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Young Scot - 2018 29 Nov 2018

A Design Team of young people from more disadvantaged areas will run events and develop campaigns and resources that embed youth loneliness as a key national issue.

Amount: £210,000
Funder: Coop Foundation
Recipient: Young Scot
Region: Scotland
District: City of Edinburgh

Grant to Edinburgh Tool Library 19 Mar 2018

over two years towards salary and running costs for a charity providing skills training and community outreach in Edinburgh

Amount: £60,000
Funder: The Tudor Trust
Recipient: Edinburgh Tool Library
Region: Scotland
District: City of Edinburgh

Grant to Glasgow Night Shelter for Destitute Asylum Seekers 07 Jun 2018

over three years towards the core salary costs of an emergency night shelter in Glasgow, supporting people with no recourse to public funds

Amount: £90,000
Funder: The Tudor Trust
Recipient: Glasgow Night Shelter for Destitute A...
Region: Scotland
District: Glasgow City

Justice grant 11 May 2018

Access to Justice for Social Rights: Addressing the Accountability Gap

Amount: £338,227
Funder: Nuffield Foundation
Recipient: University of Stirling - Division of ...
Region: Scotland
District: Stirling

Action For Children (Scotland) 20 Aug 2018

To support our Young carers, their families and our staff to meet the requirements of the Carers Act for Young Carers and meet the outcomes for Young carers, we would like to purchase 3 Microsoft Surface Laptops and the required software internet access to allow our Young carers to complete their Young carers Statements within our project and in the community. (we want to design a Suite where YC and staff can complete and process the YCS) The laptops would also allow our Young carers to access and investigate potential short break availability and allow them to apply for short break support while at our project. We would also like to purchase the required software to ensure confidentiality as well as the ability to record the statistics needed for the Scottish Government, in a safe and secure way. The larger part of our funding relates to us getting a project website built specifically around the carers Act and the requirements around the young carers statement. This would allow us to communicate with existing and potential Young carers around the Carers Act. It will allow us to arrange assessments, referral processing and update the public in NL on the Young carers part of the act. We would be able to provide information on the act as well as being able to communicate with potential Young carers and their families. This would be a secure site with limited capabilities. The site would be designed to require minimal upkeep and staff (existing admin) would be guided on this by Skylark Technology.

Angus Carers Association 20 Aug 2018

The data base system that all staff at the Carers Centre use at present (ACT!) is not sufficient to allow us to capture all the requirements of monitoring and reporting analysis that will be required in our new SLA/Contact. (It has yet to be decided by the AHSCP which legal framework , SLA or Contract we will be commissioned through). We require support to identify the most appropriate modern CMS which will allow us to use staff time more efficiently to collect and report on: - Outcomes & Impact Recording and Reporting - Joint use of the new Adult Carer Support Plan with a joint Privacy Notice in place and a Partnership Information Sharing Protocol in place. - Monitoring and Reporting into the data set requirements of the Carers Census - More effective and efficient case management of individual prospective, current and former carer information which is designed to be compliant with GDPR requirements. We would like you to fund a expert consultant who, through a short term contract with us, can project manage the migration from our current system to that of a more modernise system that will future proof organisational needs. The consultant would work with the Research and Information Officers from AHSCP and staff from Angus Carers Centre to ensure the new system develops into a bespoke system which meets the reporting requirements of our new Contract/SLA and other reporting requirements of Angus Carers Centres from other current and new funders). This will include the identification of the most appropriate CMS system. At present I understand that Salesforce CMS is being embedded into a number of carers centres across Scotland, therefore it would seem reasonable to use this as a baseline. By the end of March 2019 this project the consultant will have ensured that our new CMS is up and running, all staff have been trained in it's use, a local training manual will have been developed to use as refresher for existing and as part of an induction package for new staff. Angus is a large rural area. Our Carer Support Worker and Carer Development Workers all work within an agile working framework which allows them to work from a wide range of offices across Angus, including local Health Centres where they are embedded into the practice teams including. This also gives them the option of working from home. To provide them with the resources they need to do this they all have access to laptops and iphones. The laptops have remote access programmed into them which are compatible with their iphones. This allows workers to access their emails through office 365. Therefore another aspect of this project which would require funding would be a block of time for our current IT Consultant to set up remote access for our new CMS.

Amount: £10,000
Funder: Scottish Council For Voluntary Organisations
Recipient: Angus Carers Association
Region: Scotland
District: Angus

Carers of East Lothian 20 Aug 2018

We are applying for funding for 4 developments all of which are intended to make our organisation both more efficient and more effective and by doing so enable us to provide better support to more carers. 1. Enhancements to our CRM – CoEL was the first organisation in Scotland to adopt Charitylog as our CRM and now we want to both streamline and take fuller advantage of this tool by: • commissioning Charitylog to develop a secure iframe web portal direct into our database via our website to streamline the process of taking new referrals and increasing care identification; • adopting the communication centre module within Charitylog to use Text Anywhere services to both improve our communication with carers and make it more cost efficient. • training from Charitylog for our admin staff on the use of the above to ensure we make the best use and get the best value from them. 2. Upgrade our ITC equipment to allow for greater flexibility for staff and more efficient working – in particular we want to: • replace 3 antiquated PCs (which our IT support team (SCVO) have identified are priorities to replace and which are now running very slowly) with laptops, screens and docking stations to enable staff to work remotely etc; • replace existing handsets for staff phones (which no longer hold charge or effectively run the Microsoft Outlook and Teams Apps undermining their effectiveness as a tool to improve communication) 3. Team training to improve our use of SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. We migrated to these in May 2018 to enable improved flexibility, collaboration, business resilience and security via cloud based computing. However, while the technical migration has gone smoothly, staff are struggling with some aspects of these new systems and we are not making best use of the additional functionality these tools can bring. Training will support us to do so. 4. Improve the functionality of our website by integrating an events calendar within it. We already have an events calendar within Outlook so that our staff team are aware of upcoming events and we want to pay the Graphics Coop (who host and manage our website) to import this into our website so everyone can access it.

Carers of West Dunbartonshire Limited 20 Aug 2018

We are seeking CATS funding to allow us to purchase and implement a new cloud-based CRM software system. This will enable both our organisations to more effectively manage the carers journey; ensuring seamless service access and linkage, and more accurate tracking and monitoring of the local carer profile contributing to a successful annual carer census process. Although separate organisations, we appreciate the similar and often overlapping nature of the provision offered to our respective client groups and that for a number of young carers we together offer a continuum of support. For this reason we are seeking to develop a shared database system with individualised interfaces in order to reduce potential duplication, increase connectivity and achieve potential economies of scale. The proposal also includes provision for data transfer to ensure that the new system is used to its full potential in supporting trend analysis and reporting. Initial staff training costs across both staff teams has also been included.

Dochas Fund 20 Aug 2018

2 computers to replace outdated and no longer up-datable and Microsoft office software for them 1 printer to replace the current one which is damaged Annual subscription for Jot Form - Online data collection and reporting system, which is due on February 2019 Refreshing our website to add localised information for those living in the three sub-divisions of MAKI and hard copy leaflets for those who cannot access web based information. The latter will also provide information to both the statutory and voluntary agencies within the areas of MAKI, whilst giving them an overview of all that happens within Dochas. 1 projector and screen for staff and carers training 1 shredder

Amount: £4,730
Funder: Scottish Council For Voluntary Organisations
Recipient: Dochas Fund
Region: Scotland
District: Argyll and Bute

East Lothian Young Carers Ltd 18 Dec 2018

We work with young carers across East Lothian. Our staff meet with young carers in their homes, at school and at our club base in Haddington. We currently complete young carers statements using a paper copy of the statement. We are working on an application based on viewpoint that we can use with young carers and complete the statement together as we sit and chat with them. We are seeking funding to purchase three Microsoft Surface Books to allow staff to be able to complete young carers statements together with young carers.

East Renfrewshire Carers Centre 28 Aug 2018

This application is submitted on behalf of 7 Carers Centres to allow us to collectively purchase a new management information system that will capture all the data required by the Scottish Government carers census, for each of our funders and will improve how we record and evidence outcomes for carers. The Scottish Government's carers census data is a particular concern for the centre's included in this application as the systems we currently use do not allow us to easily capture many of the data fields required. The organisations who are part of this application do not currently have an online information management system in place. In order to keep pace with change and to be able to collate information safely, appropriately and usefully for the future we recognise that we need to move away from database or hard-drive based systems. We will also make sure that the new management information system we purchase will be fully GDPR compliant. As members of the Carers Trust we have had support from other member organisations who have already invested in and developed their own bespoke online information management systems. While we are keen to look at systems already developed, each organisation will make their own decision on which system works for them based on their organisational capacity and needs. We are applying for funding to cover the initial buy in cost of a Carers Online Information Management System platform and the staff training required to effectively use the new system. It is the intention of all consortium partners to purchase the same system. One of the reasons of forming a consortium is to be in aposition to negotiate a better deal in terms of cost and ongoing support but also to be able to offer support and advice to each other. In preparation for this application we have started to look at appropriate systems currently used in other Carers Centres. The initial and ongoing costs of some systems make them prohibitive. Although at the time of submitting this application we have not settled on a specific system we have based that cost per organisation on the advice of some current CIMS providers whose systems would be an option. The funding requested would cover the licence costs and move all of us from a data-base, paper based system to a cloud based system. Where organisations have decided on the same system staff training will be provided collectively and offer shared support across agencies.

Edinburgh Young Carers 18 Dec 2018

• Redeveloping our website in conjunction with young carers- this will involve creating a design specification with young carers; producing design options, website set up and migration to a live server. • Two iPads to be used initially by young carers for the web design project and thereafter for visits to young carers homes as part of the YCS process. • A laptop to be used by project staff • A subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit Business Premium

Fife Young Carers SCIO 20 Aug 2018

Fife Young Carers uses Lamplight Database to monitor the support we deliver to young carers. We would like to update our system to allow us to better report on outcomes for young carers by adding additional fields and amending some of the current fields in the database which will allow us to record young carers' statements and carer support plans and update young carers' action plans in one place, ensuring we are providing the support they need. The adaptation to the database will allow the organisation to document the young carer's role in caring for someone at home and we will be able to flag those young people who have either a high tariff role, or where the impact of their caring is detrimental to their health and wellbeing. Thereafter we will update action plans and monitor their effectiveness in reducing the impact of a young person's caring role. Delivering updated training will enable staff to better monitor the support provided to young carers, ensuring we adapt this support if it is not being effective. Staff will have a better understanding of the reporting systems within the database and will be able to report more effectively on outcomes for young carers.

Amount: £3,123
Funder: Scottish Council For Voluntary Organisations
Recipient: Fife Young Carers SCIO
Region: Scotland
District: Fife

Inverclyde Carers Centre 20 Aug 2018

We seek funding to help adapt our organisation's information/data management systems and processes, and to ensure we have the resources, knowledge and understanding to collect the data thereby supporting our work in relation to the implementation of the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016. In addition, we are partnering Barnardo's who deliver similar support to young carers to ensure that there is equity for all carers and young carers by ensuring a consistent approach to recording Adult Carer Support Plans and Young Carer Statements across Inverclyde - clarification provided by applicant confirming these changes will allow Barnardo's to access this system thereby joining up things IRC Over the last year we have invested £6000 by working with Skioto Salesforce Consultants to move from a Microsoft Access Server Based Customer Relationship Management system to Salesforce Cloud Based Customer Relationship Management System. We require additional consultancy support to develop a frameword for Adult Carer Support Plans. The framework involves data collection, retrieval/document generation and related staff training. The proposed solution will build on the existing data and security models within We need to develop this system further to generate the relevant reports which will support the Carer Census. To do this we require: Salesforce User Licences Formstack for Salesforce Enterprise Edition App Licence Conga Composer App Licence Consultancy support to develop data collection methods, retrieval and train staff. Develop workflows to automate processes Confidential Waste Paper storage Upgrade IT equipment Microsoft 365 training

MECOPP (Minority Ethnic Carers of People Project) 18 Dec 2018

Our funding application has two elements: the purchase and implementation of a new CRM system (Charitylog); and, two laptops with SIM's. The CRM system will substantially improve our ability and capacity to capture, analyse and report on information and performance monitoring requirements in a consistent manner across the organisation. We are aware that our current database system is no longer adequate for the amount of recording and reporting required. Based on internal discussions, the functionality we require from a CRM has been identified as follows: • The ability to capture and store information relating to carer beneficiaries across a range of demographic and socio-economic indicators; • The ability to impose 'permissions' to limit access and visibility to those who require it as a function of their role; • The ability to effectively manage all aspects of case work and case recording; • The ability to evidence and measure outcomes for beneficiaries; • The ability to record individual carer participation across a range of activities including carer training, events and groups; • The ability to produce reports and accessible 'dashboards' filtered by one or more criteria as required by internal and external reporting requirements; and, • The ability to remote in when workers are on home visits. The laptops will enable the carer support workers to undertake a range of casework related tasks whilst away from the office. For example, being able to complete benefit application forms whilst on home visits or source information of value to the carer. Where appropriate, staff will also be able to take case notes and directly input into the system, reducing the need to transcribe once back at the office. This will reduce duplication, enhance GDPR compliance and enable staff to be more productive. In preparation for this application, we undertook a digital audit and follow up conversation with SCVO's IT team, attended a digital workshop again run by SCVO and visited Carers of East Lothian to see their CRM system in operation. We also followed up with telephone conversations to other carer organisations currently in the process of implementing CRM's and based on this information, we feel that Charitylog is suited to our needs. Having spoken to Charitylog, we are aware that they have developed a bolt-on module to capture the information required for the Carers' Census and this will be included as part of the package. Ultimately, personnel records and other information relating to governance and operational matters will migrate to the CRM system supporting the organisation to go 'paperless' in the longer term.

Perth & Kinross Association Of Voluntary Service 19 Dec 2018

The purchase and use of laptops would support us to: 1) streamline existing processes allowing for a more efficient use of staff time when workloads are ever increasing. 2) Provide more straightforward processes for staff and ultimately allow PKAVS to move away from the need to retain paper files. 3) Opportunity to signpost to appropriate services resulting in full family support being actioned through multi-user usage. The laptops would give the member of staff an opportunity to discuss any suggested referrals being made in more depth with the carer as the agency being referred too would have its details easily accessible on the laptop. 4) Enhance the carers experience and making

The Advocacy Project (Scotland) Ltd 18 Dec 2018

We would look for the CATS Fund to fund four Surface Go Tablets with keyboards and Microsoft Office Standard software. We also require funding for our IT support contractor to set them up.

Western Isles Community Care Forum 20 Aug 2018

Upgrade IT equipment and software to increase efficiency and ultimately the support we provide to carers. Also required is some specialist support in the use of IT and support to examine the capabilities in terms of capturing and retrieving data for reporting purposes. Items requested are 1x PC; 1x laptop and docking station: Microsoft Office software for devices; training for staff in use of IT to maximise this: support from an IT/Business consultant to explore data collection, retrieval and reporting methods.

Grant to Scottish Nautical Welfare Society 05 Jul 2018

Grant funding to support regular quarterly grants to 71 older Merchant Navy beneficiaries, plus a contribution towards the core costs, home visiting and additional welfare services.

Amount: £59,688
Funder: Seafarers UK
Recipient: Scottish Nautical Welfare Society
Region: Scotland
District: Glasgow City

Grant to Islay & Jura Community Enterprises Ltd 01 Oct 2018

Grant funding to provide welfare support for working age seafarers, retired seafarers and their families or carers on the islands of Islay & Jura.

Amount: £5,000
Funder: Seafarers UK
Recipient: Islay & Jura Community Enterprises Ltd
Region: Scotland
District: Argyll and Bute