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£1,000 - £5,000
Award Year:


Main Grants award 06 Feb 2018

The People's Orchestra - Core Support 2018/19

Amount: £15,000
Funder: Garfield Weston Foundation
Recipient: The People's Orchestra

Nuneaton Street Arts Festival 14 Jun 2018

Grant to Reel People

Amount: £1,000
Funder: Heart Of England Community Foundation
Recipient: Reel People

Grant to Outdoor People 28 Jun 2018

National Park City Week 2018

Amount: £3,725
Funder: Greater London Authority
Recipient: Outdoor People

Youth Community Spaces offer 20 Dec 2018

Developing three community spaces and the links between them

Amount: £9,900
Funder: Coop Foundation
Recipient: Reaching People
Region: East Midlands
District: City of Leicester

Co-design offer 20 Dec 2018

Working with young people to co-design materials targeted at young people who may be lonely and thinking about running away.

Amount: £9,840
Funder: Coop Foundation
Recipient: Missing People
Region: London
District: Richmond upon Thames London Boro

"I have something to say" poetry group and roadshow 06 Feb 2018

"I have something to say" poetry group and roadshow

From Page to Stage 13 Dec 2018

to support the provision of interactive workshops

Grant to Print To The People 15 May 2018

Pablo and Print: An interactive history project on how Norwich brought circus to the nation

The Peoples Orchestra Community Broadcast Initiative 20 Apr 2018

This charity will create a public forum where members of the community can share new ideas and experiences. This will build relationships and enable people to address issues in the local area.

Amount: £10,000
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: The Peoples Orchestra
Region: West Midlands
District: Sandwell District

Abbey Voices 17 May 2018

The project will run music based sessions for the choir and workshops for the wider community, to bring people together through music.

Amount: £9,637
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Abbey People
Region: East of England
District: Cambridge District

Cycling Without Age - consolidation and growth 23 Nov 2018

The organisation will use the funding to deliver cycling opportunities for older residents living in Brighton and Hove care homes. The project aims to address a lack of resources for fun, interactive, community-based, physically beneficial outdoor activity for elders living in care homes. Funding will be used to cover bike maintenance, salaries and other general running costs.

Amount: £91,510
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Pedal People
Region: South East Coast
District: The City of Brighton and Hove

Raise Our Voices 06 Dec 2018

The funding will be used to deliver an, online platform (wikis) which will be regularly updated by parents of children and young people with learning disabilities. This will involve staff and parent training to use the devices to create personal plans using photographs, words, video and sound to capture the voice, skills and needs of service users, giving them a voice and access to bespoke services and activities to help them reach their full potential.

Amount: £9,236
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Skills for People
Region: North East
District: Newcastle upon Tyne District

Empowerment People, The Active Communities Fund Project 18 Oct 2018

To recruit, train and assign 30 volunteers over the next 12 months in the community café project at the LGBT Centre. Many of the volunteers that TEP has previously supported have been able to access new skills, qualifications, work experience and peer support through their involvement in a community café and the project seeks to extend this further to help to remove peoples, and especially LGBT peoples access to training, education and employment. For some LGBT people the workplace can be a toxic environment where fear of LGBTphobia is common. This project will develop people’s self-esteem and confidence, helping them to understand their rights and how they can use workplace policies to protect them. Volunteers will receive training and be taken through food hygiene qualifications and be assigned to the community cafe where they will gain work experience in buying and supply, food preparation, customer service and accounting.

Amount: £500
Funder: Macc
Recipient: Empowerment People, The
Region: North West
District: Manchester District

Family Support 13 Jun 2018

Family Support

Amount: £90,000
Funder: The Dulverton Trust
Recipient: Missing People
Region: London
District: Richmond upon Thames London Boro

Grant to Possability People 12 Dec 2018

towards three years' salary of a Benefits and Tribunal Advisor at an organisation in West Sussex that promotes independent living and provides support for disabled people, their carers, families and friends

Towards the salary of a National Quality Assurance Manager 25 Jan 2018

Towards the salary of a National Quality Assurance Manager to ensure the continuing quality of their services working with young people to help them secure employment

Amount: £39,864
Funder: John Ellerman Foundation
Recipient: Tomorrow's People
Region: London
District: Lambeth London Boro

People Connecting People 12 Sep 2018

Funding to contribute to the cost of a community development officer to promote volunteering opportunities within the Timebank.

Amount: £3,000
Funder: Two Ridings Community Foundation
Recipient: York Timebank

Towards a summer play scheme. 05 Jun 2018

Towards a summer play scheme.

Amount: £400
Funder: Woodward Charitable Trust
Recipient: Young People Frome
Region: South West
District: Mendip District

Money Made Easy 03 Jan 2018

For the Money Made Easy project, providing a series of workshops to help adults with learning disabilities understand personal finances and avoid debt.

Amount: £4,571
Funder: Quartet Community Foundation
Recipient: People First Dorset