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09 Jan 2006
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21 Dec 2006
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Towards the 94th Music Festival in March 2006
Towards the 94th Music Festival in March 2006
Amount: £500
Region: South Central
Start-up costs for pilot project
Towards start-up costs for a pilot refugee & asylum seeker project in and around Bristol
Amount: £500
Recipient: Childtime Trust
Region: South West
District: City of Bristol
Towards the rent
Towards the rent
Amount: £500
Region: East of England
Summer play activities
Towards summer play activities
Amount: £620
Region: Wales
District: Caerdydd - Cardiff
Donation towards a sponsored bike ride.
Amount: £500
Recipient: Marie Curie
Region: London
Cellular mechanisms invovled in the es. regulation of latency of herpesviruses.
Cellular mechanisms involved in the regulation of latency of herpesviruses
Amount: £704
40 years of Family Research.
Title of meeting: 40 years of Family Research Martin Richards has been an eminent researcher in many areas of family research and it is probably not an exaggeration to describe him as one of the pioneers in the field of psychological and social aspects of 'new' human genetics. He has raised important questions, developed research and contributed greatly in areas such as genetic screening, conse… more
Amount: £750
'History of Clinical Iatrogenesis: Before and After Ivan Illich' workshop to be held at the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, University of Manchester on 19th May 2006.
History of Clinical Iatrogenesis: Before and After Ivan Illich Precisely 30 years ago, the social critic Ivan Illich published his book Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health, in which he presented several cases of iatrogenic diseases as a way to illuminate the intrinsic flaws of highly institutionalised, professionalised, technological modern medicine. He problematised modern medicine bec… more
Amount: £735
The creation and early workings of the Health Service "Ombudsman", 1968-1976: historical and archival research looking into the creation, and first remit, of the Health Service Commissioner.
The creation and early workings of the Health Service "Ombudsman", 1968-1976: historical and archival research looking into the creation, and first remit, of the Health Service Commissioner This is an application for travel expenses, further to pursue research into the creation and early history of the National Health Service 'Ombudsman'. This is the body that, since the early 1970s, has provide… more
Amount: £901
Understanding mechanisms of stress hyporesponsiveness in lactating females.
Lactating females show attenuated neuroendocrine and behavioural responses to stress, thereby providing an innate model of stress hyporesponsiveness. We propose that understanding the mechanisms by which neuroendocrine responses to stress are naturally reduced, such as in lactating females, will provide the basis to develop treatments for stress and strategies to avoid stress. We hypothesise th… more
Amount: £862
De-N-acetylation of cell wall chitin/pepitdoglycan as a defence mechanism against the mammalian immune system - structures, mechanisma and inhibitor development.
One of the primary defences of the innate mammalian immune system against microbial pathogens is secretion of cell wall-targeted lytic glycoside hydrolases. Some of these enzymes, lysozymes (degrading peptidoglycan) and chitinases (degrading chitin), heavily depend on the presence of the N-acetyl side chains on N-acetylglucosamine for substrate recognition. Recent research has suggested that bact… more
Amount: £500
Recipient: University of Bath
Purchase of a Projector
The grant will enable the group to purchase a new multi media projector.
Amount: £500
Region: North West
District: Oldham District
This group is a self help support group of bereaved parents who will use the award to produce a newsletter to support other bereaved parents.
Amount: £536
Region: North West
District: Bolton District
Replacement Chairs
This project will replace the old and worn out chairs at the local village hall in Wetheral.
Amount: £546
Region: North West
District: Carlisle District
A new pavilion/storeroom
The Croquet Club will use the grant to purchase a pavilion/storeroom to store equipment.
Amount: £600
Recipient: Fylde Croquet Club
Region: North West
District: Fylde District
school for parents groups for disabled children in WSM, Bristol & Glos
The group will use this award to buy new gym bag kits that will help the children's overall progress and development.
Amount: £567
Recipient: Scope
Region: London
Heroes Return
A Second World War Widow from London has been awarded a grant towards travel costs for a commemorative visit to Dunkirk in March 2006. _x000B_Funding has also been provided for a carer to travel with the Widow._x000B_
Amount: £525
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro
Mat Handle unit
The group will purchase a manual storage handling unit for two mats.
The group will purchase a portable electronic organ for use at weekly meetings. The group has more than 100 members. electronic keyboard £500
Amount: £500
Region: South West
District: Cornwall
A Village Green For All
The group will extend their playing fields and the grant will pay for professional fees to convert their ideas onto paper for the local community.