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27 Feb 2017
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18 Oct 2017
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Hospice Grant
Core funding for hospices
Amount: £5,030
Region: London
Story Nation
Ministry of Stories is a creative writing and mentoring centre for children and young people based in east London. This support will underpin the role and work of the Ministry's National Producer to extend its methodology nationally. Building from the success of its work in east London, the National Producer will create new partnerships and sustainable ways of supporting and developing writing by more children and young people across the country.
Amount: £60,000
Recipient: Ministry of Stories
Region: London
Core costs relating to Leaders Unlocked Growth Plan to 2020
Leaders Unlocked is a London based social enterprise which enables underrepresented young people to work in partnership with organisations to shape decision making and have a say on the issues that affect their lives. This grant will contribute to the salaries of the Director, Business Development Manager, Lead Project Officer and a PR and Marketing consultancy. It will support the senior team to focus on organisational strategy, impact measurement and new programme development.
Amount: £60,000
Recipient: Leaders Unlocked
Region: London
Enhancing the scope and influence of communities of practice
London Youth supports a network of 322 diverse community youth organisations serving over 45,000 young people across the capital. Following on from a three year pilot, it will expand and evolve its communities of practice model whereby member organisations meet regularly to focus on learning and quality. It will test new approaches to share the learning and benefits from this approach across its network.
Amount: £60,000
Recipient: London Youth
Region: London