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10 Jun 2004
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10 Mar 2021
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Grant to Seagoe Parish Church
Repair of church tower including external walls, floors and parapets: Digitising 1905-35 Parish Magazines
Amount: £102,500
Grant to Armagh Robinson Library
Safeguarding and sharing the treasures of the past for the enjoyment and enlightenment of everyone
Amount: £1,091,900
Grant to Richmount Rural Community Association
The Hay Days: Rural life in the 1950s in North Armagh
Grant to Annaclone Historical Society
Gathering and Promoting Annaclone and Drumballyroney's Celtic, Ecclesiastical and Emigrant Stories
Grant to Aghaderg GFC and Ballyvarley HC
Living Up To A Tradition: The History of Hurling In Ballyvarley Co Down
Grant to Brownlow Festival Committee
Capturing Craigavon' A community based living history project charting the development of the new town
Grant to Banbridge Camera Club
Photo journalism in the trenches - a legacy for today
Amount: £10,000
Grant to Tullylish Historical Society
Celebrating the life and times of William Butler Yeats
Grant to Birches Primary School, Craigavon
Birches Primary School - 50 years of social history
Grant to Carleton Street Community Development Association
Heritage of Carleton Street Orange Hall and its influence in the development of Portadown
Grant to South Lough Neagh Regeneration Association
25 years of linking communities and bringing south Lough Neagh's culture back into the home
Grant to St Patrick’s Archdiocesan Trust Limited
St Patrick's RC Cathedral, Armagh Crypt development project/feasibility study
Grant to Armagh Pipers Club
Musical footsteps: tracing the music of families on the journey of Armagh pipers club
Amount: £36,000
Recipient: Armagh Pipers Club
Grant to Armagh Robinson Library
Completing and Embedding Transition
Amount: £184,900