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North West
£1,000 - £5,000
Award Year:


Grant to Let's Grow Preston 15 Mar 2018

as a staff grant towards the development of an outdoor teaching space at a community garden in Preston

Amount: £2,000
Funder: The Tudor Trust
Recipient: Let's Grow Preston
Region: North West
District: Preston District

The Big TAGS Project 06 Mar 2018

The project will work with transgender young people to produce educational material, care packages and get involved in an event and the promotion of the event. The educational material to bel produced, will be building on Trans and none-binary knowledge and acceptance in schools, colleges and organisations - with an emphasis on the rights of the young people and how to respect people’s gender identities. The care packages produced and distributed to young people throughout Cheshire will give guidance on the available support throughout the area. The team will be undergoing courses so that they will be able to produce their own binders, packers and padding, to reduce the cost of the packs and provide them for more people. For the event and promotion, there will be a fashion show of gender neutral clothing in partnership with local high street shops and the colleges and Chester University. This will include the launch of the group's social media campaign and website.

Eden Allotment Project 06 Mar 2018

Life Church Warrington plans to offer an allotment project from February through to November 2018 for young people to run on a volunteer basis. They have been given the use of a local allotment within the community of Westy to develop this project.This will give the opportunity for local young people to feel ownership of a piece of local land, to develop in in terms of what they can grow themselves and share with the local community, it will give the young people a sense of achievement producing fruit and vegetables from the ground to the plate and will provide an opportunity for them to learn life skills and for relational mentoring to take place. The grant will pay for staff costs, project running costs and some small items of gardening equipment and maintenance costs.

Amount: £3,438
Funder: Cheshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Life Church Warrington
Region: North West
District: Warrington

Youth Theatres for Cheshire 11 Sep 2018

Minerva Arts is an arts and cultural charity developing participatory arts projects with children, young people and communities. This project will support the development of new Youth Theatre groups in Cheshire, building upon the existing portfolio of Minerva Arts. The grant funding applied for will be used to support the management and marketing of these groups, providing a strong base for young people to develop their skills and talents through good business practice and high production values. Youth Theatre makes a huge difference to the lives of young people through enabling them to broaden their horizons, build their confidence and make new friends, express themselves creatively and find their place within their community.

Amount: £1,800
Funder: Cheshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Minerva Arts
Region: North West
District: Cheshire West and Chester

Classical Drama for All! 31 Oct 2018

Create a classical approach to drama and engage diverse members of the community, young and old, to participate in the production of quality drama. To bring the generations together through the art form and to inspire them to support one another in the learning process. To engage quality drama tuition in method acting and speech whilst making the classics relevant to those on low income or who have depression or disability issues. To reinforce the benefit of team work brought about by producing quality theatre.

Amount: £2,000
Funder: Cheshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Victoria Music Ltd
Region: North West
District: Halton

Good news 31 Oct 2018

"Working Title Artist Collective" initiate and run unusual art projects in places and with people who are new to art. We aim to explore social issues through the work we do. "Good News" will use crocheting to explore peoples personal, local and global good news stories. The fund will pay for artists time to deliver 6 art and discussive sessions, venue hire, exhibition travel costs and materials. The project will nurture a more positive attitude towards the world the events happening within it and help build stronger connection to the wider world. The project will help grow participants and audience members sense of wellbeing and safety in a time where fear is common place.

Giving Back: Jude's Community Showcase 07 Nov 2018

Jude Theatre CIC work closely with marginalised, disadvantaged, disabled and mainstream communities to provide theatre-based psychology-grounded applied theatre projects, groups and workshops which is usually tailored to focus on key issues impacting both individuals and the wider Cheshire community. This showcase project will enable us to bring all of these groups together as distinct parts of the whole community to share and celebrate in the work they have produced across their communities within the community of Cheshire this year, allowing for, facilitation and enhancing community integration. The grant funding will contribute towards vital staffing, organising, publicity and resources costs which coupled with the contributions in kind of time and spaces from Judes volunteers, partners and supporters will make the showcase possible. We work with people who are physically or mentally disabled, face learning difficulties and mental heath issues, live in poevrty or come from difficult backgrounds and as a whole who are generally in need and this project would allow them to integrate and share with their community, braking down stereotypes and barriers and encouraging conversations, integration and understaning.

Amount: £1,983
Funder: Cheshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Jude Theatre Company CIC
Region: North West
District: Cheshire East

Warrington Young Writers 06 Dec 2018

Express Arts provides creative opportunities that empower young people to grow. The reason why we are applying for this fund is to start a new pilot project, Warrington Young Writers, where young people who live in deprived areas will be introduced to different creative writing techniques including poetry, short stories, spoken word and plays. The project will end with a showcase event to share their work with their friends, family and the local community, and they will also have the opportunity to gain an arts award qualification. The grant will pay for a professional artist to deliver the workshops, a project manager to oversee it, arts award moderation fees, marketing resources and materials. The project will support young people's Health and Well-being by encouraging creative expression, developing self-confidence, connecting with community and having fun.

Amount: £1,700
Funder: Cheshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Express Arts
Region: North West
District: Warrington

general donor contribution to charitable activity 12 Jun 2018

general donor contribution to charitable activity

Amount: £1,500
Funder: Cheshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Clonter Farm Music Trust
Region: North West
District: Cheshire East

Crewe Amateur Musicals Society 28 Sep 2018

Crewe Amateur Musicals Society is a registered charity performing one main musical a year. By gaining funding this will provide us with a fantastic platform to engage with a wider audience, offer our services to people that may not have been able to take part before and to make the experience better for our current members. Therefore, the money donated will be used to pay for increase in advertising, members subscriptions in the form of bursaries, and a contribution to a new keyboard. By gaining this funding, we can continue within the Cheshire East area and really make a difference to many people.

Treasures 12 Dec 2018

The project was awarded a smaller grant than requested thereby delivering half the outputs as described in the original application, delivering 2 x 12-week programmes of work, engaging 20 girls and young women

Amount: £3,579
Funder: Cheshire Community Foundation
Recipient: Warrington Youth Club
Region: North West
District: Warrington

Lantern Light 15 Mar 2018

Warrington Photographic Society provides an environment which serves to encourage development of its members skills/interest in producing, developing and manipulating photographic media; photographic images are viewed, enjoyed and critiqued via competitions and exhibitions. The project reaches out to older people who do not currently take part in other activities - or access services, by providing a cultural and social outlet for them, helping to reduce the likelihood of their needing to access other support services. The project centres around older club members getting involved in the enlargement of the club's ongoing ‘lantern slide project’, which captures many images of Warrington from years gone by. By taking part in this project, this helps to improve physical and mental health and well being of members, by the unique blend of creative/artistic/computer skills in photography being very positive for mental health. The grant itself will be used to pay for the digital scanning of 204 recently acquired historic lantern slides and a new digital projector to enable these images to be seen by new audiences- including older people in six care home settings in Warrington over the course of 12 months.


The Warrington Older People's Forum aims to reduce social isolation amongst older people in Warrington through activities, days out and short breaks. They hold meetings every first Monday in the month with speakers and provide supportive information to older people. The funding will be used as a contribution towards rent for the 2018/19 year and to keep the monthly activities going for elderly people using the Whitecross Community centre in Warrington (including small purchase for items such as leaflet printing and refreshments).

Amount: £1,000
Funder: Cheshire Community Foundation
Region: North West
District: Warrington

Grant to Wirral Foodbank 31 Oct 2018

Additional food bank warehouse facility

Amount: £2,900
Funder: the Trussell Trust
Recipient: Wirral Foodbank
Region: North West
District: Wirral District

Grant to Dalton Creatives 07 Feb 2018

PILOTNW Speaking Up - Women, Politics and Public Discourse in Dalton 1933-39

Grant to St Mary's RC Church Barrow in Furness 27 Feb 2018

PILOTNW Continue and educate the parishioners to the heritage importance of stained glass windows for Churches

Grassroots Community Development 10 Jan 2018

The project will maintain and develop the football pitch used by the clubs children’s teams to train and play matches on. New lighting and ground improvements will enable training to take place during the winter months, which will keep the children fit and allow more age groups to participate. What Money is for : maintenance and development of football field.

Amount: £3,300
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Hindley All Saints FC
Region: North West
District: Wigan District

Spoons Neonatal Family Support Website 26 Mar 2018

The charity will provide a website for a peer support group for families who are experiencing neonatal intensive care in the community. This will provide emotional support and practical knowledge for families starting out on their neonatal journeys to reduce loneliness, promote community involvement and wellbeing.

Amount: £4,104
Funder: The Big Lottery Fund
Recipient: Spoons
Region: North West
District: Rochdale District

Scale Up for Stockport Parents! 07 Feb 2018

The organisation will scale up its current drop-in services, making them more frequent with a wider range of sessions and locations. This will enable more parents to benefit from the services offered, helping to reduce social isolation and exclusion, loneliness, post-natal depression and health-related issues.