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30 Jan 2017
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10 Jul 2017
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Reach Out and Reveal
Akademi wants to deliver a programme in two schools for children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC), exploring how dance can be more successfully delivered for ASC pupils and how the movement vocabulary of South Asian Dance, such as hand gesture and facial expression, might particularly support pupils’ communication and physical needs.
Amount: £53,815
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro
Wac Arts Reach - Independent and Interactive Youth
Wac Arts is an arts and media charity based in North London. It provides a range of activities and professional training in the arts for young people facing various challenges. This grant will fund a contribution to a new Director of Finance and Commercial Operations salary and training for staff. It will enable Wac to focus on income generation and growing sustainability. It will also support dissemination of its learning and expertise in the use of interactive assistive technology.
Amount: £60,000
Recipient: Wac Arts
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro
Conductors for Change - conducting training for teachers leading mixed-ability ensembles
This work builds on the Conductors for Change programme, a small pilot with Teach First music teachers, which successfully initiated and sustained mixed-ability ensembles in secondary schools. Orchestras for All wants to explore whether the continuing professional development and learning programme can be adapted into a blended model (delivered through a combination of online and face-to-face elements) in order to broaden its reach.
Amount: £58,000
Recipient: Orchestras for All
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro
Early Intervention - breaking the cycle of exclusion and crime
Khulisa works nationwide to support young people to break the cycle of exclusion and crime and transform their lives. A grant will contribute to the salaries of the Development Director, a new Monitoring and Evaluation Manager and an additional facilitator. This grant will enable the organisation to both scale and deepen impact for young people, to strengthen its evidence base and increase its influence on policy and practice in the education and the criminal justice sectors.
Amount: £60,000
Recipient: Khulisa
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro