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04 Jan 2006
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20 Dec 2006
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Towards a postgraduate studentship
Towards a postgraduate studentship.
Amount: £60,000
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro
Cognitive Systems Foresight: Human Attention and Machine Learning.
Human observers move their eyes in order to direct their attention to important aspects of a visual scene. There are models called salience maps; they predict where the eyes will move to when looking at a scene. At present, there models do not deal with video input, nor do they predict how an observer's task will affect where they look in. In other words, there are no models for real-life view… more
Amount: £67,918
The medical history of British India: a collection of official documents.
The project aims to secure and enhance access to a collection of rare official documents relating to medicines in British India in the later 19th and early 20th century, by providing digital copies of the full texts and illustrations and enabling preservation of the originals for the future. "Disease control in British India", our previous successful Wellcome Trust-funded project, is almost compl… more
Amount: £62,016
Securing the legacy of British surgical history: completing the online 19th century catalogue of printed collections at The Royal College of Surgeons of England.
"Securing the legacy of British surgical history" is the overarching theme of our preservation strategy for all the historical collections. The 19th C. collections work together to illuminate the collections of John Hunter (1728-1793) and his successors. The principal objectives of this project are: 1. To improve access to, and increase use of, the nineteenth century printed collections by resear… more
Amount: £62,961
Unlocking the MD: widening access to the University of Edinburgh MD Theses, 1726-1930.
The aim of Unlocking the MD is to widen access to a significant resource for the history of medicine: the complete collection of University of Edinburgh MD theses dating from 1726 to 1930 held by Edinburgh University Library. During most of this period, Edinburgh was regarded as the leading medical centre in Europe. The primary objectives of the project are: I) to fully catalogue the collection t… more
Amount: £50,380
Neural Mechanisms of Visual Cognition and Memory Functions.
This proposal consists of four research projects. Two of these aim to investigate neural mechanisms of face perception. The goal of the first project is to find out how culture shapes neural substrates of self-face recognition and self construals. The second project investigates the role of the dorsal stream of the brain in face encoding and how this could lead to an advantage in face recognition… more
Amount: £90,410
Recipient: University of Hull
Extension award for running costs for years 3-5.
The White Rose proposal to establish the National Centre for Science Learning Britain is a premier scientific nation. The results of British scientists are cited more frequently than those of any other nation except the United States. To maintain this leading position requires universal science education of the highest quality. Such quality is also needed to ensure that all British citizens,… more
Amount: £50,000
Heart physiome.
1. An integration of large-scale computer modelling with experimental studies is necessary to understand the mechanisms that underlie re-entrant arrhythmia and fibrillation in the heart. The project brings together Bioengineers from the University of Auckland, NZ and the experimental biologists from Oxford. There are three linked goals. To understand how cardiac arrhythmias at the whole heart le… more
Amount: £89,747
Long term studies to tuberculosis and HIV in Karonga District, Malawi
The natural history of tuberculosis has not been completely elucidated. This is attributable to two factors: the length and complexity of its pathogenesis (involving primary, reactivation or reinfection disease which may develop over decades), and the complexity of its immune regulation (which involves T cell mechanisms which may only contain but not eradicate infection, and which are influenced… more
Amount: £70,645
Contextual influences on orientation perception
We propose to investigate contextual influences on visual perception, using orientation as a key example. Orientation perception has a long and distinguished experimental history, but most previous investigations of visual context have used either a psychophysical or a computational perspective. Support from the Foresight Project will help forge a link between these two disciplines. When an orie… more
Amount: £58,939
Sustainable parasite management and environmental health on livestock farms.
The overall goal of the proposed project is the translation of ecotoxicological research outcomes into tangible improvements of animal health management by South African farmers / livestock keepers. We will: establish baseline data of healthy dung beetle communities for reference in assessments of pasture health ; publicise the importance of dung beetles and sound farming practices … more
Amount: £96,826
Amount: £75,000
Engaging with the corporate sector for pastoral development in Ethiopia.
Trade in livestock has always been central to African pastoralism, and is vitally important to the economies of many countries with pastoral populations. Pastoralists are also increasingly buying a range of veterinary pharmaceuticals. The regional and global contexts for both sorts of trade are changing in complex ways. Yet we know very little about the perceptions of the corporate sector o… more
Amount: £52,749
Soot, Skin and Dust: A Comparative History of Chimney Sweeps, Occupational Health and Testicular Cancer 1775-1925.
There has been widespread recognition that chimney sweeps, and especially climbing boys, were one of the first groups targeted for medical and philanthropic assistance in late C18 and early C19 England. However, despite folkloric studies by Phillips and general surveys by Strange and Cullingford, there has been no systematic analysis of their history from the perspective of the history of medicin… more
Amount: £71,138
Recipient: University of York
Physicke for mind, body and soul: the diagnosis, treatment and experience of melancholy in early modern England.
This research will explore the links between early modern medical and religious practices and their respective efforts to diagnose and treat psychological dysfunction associated with discontent and depression. Interdisciplinary in its scope, the thesis will draw upon contemporary medical, theological and literary works in an attempt to understand better early modern perceptions of human interiori… more
Amount: £76,648
Medicine, Healing and the Family in Wales c. 1600 - c. 1750.
In general, my thesis will explore the nature of the familial experience of sickness and medicine within seventeenth and early eighteenth century Wales. Key goals will be a) To establish the nature and experience of sickness in early modern Wales, and particularly that of rural Wales b) To explore attitudes to disability within the family c) To locate medical ideas and practices within the social… more
Amount: £69,737
Recipient: Swansea University
Managing Sickness in Coastal Communities.
This project will examine the health and ill health of the poor in Dorset coastal communities during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Using overseers' accounts. vestry minutes, charity records, friendly society records, the diaries and letters of middling and aristocratic families, and the records of doctors, it will: Seek to quantify the extent of ill-health amongst the poor between 17… more
Amount: £74,469
The Endurance of the Carrier Narrative: 'Patient Zero', Gaetan Dugas, and the Assignment of Blame in Epidemics.
The proposed research intends to establish the origins of the 'patient zero' concept, account for the means of its rapid cultural diffusion, and locate it within a wider historical framework. The project has four key goals. First, it aims to reconstruct the events culminating in the early 1980s epidemiological cluster study that first posited the significance of a 'patient zero'. Second, the e… more
Amount: £79,234
Psychopathology and Concepts of Demonical Possession in Late Antiquity and the Byzantine Period.
The proposed study wants to define the precise relationship between psychopathological and religious and/or demonological concepts of disease. Case studies include ephialtes, in which the patient suffers some form of nightmare, as well as lycanthropy, where the sufferer believes himself or herself to be a wolf. The emergence of such nosological concepts in medical writings shows how popular beli… more
Amount: £66,925
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Food Additives, and the History of the Feingold Diet, 1970-Present.
This research aims to trace the history of the Feingold Diet and to identify those factors that led first to its acceptance and ultimately to its rejection. The project will integrate constructively three different areas in the history of medicine, namely the histories of mental health, allergy, and nutrition. In addition to providing an original academic contribution to the histories of these … more
Amount: £71,658