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17 Jul 2002
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01 Nov 2020
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Intelligence and action against wildlife trade (ReTTA Phase II)
To strengthen actions to reduce the illegal and unsustainable trade of African wild species to Asia through data gathering, information sharing, engagement and innovative interventions.
Amount: USD 3,000,000
Recipient: TRAFFIC
Forest campaign
To constrain the role of finance in the destruction of climate critical tropical forests and related human rights abuses, which is vital to combatting global climate change and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.
Amount: USD 1,887,980
Recipient: Global Witness
Maritime Asia Heritage Survey
To document endangered heritage sites, inland and coastal, in the region from the Cham coast of Vietnam, through Indonesia, Brunei, and Sri Lanka to the Maldives.
Amount: USD 6,258,309
Recipient: Kyoto University
Core funding
To enable Public.Resource.Org to expand its work in three key areas: edicts of government, text and data mining and access to knowledge.
Amount: USD 5,000,000
Recipient: Public.Resource.Org
Endangered Archaeology of the Middle East and North Africa
To document archaeological heritage in the Middle East and North Africa using satellite imagery.
Amount: USD 4,171,695
Crisis Support Fund
To establish an emergency response fund to support their partners on the ground most affected by COVID19.
Amount: USD 1,039,316
Open Access Button
To support the Open Access Button in three key areas: to meet proven demand for tools that give libraries leverage in big deals; to compete with for-profit access tools; and to lower the cost of making papers open access.
Amount: USD 1,870,000
Recipient: New Venture Fund
Core costs
To enable Open Syllabus to fully explore its potential to support open learning, curricular design, student mobility, research on fields and intellectual history, and other aspects of higher education.
Amount: USD 1,500,000
Recipient: Open Syllabus
Turning Wikipedia references blue
To digitize and make available online 100,000 books that are cited in Wikipedia.
Amount: USD 2,000,000
Recipient: Internet Archive
Towards the second phase of the Illuminated River
The Illuminated River Foundation aims to create the longest public artwork in the world, lighting up to 15 bridges on the River Thames.
Amount: USD 4,845,548
To establish the Medieval and European Faculty Support Fund
To establish a fund for the History Department for the salaries of new faculty hires to three established endowed chairs - the Henry J Bruman Endowed Chair in German HIstory, the Eugene Weber Chair in Modern European History and the Robert and Dorothy Wellman Chair in Medieval HIstory.
Amount: USD 5,000,000
Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs
To provide match funding for the Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs (COPIM) project, which will address the key technological, structural and organizational hurdles - around funing, production, dissemination, discovery, reuse and archiving - which are standing in the way of the wider adoption an impact of open access books.
Amount: USD 1,050,000
Recipient: Coventry University
The Lumen Database
Lumen is the definitive online source for worldwide requests to remove content from the Internet. Lumen collects and studies online content removal requests, providing transparency and supporting the analysis of the web’s takedown ecology, in terms of who sends requests, why, and to what ends. Lumen also seeks to facilitate research about different kinds of complaints and requests for removal — l… more
Amount: USD 1,500,000
Mapping archaeological heritage in South Asia
To undertake large-scale documentation of heritage sites in Pakistan and north-western India and to make the results available online through an open-access database.
Amount: USD 2,310,934
Mapping Africa's endangered sites and monuments.
To undertake large-scale documentation of heritage sites in Sub-Saharan Africa and to make the results available online through an open-access database.
Amount: USD 4,237,832
Next generation library publishing
To expand nonprofit publishing and rival the current commercial infrastructure. This grant will help to develop new, cost-effective and community governed publishing tools and servies for authors, editors and readers.
Amount: USD 2,200,000
Recipient: Educopia Institute
Towards the Pauline Yu Fellowship Fund in Chinese or Comparative Literature
To provide a lead gift for a fellowship scheme funding research in Chinese or Comparative Literature
Amount: USD 1,000,000
To establish the Scott Waugh Fund for Medieval History, and endowment for the History Department.
To support graduate students, to bring distinguished visiting scholars to UCLA to give lectures and teach courses, to underwrite conferences and workshops, and for other purposes that the chair of the UCLA History Department determines to be beneficial to the vitality of the field of medieval history at UCLA.
Amount: USD 1,000,000
The Hyku Institutional Repository platform
This grant will be used to significantly improve and drive the growth and heightened value of green open access through institutional repositories. It will do so by introducing new features to the Hyku Institutional Repository platform that directly address issues currently slowing its wider use.
Amount: USD 1,000,000
Advancing Rewilding in Europe
To support Rewilding Europe to increase its impact in making Europe a wilder place via three targeted activities: encouraging wildlife comeback; improving policy frameworks to facilitate rewilding; and developing new rewilding models to mobilise financial sector support to rewilding.
Amount: USD 1,777,000
Recipient: Rewilding Europe