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Asylum Matters 07 Nov 2016

OPEL will bring together two existing advocacy/campaigning projects, Still Human Still Here and Regional Asylum Activism, building on the successes of both. OPEL will be hosted by City of Sanctuary and will take forward the eight advocacy priorities identified at the Sanctuary Summit in November 2014 and endorsed by some 320 organisations. The project will work at local, regional and national levels to secure concrete improvements in both policy and practice towards asylum seekers and refugees.

Amount: £150,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: City of Sanctuary
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
District: Leeds District

Sheffield Together Cohesion Hub: Valuing and Welcoming people 30 Jan 2017

VAS aim to test whether a city-led cohesion strategy and cross-sector partnership can influence policy across a range of statutory and non-statutory agencies, helping them to incorporate welcoming approach to migration in Sheffield, as well as evaluate the impact of their approach.

Sustaining and Developing Empowerment for Future Generations 27 Feb 2017

The Warren is a well-established youth charity, based in Hull. It offers a variety of services including an open access youth space and snack bar, counselling, music service with associated record label, active LGBTQ and young women’s groups and sexual health advice. This grant will contribute to new part-time Development Manager salary and to building operation costs. It will enable The Warren to establish and grow its social enterprise. This would generate trading income strengthening the organisations sustainability and ensuring it can continue to support young people in Hull.

Northern Social Circuit: Community Programmers 08 May 2017

Red Ladder Theatre Company (RL) based in Leeds, is developing a Northern Social Circuit to bring small-scale theatre to 15 areas with limited opportunities for cultural engagement. RL seek to address the under-representation of people from low socio economic backgrounds both in audiences and in cultural programming in these communities. The organisation will empower individuals through a skills development scheme as a part of their programme of work.

MTG Engage - increasing arts access and participation by learning disabled people as participants, artists and audiences 18 Jul 2017

Delivered in partnership with seven theatre venues, this initiative seeks to increase arts access and participation by learning disabled people as participants, artists and audiences. The programme aims to embed inclusive practice within each venue and strengthen local networks of provision.

Amount: £247,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Mind the Gap
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
District: Bradford District

Social Seats 19 Jul 2017

Working in Doncaster, this project will explore the complex barriers which prevent people from accessing Cast’s arts programme and will test ways to overcome these obstacles.

Teaching in and through the arts development pilot 02 Aug 2017

This grant will fund continued support for teachers in the use of rehearsal-room pedagogy, both in the teaching of Shakespeare and across the wider primary-school curriculum.

Amount: £80,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: IVE
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
District: Leeds District

Connect: Resound - embedding online music education 14 Aug 2017

Connect: Resound is a model of music education that combines online delivery of specialist musical instrument tuition and live performances with a programme of Continuing Professional Development and Learning for teachers. NYMAZ wants to scale up and embed this approach to enable other music and arts organisations to create their own bespoke online music education offers that respond to local needs.

Amount: £273,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: NYMAZ
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
District: York

Volunteering engagement to empower and support transgender young people 25 Sep 2017

Mermaids works with and on behalf of transgender and gender variant children and young people in England, Scotland and Wales. It plans to recruit a Volunteer and Events Manager to expand its volunteer team, develop a peer mentoring scheme, extend delivery and significantly enhance its external profile and influence.

Amount: £60,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Mermaids
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
District: Leeds District

Developing the Integrated Youth Programme 25 Sep 2017

This grant will enable the Hepworth Wakefield to develop its youth programme, which targets 11 to 25 year-olds who are Not in Education, Employment, or Training or at risk of becoming so. The programme will respond to local youth priorities around mental health, building skills, independence and improving wellbeing. It will also further embed the gallery within local youth provision through strategic partnerships and a new Creative Learning Network for youth/arts professionals.

Three Minute Heroes - Mental Health & Music Project 11 Dec 2017

Three Minute Heroes links the writing of young people aged 11-25 about their mental health to singers/musicians and performance poets, who then set these words to music and perform them. The Warren plans to evaluate the impact of this project to understand its effect on participants and explore the potential for social franchise.

Community Space for Young People 11 Dec 2017

TADS is a charity based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, which supports young people experiencing mental health distress through mentoring, befriending, counselling and group work. The grant would provide rent for a new larger building for TADS. This would allow it to extend provision, generate income and support local voluntary sector organisations.

The Vulture's Song 15 Dec 2017

The Blahs will explore and test an integrated model involving participatory theatre and digital learning to support social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning in six Leeds primary schools. A performance of The Vultures’ Song about the Partition of India, will enable pupils to engage with concepts of homeland, belonging, cultural/faith identity and citizenship.

Developing a Community Arts Academy 15 Dec 2017

Heads Together works with young people in East Leeds using creative opportunities and methods to improve their skills. Through this grant, it will pilot a Community Arts Academy where young artists can receive training, mentoring and take part in real-life participatory projects.

A World Full of Imaginary Communities 20 Dec 2017

Chol Theatre will extend the reach of its ‘Imaginary Communities’ drama-based approach to learning to schools across the North of England. It aims to improve children’s well-being, enjoyment and engagement with learning. Chol also plans to develop its CPDL model, enabling teachers and artists to become practitioner/researchers.

Amount: £180,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Chol Theatre
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
District: Kirklees District

Animated Poetry with Pupils New to English 26 Feb 2018

Ilkley Literature Festival is the north of England’s largest literary festival and runs a year-round programme with community groups, families and young people. This project will explore how combining creative-writing techniques, visual arts and digital technology in four secondary schools around Leeds and Bradford can deepen and enhance engagement in and expression through creative writing for newly-arrived young people who are new to the English language.

A Cultural Community College 05 Mar 2018

Four year funding will support Slung Low to establish a Cultural Community College at the HUB in Holbeck, Leeds. The college will offer a permanent regular programme of free cultural participation made up of a variety of workshops and courses in a wide range of cultural activities, led by artists and curated by local participants.

Amount: £236,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Slung Low
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
District: Leeds District

Additional support to disseminate learning from Paul Hamlyn Clubs. 11 May 2018

This grant will provide additional support for Opera North as part of the Paul Hamlyn Clubs.

Amount: £5,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Opera North
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
District: Leeds District

Developing shared creative communications for the Lift the Ban coalition. 09 Aug 2018

City of Sanctuary is a movement to build a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary in the UK. This grant supports the development of joint creative communications content for the Lift the Ban coalition and campaign to give people seeking asylum the right to work.

Amount: £15,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: City of Sanctuary
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
District: Leeds District

Follow-on support for Getaway Girls - empowering girls and young women 01 Oct 2018

Getaway Girls empowers girls and young women aged 11–25 to build confidence, develop new skills and take positive risks in an environment that offers cooperation and support. Follow-on funding will help the organisation to develop a strength-based approach to supporting more young women from diverse communities.

Amount: £60,000
Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Recipient: Getaway Girls
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
District: Leeds District