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21 Feb 2018
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07 Mar 2018
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DLA Project
Advice and information regarding accessing the DLA (Disability Living Allowance) for disadvantaged families of children with disabilities.
Amount: £30,000
Recipient: Amaze
Reach the Stars
Music education for children and young people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and/ or additional needs.
Amount: £23,000
Region: East Midlands
Living with Brain Injury
Rehabilitation, occupational therapy and support for survivors of acquired brain injury.
Amount: £38,652
Region: East of England
Hospital Activity Days
Activities in hospitals for children with serious illnesses.
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: Rays of Sunshine
Region: London
District: Brent London Boro
Bede House Domestic Violence Project
Support, education, advice and information for women who have experienced domestic abuse.
Amount: £10,000
Magic Breakfast North West
Providing a nutritious breakfast for children from deprived backgrounds.
Amount: £28,402
Recipient: Magic Breakfast
Region: London
District: Camden London Boro
LSO Discovery: Musical Inclusion programme
Opportunities for isolated children and young people to engage in creative music projects with the London Symphony Orchestra.
Amount: £100,000
Recipient: Lord Mayor's Appeal
Region: London
Leicester Journey to Work Tutor
Education and employment support and counselling for disadvantaged young people who are NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).
Amount: £35,481
Recipient: Charnwood 20:20
Region: East Midlands
District: Charnwood District
Red Balloon Bursary Fund
Bursury fund to enable children and young people who have been bullied to receive alternative education and emotional support.
Amount: £20,000
Region: London
District: Harrow London Boro
Specialist neuro-physiotherapy service
Specialist neuro-physiotherapy for people with multiple sclerosis
Amount: £30,000
Recipient: Chilterns MS Centre
Region: South Central
Hospice UK partnership
To establish Bereavement Help-Points in South East London.
Amount: £20,000
Region: London
Hospice UK partnership
Bereavement support for family of those receiving specialist palliative care services.
Amount: £19,449
Region: North West
Hospice UK partnership
Bereavement counselling, therapy and play therapy service for parents, siblings and family of children with life-limiting conditions.
Amount: £19,896
Recipient: Ty Hafan Cardiff
Region: Wales
Hospice UK partnership
Emotional support through DIY upcycling workshops for carers, pre- and post- bereavement adults and people with life-limiting conditions
Amount: £19,995
Region: North West
Hospice UK partnership
Pre- and post- bereavement support for lonely isolated carers
Amount: £20,000
Region: London
Hospice UK partnership
Volunteer-led pre- and post- bereavement drop-in sessions for adults within the hospice or in funeral homes
Amount: £12,723
Region: West Midlands
Hospice UK partnership
Earthworks: bereavement support for men through a therapeutic horticulture allotment
Amount: £15,782
Hospice UK partnership
In it Together: Bereavement Support for Carers of People with Dementia
Amount: £12,658
Hospice UK partnership
Compassionate Communities: volunteer led bereavement support for patients, carers and families
Amount: £16,665
Region: West Midlands
Research Grant - PhD Studentship
3 PhD studentships to research the role of microphages in accelerated atherosclerosis during chronic kidney disease.
Amount: £255,000
Recipient: Kidney Research UK
Region: East of England