration in areas experiencing high levels of inward migration (Blackburn, Halifax, Wakefield, Nottingham and Newcastle.

Amount: £59,500
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Counterpoints Arts
Region: London
District: Hackney London Boro

Raising the Barre 17 Oct 2016

DanceEast wants to explore whether it can maintain quality (via specialist dance artist input) in blended learning models (those that combine digital and face-to-face delivery) for primary schools. It wants to test which elements are practical and their impact on children’s progression in dance, teachers’ confidence and dance’s place within the curriculum. DanceEast will work with the Northgate Pyramid – a consortium of 7 primaries that feeds Northgate High School in Ipswich.

Amount: £60,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: DanceEast
Region: East of England
District: Ipswich District

In the Changes 17 Oct 2016

Vortex Jazz Foundation will explore how it can utilise its social, physical and artistic capital more effectively and best support disadvantaged local communities to access its artistic activities. The work will focus on three key questions: which communities and partners they can most effectively support, which methodologies can best engage these audiences and how the resources of the Vortex’s artistic community can be most effectively used to deliver the programme.

Amount: £60,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Vortex Jazz Foundation
Region: London
District: Hackney London Boro

Refaming crime and justice: strengthening dissemination and impact 18 Oct 2016

To support the continuing dissemination of the findings of the reframing crime and justice programme which PHF has previously funded.

Amount: £9,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Transform Justice
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro

Girls Hub 20 Oct 2016

Nikki Giant has worked in youth development for over a decade and is the Founder of Full Circle Education CIC. She is a qualified counsellor, a consultant specialising in issues relating to education and youth well-being and the author of three books for educators. Her idea, Girls Hub, is an innovative approach to tackling poverty and inequality by creating a centre of excellence for girls and young women in Wales. This initiative is the first of its kind, providing a safe, girls-only environment to nurture and support young women, with evidenced-based educational programmes to support the attainment, aspirations and well-being of girls, combined with advocacy, research, and training to act as a strategic voice for girls.

Amount: £9,190
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Nikki Giant

Muscle Owl: Initial funding for an inclusive disabled community 20 Oct 2016

Peter Duffy founded Muscle Owl, an online media and campaigns channel dedicated to changing attitudes towards disability, in 2014. He has a unique insight into this issue: his brother, Andrew, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and he has worked for Muscular Dystrophy UK, which has given him experience and contacts in the sector. Although Muscle Owl has already produced over 50 podcast episodes, it has never received any funding. Peter and his co-editor Michaela would like to develop and raise awareness of the organisation, allowing it to reach more people and offer more diverse and informative material.

Amount: £10,200
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Muscle Owl

Our Ocean 20 Oct 2016

Gareth Hart is the co-founder of Iridescent Ideas and has over twenty years’ experience of working with the social enterprise, voluntary, public and private sectors. He is committed to social enterprise: he led the bid that saw Plymouth become the UK's first 'Social Enterprise City', writes regularly on the topic, and chairs the local social enterprise network. With PHF funding his company will complete a feasibility study to understand the potential of community-owned tidal renewable energy generation in and around Plymouth, and consider how the profits could be invested in charitable projects to benefit local families.

Amount: £10,650
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Iridescent Ideas CIC

Fair Finances - developing new financial services for the underserved. 20 Oct 2016

Design strategists and designers Gill Wildman and Nick Durrant make up Plot, a social and commercial consultancy and associated Community Interest Company. They are partnering with Katie Shelley, a university student who is exploring how service design can work within financial inclusion for her thesis. Together, they would like to prototype and test four new financial services for under-served or excluded members of the community. These services include a kite-mark for poverty premium-free services, small business support for local people, a local neighbourhood fund and a data service that discounts without stigma.

Amount: £11,150
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Upstarter

Ignition - Salesforce Assemble! 20 Oct 2016

Nick O’Shea set up Ignition Brewery in 2016 aiming to improve employment opportunities and quality of life for people with learning disabilities. Ignition will develop and trial ‘Salesforce Assemble!’, a training programme for their members with learning disabilities to provide them with the skills and confidence to become effective sales people for the brewery. In doing so, they hope to demonstrate that a sustainable organisation can be created by identifying, utilising and rewarding the talents of their team and to contribute to reducing the 93% unemployment rate among people with learning disabilities.

Amount: £11,150
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Ignition Brewery Ltd