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06 Jan 2017
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11 May 2018
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Convening Support
Grant to Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit to support convening activities.
Amount: £4,400
Region: North West
Moving Maths
Spiltmilk Dance is a professional dance company delivering projects in schools and community settings, and creating and touring performance work nationally. This project will explore a dance and movement-based approach to teaching maths to children aged 4-7 in three Rotherham Primary Schools.
Amount: £500
Recipient: Spiltmilk Dance
Region: West Midlands
District: Warwick District
The Germinal: Raising Democratic Awareness
Award-winning writer and filmmaker Frances Weetman aims to develop The Germinal: a project that seeks to support young voters. Through this grant, she will explore ways of collecting and developing young people’s opinions about democracy, and the best ways of providing non-partisan information to and engaging with this underrepresented group. Funding will contribute to market research and to work to develop relationships with key stakeholders.
Amount: £4,325
Belonging in London: London Identities
Through a literature review and a workshop with experts and stakeholders, the London Identities project will culminate in the production of a short research paper exploring the concept of London identities, and describing what actions can be taken to forge a stronger sense of shared civic identities.
Amount: £4,000
Recipient: Centre for London
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro
EU Withdrawal Bill Co-ordination
This grant will continue to support the coordination function for work on the EU Withdrawal Bill. This will support advocacy groups to collaborate across a wide range of sectors including human rights, environment, consumer, workers’ rights, equality, democracy, transparency, food, farming and trade to ensure that the interests of these communities can be fully heard as the UK prepares to leave the EU.
Amount: £4,460
Recipient: Unlock Democracy
Region: London
Making the case for the Community Wealth Fund.
Local Trust aims to enable residents to make their communities and their areas better places in which to live. The grant will research and stakeholder consultation exploring the case for a Community Wealth Fund. The Fund will be an endowment to support communities experiencing disadvantage in England. Investment would come from new dormant assets and corporates issuing a small proportion of new share capital.
Amount: £2,000
Recipient: Local Trust
Region: London
Paul Hamlyn Club Programme additional - dissemination
This grant will provide additional support to disseminate learning from Paul Hamlyn Clubs.
Amount: £4,700
Region: Scotland
District: Glasgow City
Paul Hamlyn Club Programme additional - dissemination
This grant will provide additional support to the Hall for Cornwall Trust to disseminate learning from Paul Hamlyn Clubs.
Amount: £4,470
Region: South West
District: Cornwall