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01 Jan 2017
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31 Dec 2020
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Easy Read Materials For Prisoners
To Produce Easy Read Materials For Prisoners
Amount: £21,914
Recipient: St Giles Trust
Essentia and Enliven Courses - Programme for 2018
help more people suffering with depression and anxiety to overcome their struggles and prosper
Amount: £6,555
Recipient: Dance System CIC
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Rehearsal Room Hire
Pay rehearsal room costs and ink for words for each member.
Amount: £798
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Familiy Counselling / Family support
3 year project to Increase capacity and extend geography of family counselling and establish data for comissioning
Amount: £54,800
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Pantomime for Old Trafford Community
Family Pantomime at OT Library - Limelight
Amount: £500
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Improving Your Resiliance
5x weekly support sessions helping people to work towards getting back into education and employment
Amount: £9,352
Recipient: New Way Forward
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
SMCP Allotment Project
We want to build raised beds for future planting this will involve including local community in the construction and preparation o f a number of raised planting bays for growing vegetables and flowers etc. Also to involve local people then in the planting and growing of fruit, vegetables and flowers.
Amount: £500
Recipient: Sale Moor Allotment
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Wellbeing Hub
Contribution towards new Wellbeing Hub, to be attached to new-build NHS Medical Centre in village of Kelsall, Cheshire
Amount: £17,500
Recipient: Kelsall PPG
Region: North West
Hoarding and self-neglect prevention and support service
We are proposing a collaboration between Trafford Council, British Red Cross and Trafford Housing Trust, to develop an integrated response to hoarding which maximises our respective expertise to achieve better outcomes for Trafford residents.
Amount: £30,000
Recipient: Trafford Council
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Our community building is over 100 years old and used to be the hub of Partington for educational needs at this time. We therefore need to bring this up to date to accommodate and make more environmentally and disabled friendly which is acceptable in our current climate.
Amount: £35,750
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
RESET 2020
The RESET 2020 event will build on the success of 2019. Working with young people to create an exhibition of art and media to share their experiences will allow experienced facilitators to open up discussions around mental health, challenging stigma and helping young people via signposting to relevant support agencies.
Amount: £9,950
Recipient: Calm Connections
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Stronger Together
Parent carer engagement and peer to peer support for SEND children, young people and families. We want to continue our role as a leading parent carer forum within Trafford, providing support to parent carers across the borough, increase our low-level support and introduce peer to peer support services, which would complement the Local Offer and the SEND Information and Advice Service (SENDIAS) fr… more
Amount: £81,565
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Supporting families of Prisoners in Trafford
We are a charity based in Trafford that wants to improve its capacity to support the family of those in prison and learn more from the work it does by improving its approach to monitoring and evaluation.
Amount: £6,250
Recipient: Out There
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Lifeshare @ Limelight
The service operates from 7am to 9am, every Saturday and Sunday morning from Limelight in Stretford. On an average weekend morning, we will serve 50-60 cooked breakfasts (bacon, sausage, egg, beans and tomatoes), and provide cereal, toast, tea, coffee and biscuits to those in need – all free of charge. That’s around 5,000-6,000 breakfasts a year.
Amount: £9,503
Recipient: LifeShare
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Timperley Boxing Holiday Club
We want to repeat the successful holiday club we ran during August 2019. This was holiday hunger club. It was a good club for the children and many attendees have continued to attend the club. The children progressed quickly over the three week holiday period we did last summer due to attending daily. We as were quite surprised at the need for food to be provided for the children during the schoo… more
Amount: £6,874
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Family activities with a core focus of addressing holiday hunger
To provide a range of positive family focused activities (that includes a mid day meal) targeting in particular those children and families suffering with food poverty during school holidays. The target community is Oldfield Brow, an area where we have a high profile as well having THT social housing stock
Amount: £6,100
Recipient: G-Force
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Summer Holiday Lunch Club
Families with students on free school meals will receive information about the Summer Holiday Lunch Club. Each family will be contacted, by letter, and invited to complete a registration form. pastoral staff will identify those families who made need assistance with form completion. Each family will be issued with dated vouchers which will entitle them to pick up a £9.50 bag of sandwich makings items, every Monday over two time slots.
Amount: £8,493
Recipient: Wellacre Academy
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Active Appetites- Munch Club
Munch Club is a free holiday club for for children in years 1-6, who have been identified by local schools and authorities, whom may not receive a hot meal at home during the holidays due to poverty. The club will cater for up to 35 children and provide drinks, snacks and daily activities.such as, dance, sports, arts and crafts. During each session the children will have a hot lunch together.
Amount: £7,240
Recipient: Our Sale West
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
Sale Moor Lunch Club
The project will aim to achieve the 4hrsx4daysx4weeks model in summer and 4hrsx3 days in Easter and Whit. We are aiming for 20 participants on each event. We have previously provided an activity at each event (gaming, arts & crafts, table sports, t-shirt making, street art) and intend to continue this method.
Amount: £6,600
Region: North West
District: Trafford District
ROC Mentoring and Craft Workshops
This programme aims to effect positive change in people’s lives by supporting families (with at least one child under the age of 12) over a long period of time, through challenges such as: isolation and family breakdown - making friends, being active, connecting socially; mental health - self-esteem, stress management - exercise, healthy diet; long term unemployment – education, training and find… more
Amount: £17,000
Region: North West
District: Trafford District