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19 Oct 2016
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19 Jul 2017
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Hospice Grant
Core funding for hospices
Amount: £5,294
Region: London
Hospice Grant
Core funding for hospices
Amount: £5,008
Region: London
Core funding
Free legal advice for people with disabilties.
Amount: £5,000
Region: London
Employment Training
1-1 mentoring and support for NEET young people, long-term unemployed adults and people with chronic health problems or disabilities. Aims to address barriers to employment, build confidence and gain social, practical and technical skills.
Amount: £30,000
Recipient: Groundwork London
Region: London
Core funding
Collects surplus food from shops and restaurants to create meals for disadvantaged and isolated people.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Foodcycle
Region: London
Life After Stroke Support
Long-term rehabilitation support for stroke survivors.
Amount: £39,590
Recipient: Age UK Merton
Region: London
Can Do
User-led community-based activities for young people with disabilities.
Amount: £49,500
Region: London