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05 Dec 1996
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31 Dec 1999
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Muirhouse project
Towards the Muirhouse Under Twelves and Parents Centre.
Amount: £10,000
Towards Refurbishing
Towards refurbishing the centre.
Amount: £5,000
Region: London
Volunteer Conference
To fund second National Volunteer Conference
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: Childline
Region: London
Supplement for salar
Salary supplement was approved for the new Prison Regimes Monitor.
Amount: £2,034
Recipient: Prison Reform Trust
Region: London
Bombings Appeal
For the victims and families of the Compton Street 'April Bombings Appeal' .
Amount: £5,000
Region: London
Amount: £24,380
Region: London
Support Costs for 99
Towards support costs for 1999.
Amount: £5,000
Concert Get-together
Towards getting Orchestras from both the Protestant and Catholic community to play together.
Amount: £6,000
Region: London
For Social work
Towards social work for families in need
Amount: £2,500
Region: North West
District: Liverpool District
teenage homeless prj
Towards a teenage homeless project.
Amount: £200
Therapy sessions
Towards individual & group psychoanalytic psychotherapy sessions
Amount: £2,000
Region: London
Associated Workshops
Towards associated workshops which address the issues of the North-South divide.
Amount: £15,340
Region: Wales
District: Gwynedd - Gwynedd
Equipment for Centre
Towards equipment for their new centre.
Amount: £1,000
Region: London
District: Barnet London Boro
Core Costs
Towards core costs.
Amount: £2,400
Region: East of England
Amount: £200
Region: London
Set-up Internet Link
Towards the new IT gallery.
Amount: £150,000
Region: London
Amount: £1,700
Recipient: British Youth Opera
'Move-in' Packs
Towards "Move-In" packs for young homeless people.
Amount: £2,940
Recipient: Kipper Project
Region: London
To support Amchallenge, a motorcycle ride from Northern Alaska to Southern Argentina to raise funds (in memory of Quentin Crewe)
Amount: £500
Region: London
festival development
Towards festival Development.
Amount: £7,000
Recipient: Bath Festivals