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18 Mar 2017
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14 Dec 2020
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Grant to Network of European Foundations
EPIM - Response Capacity to Covid-19
Amount: EUR 100,000
Grant to PAX
Don't Bank on the Bomb
Amount: EUR 165,000
Recipient: PAX
Amount: EUR 60,000
Grant to Quaker Council for European Affairs
Building bridges, building narratives
Amount: EUR 157,000
Grant to European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights
Tackling the use of European weapons in human rights violations
Amount: EUR 39,582
Grant to Corporate Europe Observatory
Corporate Capture 2019-2022
Amount: EUR 115,000
Grant to Stop Fuelling War
Policy worker and project costs
Amount: EUR 70,588
Recipient: Stop Fuelling War
Grant to International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
International forum for the prohibition of nuclear weapons
Amount: EUR 50,000
Grant to Uplift
Uplift Northern Ireland - growing a people powered community
Amount: EUR 40,000
Recipient: Uplift
Amount: EUR 150,000
Recipient: VoteWatch Europe
Grant to Frank Bold
Purpose of the corporation - phase 2
Amount: EUR 95,000
Recipient: Frank Bold
Grant to Network of European Foundations
European Programme on Integration and Migration (EPIM)
Amount: EUR 135,000
Grant to Quaker Council for European Affairs
Addressing the Politics of Fear in Europe
Amount: EUR 103,448
Business Development programme grant to Nesta Italia Grant Ref AC01152
Amount: EUR 200,000
Funder: Nesta
Recipient: Nesta Italia